Question Sony TV / Onkyo Receiver / No audio through ARC

Aug 26, 2022
Hey all. First post here.
  • New Sony Bravia TV (XR-65A80K)
  • Onkyo Receiver (TX-SR373)
  • New certified ultra high speed HDMI cable (Monoprice)
I'd like to use the Streaming Apps on the TV and have the audio go from the TV to the Receiver via ARC, however I've not had any success.
  • TV Settings
    • Speakers >> Audio system
    • eARC mode >> Auto
    • Digital audio out >> PCM
  • TV Input
    • HDMI 3 (eARC/ARC)
  • Receiver Settings
    • Input >> TV
    • Setup >> HDMI Setup >> ARC >> ON
  • Receiver Input
    • Out to TV (ARC)
I've read through the manuals for both devices.
I've tried 2 different High speed HDMI cables -- no success.
I've power cycled both devices -- no success.
Should this work? Or am I missing something obvious?
Perhaps the receiver is just too old?

Thanks in advance for any input.
Sep 20, 2022
You've got it set-up exactly correct!

Sounds like a similar problem I am having...I'm using a DirecTV DVR connected through HDMI 1 to the 85" Samsung TV (3 weeks old) and my Onkyo TX_NR5009 ARC is connected to the e-ARC on the TV and I always get sound on DirecTV but it's hit or miss with Apps...sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. I evem tried connecting Optical Out on the TV to the Receiver and selected Opitcal out on the TV and it was still spotty. Samsung told me to replace the TV which I did with a different 85" model and it has the EXACT same issues, they even repaced the electronic module to the TV and still no dice. Had the technician out again today and they said to replace the TV...obviously the is some type of communication issue.....if I power cycle the TV I can get the Apps to work with Sound but it shouldn't have to be done this way. It seems that Iif I stay away from turning the TV on with my DirecTV remote the Apps will work almost all the time. And just FYI, I 've had a Panasonic Plasma hooked to the same receiver for a decade and it worked flawlessly but it was connected directly through the Receiver....if I hook the Cable directly through the Reciver I can't get sound so that's why I had to go through HDMI 1 directly from the cable box.

I wish I coud offer a suggestion that would work but I have the same strugggle but at least it works sometimes...