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    Solved! TV Sound Setup: Mixing HDMI Input and RCA Output

    I'm at my family's home for the holidays and trying to do a little tech support... Their TV is a Sharp Aquos TMAN-A043WJZZ (see manual here). They use a Roku stick (via HDMI) to watch everything (no cable box) -- this all works fine using the TV's own speakers. Now, they also have an old Bose...
  2. G

    Solved! (SOLVED)Spdif digital audio cable(3.5mm trrs phono plug to coaxial connector)) question

    1.Can this digital audio coaxial cable which is a 3.5mm trrs phono plug leading to a coaxial connector be able to carry 5,1 ch surround sound?The3.5 mm plug connects to my tv digital audio port (labelled spdif)which looks similar to headphone jack socket. Xiaomi mi tv 2 spdif coaxial cable...
  3. Realpotato

    Solved! Help with my Sony str-k840p

    Hello everyone , im having troubles setting up my receiver , i got it as a gift but the speakers and subwoofer are from a rca rt2906, my problem its that the subwoofer only has wire leads and the receiver has a rca for the connection , can the subwoofer be used in this device ? Or i need to...
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    Question Yamaha RX-A680 Receiver to Samsung TV problem

    Hi, I might have a RCA in to HDMI out problem. Here are details: Yamaha AVR RX-A680 connected to Old DVD player using AV2/RCA Composite. (DVD player too old no HDMI but has Optical and 2 RCA out) Yamaha AVR connected to new Samsung QN75Q8 using HDMI ARC. (Samsung TV no RCA Composite or...
  5. C

    Question Using RCA Outpus as Input for my DAC SMSL M3

    Hi there, i wan't discuss about a funny thing that i discovered. I'm using a SMSL M3 Dac via USB whit my PC. I also play whit a PS2 Slim and an old CRT TV whit SCART. Since the headphones out of the CRT sounds very bad, i just disconnected the white/red audio cable from the SCART, and whit...
  6. B

    Solved! no audio with Sony x80j, Logitech G51 and optical/rca adapter

    Hi! So I have a new Sony/Bravia x80j and an old Logitech G51 audio system. The audio system only has rca inputs, and the tv doesn't have rca out. So I got a Musou optical to rca adapter and set it up - I saw somebody in the reviews say that most people would hear static until they switched from...
  7. tyra012

    Solved! RCA W101SA23T1 TABLET

    I have the RCA W101SA23T1 tablet and it won’t turn on, the blue light is blinking but that’s about it. Can anyone help?😕
  8. dopeeh

    Solved! How do I connect active speakers to an active speaker with no RCA output?

    Hey guys, I just stumbled upon a powered subwoofer from JVC. It's the SP-PW100 and I wanted to add it to my current setup of Presonus 3.5 monitors. These have an active left side with RCA input which has a speaker wire output for the right side. The subwoofer however has an RCA input but only...
  9. S

    Solved! Yamaha htr-6130 how to output to speakers with Rca cables

    I have an old yamaha - 6130 receiver, would prefer to not have to purchase a new one. My old set up used speakers with wires. Blew them out, so had to get new speakers, and they rock for music through Bluetooth... But, I can't hook them up to my TV through anything other than the TV's head...
  10. ddk0014

    Solved! Soundbar, TV box and Chromecast Issue

    Hi ppl. I am trying to connect my Soundbar to work with Android TV box and Chromecast I have currently plugged in Android TV box and Chromecast via HDMI to TV (not HDMI ARC, TV doesn't have ARC or optical inputs/outputs) but unsure how to connect Soundbar Only option I could think of is to use...
  11. KatTech

    Solved! [W photos] Old RCA DVD player can't be found by Roku smart TV

    [Warning there's quite a bunch of photos in this post showing the items in question & what I've done to troubleshoot trying to get the player to show up on the TV so far] Roku Smart TV: Believe it's the TCL 55R617 (the manual just says R613/R617 bought at BJ's w voice command) Dvd player...
  12. scwolves10

    Question RCA Tablet stuck in boot loop after factory reset

    It's an RCA RCT6203W46 Tablet and it was working fine before the reset. Now, it only goes to the RCA logo screen and it just restarts if I try to turn it off. It won't go in to Recovery Mode using the power and volume buttons like it did before. It won't go into safe mode either. The tiny Reset...
  13. ccbmike

    Solved! my RCA Voyager 7 model RCT6873W42 is keep booting over and over

    i was on google and i got of google and my tablet cut off i turn it on and the logo appered and turn of it keep booting the logo over and over
  14. guizmopeg

    Solved! Can't properly transfer TV sound to sound system

    I know this problem is as old as the hills, but I still can't manage to find anything precise about my case, even though it seems pretty basic to me. I have a 32" LCD LG TV, model: 32LG60-UA (2008). I also have a Durabrand 5.1 sound system, model: HT-3917 (2007). When it comes to audio out, my...
  15. B

    Solved! Screen On TV always goes blank on certain points in Videos?

    I have RCA 55" UHD TV. I have it hooked up to my laptop via HDMI cable. For some reason when i watch videos at certain points the screen will go black, but audio will continue to play (the TV is not actually turning off, and I'm not getting a no signal message). I will have to switch video...
  16. 3

    Solved! How can I hook up Samsung TV HDMI to alpine head unit with ai inpuy

    I want to run the sound through my head unit TV doesn’t have RCA jacks I can get a conversion for RCA to AI Cable but I need an AI to HDM1 Cable will the to even be able to communicate
  17. G

    Solved! My RCA Voyager Android tablet keeps rebooting itself, why? It's a little over 2 years old

    Why is my tablet rebooting itself?
  18. T

    why does my rca tablet stay on the logo sign

    I barely got my Rca tablet on Dec the 25 and it stop work on Jan the 20 i never got water in it i never dropping but out of no where it wants to stop working.
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    Solved! how do I find out what model my rca tablet is, it's Desktop 33A01E3

    RCA Desktop 33A01E3, how do you factory reset
  20. D

    Public Meeting Sound Setup

    I work for a school district and am currently responsible for setting up a camera and managing the sound for school board meeting recordings. They often take place in gymnasiums or cafeterias (maybe even a gym-eteria) The equipment we have was picked well before I started and I'm curious if...
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    Solved! how do i connect hp laptop win 10 to an RCA model 26LA30RQ hdmi port?

    how do i connect hp laptop win 10 to an RCA model 26LA30RQ hdmi port?
  22. C

    RCA jacks. What is positve? The thick bare wire or thin shielded wire?

    Have RCA jacks with other end cut and dont know of the two wires, one being bare and thicker than the other n the other is thin and shielded, which is positive? Which wire goes to center post?
  23. 2

    My rca tablet is not working when I hold the power button and the volume down it doesn't take me anywhere

    When I hold the power button and the volume down button it does not do anything.
  24. J

    Solved! Get soundbar audio

    how to connect rca rts7010b soundbar to 55 inch lg 50ln5100-ub
  25. D

    I have a rca 10 Viking pro 2 in1 tablet. I replaced with a brand new battery. It still won't turn on. Nothing but blue charge

    RCA 10 Viking Pro 2 in one
  26. J

    Solved! My RCA android is stuck onFastboot mode.

    My android is stuck on Fastboot mode
  27. O

    Solved! Is it bad if only connect one RCA input for an L/R input subwoofer ?

    Hi everyone, So my friend sells me his KEF EGG for a great price so I happily took that. And I saw the KEF EGG had a connection for the subwoofer so I decide to buy a subwoofer for a better experience. I end up having the same setup as this...
  28. P

    Solved! Connecting RCA back together again how do you get to use keyboard

    RCA notebook once reconnect together will not go back to the typewriting on keyboard
  29. U

    Solved! Looking for code to activate my new rca tablet

    I need a code to activate my new rca tablet
  30. D

    RCA Tablet exhibiting some weird behaviour after not booting

    The missus has an RCA tablet that she plays a few games on. Had it for a couple of years. If I remember correctly it's orphaned at Android 5. Yesterday, it froze, so she forced it off by holding the power button for a while. She was unable to power it on. I said i'd take a look and took it to...
  31. M

    Solved! Subwoofer pre out on amp to rca red and white on the subwoofer or line out rca red and white on amp to subwoofer aux in

    My amp (Pioneer SX 10 AE) has a Sub pre out and also rca red and white line out which I can connect to my Subwoofer (Logitech Z533). The sub has rca red and white inputs and also aux in. When connecting an rca y adapter from sub pre out to just the rca white on the woofer the bass sounds just...
  32. C

    Solved! New rca software

    I have changed the t-con bar on my RLED5536-UHD to fix the sound issue i was having. Since then I have a double screen. It says I need the MSD3458_4M.bin software. Is there any way you could please help me with that? Ive already done a master reset also.
  33. O

    Solved! Firestick for CRT-TV ?

    I have a CRT-TV with coax and RCA inputs, no HDMI. Is there an HDMI to analog adapter available that will actually work, less than the price of a new 32-36” TV ? Thanks-
  34. C

    Need help with Bose Acoustimass 10 Series V Bass Module

    How do you connect the Bose Acoustimass 10 series V bass module with the one RCA plug going into a receiver which doesn't have an LFE/subwoofer rca output, but instead, 2 rca subwoofer outputs?
  35. R

    My rca tablet will not play music

    No sound on tablet
  36. N

    Solved! RCA MAVEN PRO unable to complete bootup

    When I mash the power button on, the tablet opens the first screen showing the two dogs near the Victrola player. When it opens to the screen showing the Maven Pro logo, it stays there until it runs out of charge. I tried rebooting many times to no avail. It stays on the logo screen. Period...
  37. H

    Solved! Hey. My RCA voyager III tablet just started having sound problems.

    Basically, the speaker stopped playing sound. Nothing is muted. None of the sounds will work, including alarms. I haven't done anything to damage the speaker, unless playing stuff at full volume counts as damaging the device. For some reason, blowing into the speaker brings the sound back, but...
  38. M

    My rca tablet works with keyboard, however the keyboard no longer charges the tablet as a docking station

    I have a docking station that is also a keyboard for my rca tablet. I have only had it a month and until now has been great, however it no longer charges the tablet. It works as a regular keyboard but I have to charge the tablet separately now. Anyone got any ideas?
  39. M

    Defrag RCA Viking Pro10

    My tablet keeps bringing up video ads in the middle of other Apps.
  40. V

    cant connect new soundbar to my LG32Lk500BPTA

    can anyone help me,my have rca connection and HDMI but HDMI is input only NOT(ARC)
  41. S

    Solved! How to get an activation code for my RCA tablet I have the receipt

    How to get an activation code for my RCA tablet I have the receipt
  42. G

    Many TVs share the component video (3 RCA jacks) and composite video (1 RCA Jack) inputs. If it is set to component and you co

    I have gone through the TOSHIBA TV menu and can not find this option. Any thoughts?
  43. M

    Looking for activation code

    I bought a rca tablet black Friday from Walmart didnt keep receipt for a tivation how can I activate it
  44. K

    Solved! Subwoofer has RCA input and 3.5mm Output

    I have the Logitech Z333 2.1 speakers and a creative xi fi titanium hd sound card. The speakers work by having the satellites connect to the subwoofer and then the subwoofer connect to the PC(3.5mm). Due to this I can't seem to connect it to my soundcard(Ive tried female 3.5mm to L/R RCA male...
  45. J

    Solved! trying to hook rca to digital tv

    RCA cables going to a 4k Samsung TV which is hmdi what kind of box needed
  46. B

    Solved! rca voyager 3 tablet android

    need ans to the rca voyager 3 tablet re: system UI has stopped. It is noted to be solved, how do I get the answer to correct this?
  47. N

    Solved! bluetooth problems for rca

    my bluetooth earbuds wont work correctly theyll connect but then disconnect and then connect help me please
  48. I

    Solved! How to force music to play with the lid closed (RCA Galileo Pro 11)??

    Hi, I can't figure out how to get the RCA Galileo pro to play music with the lid closed. I've set the sleep timer to "never" and that works fine as far as playing an mp3 file continuously. The problem is that the second the lid is closed, the music stops and the screen goes off. There IS a way...
  49. M

    Did you find the answer for the DRP29101 UNLOCK code?

    RCA model DRP 29101 I have and locked it. Now I can't unlock it. Can anyone help?
  50. R

    on my rca pro 10 the battery icon lights up but dont charge

    on my rca pro 10 the battery icon lights up but dont charge
  51. B

    RCA SmarT Virtuoso no sound

    I have no sound from the red/white audio outputs on the tv, the tv speaker and the headphone jack work but no sound when i connect to the red/white audio outputs on the tv.
  52. D

    Solved! Help with rca tablet

    I tried a factory rest it said denied what is something else I can do if it is stuck on Voyager III screen? I trying reboot system wipe catche everything is being denied or failed my mom got it for Christmas and no it won't work
  53. K

    Need an activation code for an RCA Voyager 3 model number RCT6973W343 DISa 1002211636??

    Years ago I received the tablet as a gift and never got the receipt. Now when the representative puts the no. in it comes up unavailable or something like that. I don't have any idea where it was purchased from, I like I said, it's been 4/5 years since I got it.
  54. W

    Solved! Where would I find a power supply for example projector rpj129

    I have an RCA rpj129 projector and the power supply went bad on me where would I find a new one I can order
  55. T

    Solved! bn39-01154h cable fit for use as a rca to 3.5mm cable

    Hi, I want to connect my TV (that has only a digital (optical) out connector, to my new Bose speaker (which features an aux 3.5 input). I have ordered an optical / analog convertor which I need. To connect the output of this convertor (the connector is a red & white female RCA connector) to the...
  56. O

    Solved! i tried hard reset on my rca voyager 111 tablet but after the initial logo it goes back to the screen that says voyager 111 a

    pretty much just what I described. Thanks for any help you can provide folks.
  57. B

    Solved! split optical audio output or split converted analog output

    I have a new samsung tv that only has one optical audio output. I want to hear sound through a visio sound bar ( that can accept optical or analog input) and my wireless headphones ( only have rca or headphone jack input) at the same time. Is it better to split the optical and then...
  58. C

    RCA to HMDI for Old DVD VCR combo

    Will a the 3 prong (White, Yellow, RED) cable too HDMI cable work on a Phillips DVP3050V DVD VCR player built in 2005. The unit works fine but need to order the cable set. Would I need a converter as part of the set.
  59. C

    Sony smart tv with a RCA sound bar

    I’m trying to connect these devices using a audio cable ( red and white) but I can not. I’ve been trying but nothing happens!! Please any idea!!
  60. F

    Solved! hooked up RCA tv , HDM1 cable for comp to show on tv, shows back ground pic on tv from Comp but nothing else ??

    New RCA tv, hooked up HDM1 cable to it to show computer on tv, it shows back ground pic from Computer and thats all, no icons nothing,