Question Yamaha htr-6130 how to output to speakers with Rca cables


Nov 28, 2016
I have an old yamaha - 6130 receiver, would prefer to not have to purchase a new one. My old set up used speakers with wires. Blew them out, so had to get new speakers, and they rock for music through Bluetooth...

But, I can't hook them up to my TV through anything other than the TV's head phone jack. Want to run them through my old receiver, but the only output I see is for speaker wire, and my new speakers use RCA cables.

The really stupid part is the receiver has 5.1 INPUT for RCA cables. Is there any way to switch over the RCA input to output? Or any other solution not immediately apparent?

Inputs and outputs are not interchangeable.
Option 1
Connect a Blue tooth transmitter to the audio output of the TV. Pair the speakers with it. No receiver needed. Get a low latency one to avoid delay issues.
Option 2
Connect a speaker to line level converter to the L/R speaker terminals on the receiver. Connect that to the speakers. Set the receiver to stereo.
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