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  1. S

    Solved! Yamaha htr-6130 how to output to speakers with Rca cables

    I have an old yamaha - 6130 receiver, would prefer to not have to purchase a new one. My old set up used speakers with wires. Blew them out, so had to get new speakers, and they rock for music through Bluetooth... But, I can't hook them up to my TV through anything other than the TV's head...
  2. DiamondxCrafting

    Eset Or Bitdefender? Which One Should I Get?

    Which antivirus should I use? Eset Smart Security Premium 10 or Bitdefender Total Security 2018 Ignoring the prices, which is the winner overall?
  3. G

    How to convert composite visual to VGA

    Hello, My family has alot of old vhs tapes and we have several VCR's. How can i either convert the vhs tapes to digital or connect a vcr to a computer monitor with vga. Ive seen alot of converters on Amazon and tried a few, but none of the ones ive tried have given my very high quality...
  4. G

    tv box with hdmi 2.0 output to rf modulator (scart)

    Just bought a Beelinik i68 with hdmi 2.0 output and trying to distribute signal to all tvs trough a rf modulator with scart input. Working just on the most recent sony bravia , not on 5+ yrs old tv I have in the house (hdmi 1.?) Is there a way to convert hdmi 2.0 signal to scart ? Would hdmi 2.0...
  5. A

    Can I run HDMI over one or more coax cables?

    I am trying to connect my tv with my receiver in a finished part of my house. There are 4 coax cables and 1 cat5 cable that run between the tv location and my receiver location. I understand that in order to use cat5 cable to run a hdmi signal you should use 2 cables but I only have one so now...
  6. P

    Music/Audio/Xbox Crisis PLEASE HELP!!!

    Hi! This is my 1st Forum question, EVER. Usually 99% of the time I can research my problem and figure it out within a day or so, but I've finally been stumped. I just bought a 27" HP monitor and all it has is HDMI, DVI, and VGA. I use the HDMI for my Xbox which is basically my only device for...
  7. A

    Audio Expertise needed for home theater setup

    hey guys, i am a newbie here and am setting up my home theater room and needed some help deciding the best audio and acoustic setup regarding the same.I am very confused and your expert guidance would be welcomed. I currently have two 50 watt speaker which are in really good condition, i am...
  8. G

    Is Windows Defender & Windows Firewall enough???

    Greetings! I'm on Windows 8.1 and surf using Firefox with Adblock Plus, I NEVER click on random links, nor do i visit untrusted websites. Would Windows defender/firewall be enough protection for someone like me?