Music/Audio/Xbox Crisis PLEASE HELP!!!


Dec 2, 2015
Hi! This is my 1st Forum question, EVER. Usually 99% of the time I can research my problem and figure it out within a day or so, but I've finally been stumped. I just bought a 27" HP monitor and all it has is HDMI, DVI, and VGA. I use the HDMI for my Xbox which is basically my only device for use on the monitor. Seeing that the monitor has no speakers or audio outputs I bought an audio converter that converts digital audio (Xbox - S/PDIF) to analog audio (red/white RCA outputs) because my av receiver only has red/white inputs. I really want to play music simultaneously with my Xbox ( and ITS audio) I currently use a RCA to aux cable to play music from my phone/tablet/whatever, but I have to switch inputs, meaning I can only hear 1 at once. The only solution I've come across is a 2 channel audio mixer, but their so darn expensive. Anyone have any additional ideas.If not I might have to resort to a Bluetooth speaker/pill.
Without a mixer there isn't a perfect solution. You could build one of these.
You could try splitting the outputs of the converter and PC. Use one set of each to connect as you have been on two separate inputs. Use the other set to connect one channel of each to a third input. That way you can have stereo for each or one channel of each on separate left and right speakers.
Sometimes you can get lucky and just use splitters in reverse to combine inputs. Not supposed to work but if the sources are buffered well you can get away with it.
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