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    Solved! Hooking up an active subwoofer to A/V receiver

    Hi there. Ive got this Yamaha 315 powered subwoofer and am trying to hook it up to Yamaha V385 A/V receiver. Yamaha user manual where it explains how to connect subwoofer to receiver reads as follows: "Some amplifiers have line output terminals labeled PRE OUT. When you connect the subwoofer to...
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    Question Home Theatre recognizes Laptop but not PC

    Hi Experts, I am facing a unique issue in connecting my desktop to home theatre via hdmi. Even after a lot of self reading and experiments I have not been able to resolve it. Hence your advice is needed to resolve this issue. Following devices are involved in this process Customized Desktop...
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    Got a HT-S3800 5.1 receiver want to use different center channel

    i have a onkyo HT-S3800 thats rated nominal at 6 ohms but i want to get a klipsch center channel for it thats rated at 8 ohms. would my receiver be pushing too much power just for that one channel since the rest of my speakers are at 6 ohms?
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    Connecting PC to Yamaha AV receiver HTR-6130

    Hi! So I got an old Yamaha HTR-6130 AV receiver from my uncle and I'm trying to set it up with my HTPC to get 5.1 surround sound. Everything seemed simple enough as I connect the HDMI from the computer to the AV receiver input and another HDMI cable from AVR output to the HDTV (LG). However...
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    Hearing TV Speaker Sound Directly Through A/V Receiever

    Hi everyone, I have a laptop connected to my Samsung PN50A550S1FXZA TV via HDMI. It's connected to HDMI port 3. I can see the image perfectly but the sound can only play through the TV speakers. I want to play this sound on my Yamaha RX-V567 receiever so I can hear it through my home...
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    How connect speakers

    5.1.4 home theater pionner Elite Dolby Atmos and TX-NR 636 Onkyo Receiver but i dont know where they are 4 speakers Dolby Atmos connected
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    Music/Audio/Xbox Crisis PLEASE HELP!!!

    Hi! This is my 1st Forum question, EVER. Usually 99% of the time I can research my problem and figure it out within a day or so, but I've finally been stumped. I just bought a 27" HP monitor and all it has is HDMI, DVI, and VGA. I use the HDMI for my Xbox which is basically my only device for...
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    Connecting AV receiver to Lg TV

    Just purchased an LG 55UF6450 and I can't connect my Yamaha AV receiver to it. Could you tell me why it doesn't work with it? How can I get it to work? Thanks Anita
  9. ViddyD

    Denon AV Receiver keeps shutting off - blinking red light

    My Denon AVR 15-13 5.1 receiver has developed the habit of randomly shutting itself off causing the power light to blink red at an interval of twice a second. I disconnected all the speakers and peripherals, even the subwoofer, but it still keeps shutting off. Sometimes it works perfectly, all...
  10. terry4536

    I need a new AV Receiver. I want HDCP 2.2 and HDMI 2.0 at a minimum. Suggestions?

    After many years, my Yamaha amplifier is finally beginning to fail. It is a 115 watt per channel unit . So I want something with similar power (95 -120 watts) to power my current speakers. I haven't paid that much attention to audio equipment for a while. I do know that at least until...
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    Connecting AV receiver to UPS

    I'm having a Yamaha rx v377 receiver and connected to directly to AC wall socket. I can connect my HDMI out of graphic card to input of receiver and output of receiver to my monitor via HDMI. Usually Monitor and CPU is connected to UPS. So in case of Power failure I'll be loosing my...