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    Solved! Help with Audio Quality and Background Noise

    Before we get into it, please let it be noted that I have played for less than a month with an electric instrument, and as such I am new to using amplifiers. I have a quarter jack to 3.5mm adapter that I plug into my bass and then to my computer with a $3 cable from amazon, which works fine but...
  2. K

    Question How to connect 2 wall speakers?

    We have 2 wall speakers that have 2 speaker wires as outputs (photos attached). What are the ways to connect them in order to listen to music? We have wireless speaker, wi-fi modem..
  3. T

    Solved! I have a Yamaha r-s500 reciever but no way to connect it to my tv which only has hdmi

    I got the reciever from a friend and some jbl 5.1 speakers but theres no way to connect it to my tv through hdmi. I bought an hdmi to ac converter but that didnt work in any if the ports. Any help so I could connect the tv or even my phone because theres no aux cable
  4. C

    Question Gaming headset suggestions?

    Hey guys, looking at branching out with a non gaming, gaming headset, I have a stand alone mic so I thought a normal headset would be better. Looking for one for gaming, whilst listening to music on the odd occasion, don’t mind having to get an amp, as I have been looking at the Beyerdynamic...
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    Solved! Need new headphones

    Hi, I'm a gamer and music lover and I need new headphones since my headphones broke. My budget is around 100€ - 200€. I am searching for headphones that are good for gaming (I often play csgo) but besides gaming also have very good sound quality to listen to high quality audio. I am...
  6. admin

    Jabra Elite 85h Headphones Review: Great Bose Alternative with Killer Battery Life

    With adaptive listening modes, great sound, and lengthy battery life, the Jabra Elite 85h is a noise-canceller that commands your attention. Jabra Elite 85h Headphones Review: Great Bose Alternative with Killer Battery Life : Read more
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    Discussion Please, Google: Don't Replace Play Music with YouTube Music

    As an outspoken Play Music user, I was excited by the idea of Google's new music streaming service, but YouTube Music hasn't lived up to my expectations. Here's why. Please, Google: Don't Replace Play Music with YouTube Music : Read more
  8. Please Help!624!

    Question Why won't the music on my mp3 player play?

    The music i put on my mp3 player shows up but when i try to play it it wont work and freezes up. i have this one Please Help ASAP
  9. daniel.avital62

    Solved! HyperX Cloud Flight, what settings should I use?

    Windows 10, when you go to sound settings you can see all your audio possibilities and I right clicked my Headset, Hyper X Cloud Flight and I found enhancements. I looked everywhere for suggestions but have not found any that suits my question. I'm a gamer, but I'm also a music lover...
  10. N

    Question Need help to buy a new headset ( urgent, old headset broke :'( )

    Hello, That's now 3 days my old Logitech G230 headset broke, and I would like to buy another one. I've already bought the Sennheiser Game Zero, but I returned it, because it has literally no bass. I want to use it for gaming ( all types of games ) and also listening music. I know there's already...
  11. C

    Please Suggest: closed back budget (200) audiophile headphones for 50/50 gaming and music

    Hey folks, My luggage got stolen the other day (yay!), and with it went my headphones. I'm looking to pick up another set (for $100-200). I mostly use them at home, about 50/50 between gaming and music (lots of EDM/trap when I do work, but not only). Unfortunately, I also have a monstrous 6-8...
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    Solved! Echo Dot Kids - iphone music

    How can I make Echo Dot Kids Edition play music from my sons iphone?
  13. B

    Solved! Speaker help / Poll

    Hi Community! I'm on the market for a nice pair of bookshelf speakers with the best bang for your buck and a appropriate receiver. I'm a novice when it comes to this topic and wanted to pick your guy's brain on what i should drop my hard earned money on. This set up will primarily be used...
  14. M

    Solved! Looking for a best budget headphone under $50

    Hi, i wanna get a good budget headphone for gaming and some music like edm and clubbing music . I have 4 choices to pick Samson SR850 Superlux HD668B Supetlux HD669 Avantree Audition(black,red) Mpow 059 All price are same . Which one have the best sound for gaming and music ? And does it can...
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    Solved! Help Connecting Speakers!!

    Hello, I was thinking about purchasing two of the Kali Audio LP-6 Studio Speakers, and I was wondering how I would go about connecting it to an iPhone/Computer with a 3.5mm jack. I was thinking I could just get 2 XLR to 3.5mm cables run those from both speakers and then a Dual-Female 3.5mm to...
  16. K

    Solved! Internet speed halved when streaming videos or music (MSI GE63 8RF)

    I recently bought a GE63 8RF Raider RGB and I love it. Only problem is that, whenever I have a video going on Youtube or listening to music on Spotify, my download and upload speeds are consistently halved. They go down as soon as I start streaming something, and go back up as soon as I stop...
  17. P

    Solved! 2.1 audio options for PC €300 budget

    I am looking for an active 2.1 system for my PC. (no 2 shelfs + amp because I don't have space, I can only have 2 small pieces on my desk and a subwoofer under). I will use it mostly for movies but sometimes for music too. As reference, I curently have a pair of Edifier 2730DB and I am not...
  18. K

    Solved! Looking for headphones under 50$ for music and gaming

    I'm looking for closed back headphones with a good sound and isolation and i'm going to add Zalman ZM-MIC1 to them. I have motherboard with Realtek ALC887. I mainly play Cs:go and WoW and i listen to rock, pop and metal. I was thinking about ATH-M20X, AKG K72, JVC HA-RX700-E and Samson SR950...
  19. I

    Solved! Bookshelf Speakers, Subwoofer, PC/iPhone

    Hello, I am not an audiophile at all, or do I really understand how to connect everything having to do with speakers together. Currently, I am looking into getting bookshelf speakers...
  20. W

    Solved! Do play misic from LG K3 TO Philips 32PFL3504D/F7 tv?

    Music from LG k3 to my tv Philips 32PFL3504D/F7
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    Best MP3 Players 2019

    If you want a device for listening to music on the go and don't want to use a phone, these are the best MP3 players available. Best MP3 Players 2019 : Read more
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    Solved! Need help with headphones, has 3 cables

    Hi! I'm going to get a headphone with 3 cables. One for LED light, another for mic and the last for audio. For singing, is it possible to plug in the mic and still hear the music in order to sing, or do I need the other cable for audio to be able to do that? Do I need 2 other cable slots on...
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    Solved! how to get music on soundcloud

    like how to get music on soundcloud?
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    My rca tablet will not play music

    No sound on tablet
  25. M

    Solved! Best Headphones for both competetive gaming and music production?

    Hey, so i am looking for a good sounding pair of headphones for my music production and competetive fps gaming on the side. Currently i am thinking about buying the Sennheiser GSX 1000 amp so i can get some better sound. What do you prefer and suggest?
  26. S

    RGB Fusion Perfomance issue

    My RGB fusion on my motherboard (z390 elite) paired with corsair vengeance rgb pro lags. Music mode is also doesnt work and is stuttery. Any fix?
  27. K

    Looking for the top tier headphones for both gaming and music/movies

    Hello, This might be kind of a hard one to answer but im lost so i need some input. Looking to get new headphones for gaming, music and movies and im willing to spend a good deal of money on quality of the sound. I have a Harman Kardon (priced around $1000 so got the required juice) amp...
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    Solved! How to force music to play with the lid closed (RCA Galileo Pro 11)??

    Hi, I can't figure out how to get the RCA Galileo pro to play music with the lid closed. I've set the sleep timer to "never" and that works fine as far as playing an mp3 file continuously. The problem is that the second the lid is closed, the music stops and the screen goes off. There IS a way...
  29. A

    Studio Monitors connected to PC AND bluetooth receiver at the same time

    Hello - very big audio noob here, so please bear with me :) I've currently got a pair of JBL LSR 305 connected with 1/4 jack to an Alpha Lexicon Pro audio interface, which is connected to my PC through USB. Sometimes (when Im not producing music or using my PC) I would really like to be able...
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    Solved! I have galaxy note 3 and I can't play music nor videos and can't make call either

    It all happen just once I was playing game called Darkness rises all over the phone turn off it self and reboot that's all were the problem begins
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    Solved! Streaming Music from my Bar to the Restaurant

    Hi, I'm hoping for advice... I have a rooftop bar where live music plays in the summer. I'd like to stream the bands to the downstairs restaurant tv's so the dinner patrons can see what's playing and vacate the tables faster!!! The place is pre-wired for a camera above the stage. Just need to...
  32. F

    Can i get monetization on YouTube channel again if some of my video games (gameplay) videos have music content-ID?

    Monetization on my channel is disabled due to reused content. I deleted lyrics and other copyrighted videos, but don't know what to do about gameplays that have video game music dettected by content ID. Do I must to delete music from them, or it is OK now and I can reapply to YouTube partner...
  33. C

    Solved! How to block Rap music on my youtube account

    I have my Christian Friend living with me. And her Grand children here for the holidays keep watching rap music on my youtube Rap(Satanic) on my youtube through my TV how can I block Rap music from my youtube account? Even after I told them not to. I seen it on my history on my computer. Without...
  34. A

    Best Amp/Sound Card for Sennheiser HD700 (gaming)

    Hello everyone. I've recently purchased a pair of Sennheiser HD700s as an entry into HiFi audio headphones. For many years I've relied on crappy "gaming" headphones that have always left me disappointed, and I have to say that I thoroughly enjoy how these HD700s sound. I do love my music, but I...
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    How can to play my recent music on my smart phone off SD card

    IV bought four songs but I can't get them to play on Amazon music from my SD card so I don't know what to do?
  36. M

    Best Place to get Music for YouTube Videos

    Hi, I am an aspiring content creator on YouTube. I need some new but cool music for my series which is not related to any copyright issues. I found some good tracks on SoundCloud but I don't know if I should download them using a SoundCloud Downloader or even use them.
  37. E

    How do I open music files on sd card

    I have an sd card I inserted and mounted on my lg phone and was able to access music files stored on sd card and when done I unmounted and removed sd card. Next day I inserted same sd card on same phone as day before but this time it would not let me access same music files as I was able to the...
  38. T

    How can I use my Honda Crosstour car speakers with my iPhone?

    I want to hear my YouTube or music over my car speakers.
  39. J

    Solved! How to transfer music from internal storage to an SD card for an Android smartphone

    I use mostly Pandora premium, you tube music soundcloud, and Google play
  40. K

    music but no dialogue

    Have a Vizio 4k tv and a Vizio 2 channel sound bar and a Sony 4k Blu-ray player and get music but no dialogue when I play a movie. Have tried just about everything. Any idea what it might be?
  41. T

    Opinions on what Open Back headphones to use for gaming

    This is my first thread so please forgive any mistakes in etiquette I make. I'm considering buying a set of open back headphones to use for both music and gaming along with an external mic (fifine mic on amazon, a blue snowball, or modmic business).My history of gaming headsets has been: Corsair...
  42. D

    Solved! Linking Alexa Echo to itunes

    Trying to link alexa echo to itunes.Followed your instructions as far as clicking on Music but there was no New Service option thereafter
  43. S

    Solved! can i stream my amzon prime music with the lenovo smart screen

    hi guys i have the lenovo 8" smart screen coming within the nest couple of hours i want to know when i stream music can i connect to my amazon prime account. i already have a amazon prime account that i would use to stream music and that sort of stuff so dont really want to have to pay...
  44. J

    Is this the 400$ high end lossless music listening experience ever possible?

    Watch the immage i attached to understand pls i just create a presentation of my configuration if you are lazy: Tidal Master enabled No eq no sound echancments 2 channels 24 bit 192000hz Bose quiteconfort 35II (wired no wireless) Remember this is intended to be the max you can get in terms of...
  45. M

    Solved! seeking very loud music!

    Hi there, i have a 5.1 sony home theatre receiver/amp but i think the amp is on its way out because it doesn't make sound til about 43 out of 60 so i want to replace it with a stereo amp because i very rarely watch movies. i don't know what to do. do i plug an amp into the receiver to boost...
  46. G

    Solved! Best gaming and music headset

    I'm currently looking for a new headset. My budget is like 150$. I really like the Corsair Void pro's wireless rgb version, HyperX Cloud Revolver S and Sennheiser game one's. Any suggestions are welcome.
  47. T

    Solved! How to get an AV Receiver play music through Chromecast while TV is off.

    I'm in a dead end and I need some help. I have the Yamaha HTR-2067 AV Receiver, 2nd Gen Chromecast and a DumbTV. My setup is: DumbTV -> Audio out through SPDIF to AV Receiver (for Local Television) 2nd Gen Chromecast (port 1) and Steam Link (port 2) -> Separate HDMIs to AV Receiver -> HDMI to...
  48. T

    Solved! sony Home Theater DAZ350

    Hello guys, My home theater produces some humming sound when i play music on Bluetooth or when i play Audio in with high volume. please assist, could there be something wrong with my amplifier??
  49. 4

    my samsung s7 keeps pausing music and I've tried everything

    on my Samsung s7 keeps pausing my music, Everything that I have tried hasn't worked and no matter what I do to try to fix it, it doesn't work
  50. Seoxis

    Budget over ear headphones

    Hey everyone, Im looking for over ear headphones, priced up to 40-50$ the main usage is music, and I'm going to use them while working (that includes much walking and moving) Any recommendations?
  51. R

    Solved! Why does Youtube randomly pause my music?

    I listen to playlists and every so often it will pause and ask me if I want to keep watching. How do I make that stop? If I didn't want to watch the video or listen to the music, I would just close that tab.
  52. G

    Apple Music Gets Anti-Social by Killing off its Connect Feature (Report)

    Connect has already lost some features, and the service will be completely inactive by mid-2019. Apple Music Gets Anti-Social by Killing off its Connect Feature (Report) : Read more
  53. M

    cant hear conversation over tv because of loud music

    cant hear conversation over tv because of loud music
  54. D

    To find my Amazon prime account

    Need find my Amazon prime shopping,music and video account goty Phone last of October nrver been able to go to all these features without going through a lot of hassle I had changed my email account from Removed to Removed I keep signed n they keep sending codes but it's not working I was...
  55. F

    Multiple Bluetooth Pairing with headphones

    I play in a high school band and I need for the four of us to connect our headphones so we can hear the music. And since we are high school kids, we need stmg cheap. do you guys have any recommendations?
  56. B

    Solved! Which Laptop's better?

    Hi, I am looking to buy a laptop for school assignments, and I'll be using Ableton Live music production software on it in my spare time. My budget is a maximum of €600 ($683). I have been looking at the two below in particular. Any input at all would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance...
  57. L

    Solved! How t find lost music on rugby pro

    I went into my files clicked select all and moved to sd card, then deleted everything that didn't move now when I open my music app or gallery nothing shows but when I go into my files select external sd card and go down to the music folder there I find it
  58. S

    Solved! Speakers have music but no vocals

    My speakers are playing the instrumental but no vocals are heard. Please help
  59. T

    Solved! iTunes Purchases - An unknown error occurred (-54)

    I recently purchased a few music albums and films from iTunes which were subsequently downloaded to my iMac. However I also received this error message " There was a problem downloading “Bridge Over Troubled Water / Seventies Anthems / Simon & Garfunkel”. An unknown error occurred (-54). " for...
  60. C

    Solved! How can I factory reset my phone without losing my music?

    This always happens. I accumilate a library i can take pride in and then my phone gets cluttered with all the different apps ive tried to accumilate the music (i love so much to start with). In the end my phone is slow and pop ups galore. So i have to do s factory reset.but how do just leave the...