Looking for the top tier headphones for both gaming and music/movies


May 17, 2008
This might be kind of a hard one to answer but im lost so i need some input.
Looking to get new headphones for gaming, music and movies and im willing to spend a good deal of money on quality of the sound.
I have a Harman Kardon (priced around $1000 so got the required juice) amp connected from my PC via optical cable.

Today I have the Sony MDR1a since about 1½ years now which i want to upgrade for different reasons.

I was thinking wireless would be nice to get rid of cables but if the sound really gets a dent by going that route then cable it is, i know too little about that to decide really.

I appreciate every respons!

Deleted member 217926

That's a stereo amp or surround receiver with a headphone jack correct? Even good amps don't necessarily have good headphone amp sections.

That being said what's a good deal of money? What sort of music do you like? Are you looking for a neutral audiophile sound or something more 'fun'? Open or closed back? Are you willing to buy a dedicated headphone amp and DAC? Portable or home use?