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  1. henrytcasey

    Info John Wick 3 - Parabellum: Everything You Need to Know Before Watching

    Need a crash course on the John Wick films before the third chapter comes out? We got your back. John Wick 3 - Parabellum: Everything You Need to Know Before Watching : Read more
  2. Marshall Honorof

    Info Best Original Series on Amazon in May 2019 - Must See Shows and Movies

    From police procedurals, to alternate history sci-fi, to children's shows, these are the best Amazon Prime original shows. Best Original Series on Amazon in May 2019 - Must See Shows and Movies : Read more
  3. Marshall Honorof

    Info Best Original Shows on Hulu in May 2019 - Our Favorite Hulu Originals

    The best Hulu original shows tend to be a little on the experimental side, marrying big-name actors with offbeat source material. Best Original Shows on Hulu in May 2019 - Our Favorite Hulu Originals : Read more
  4. henrytcasey

    Discussion Best Original Shows on Netflix in May 2019 - Movies, Series and Docs

    Netflix creates a lot of shows, too many to watch. So we've sifted through them all to compile this list of the best original shows on Netflix. Best Original Shows on Netflix in May 2019 - Movies, Series and Docs : Read more
  5. D

    Info Sonic the Hedgehog Getting a Makeover After Movie Backlash

    People weren't happy with the way Sonic looked in the upcoming film's trailer. Sonic the Hedgehog Getting a Makeover After Movie Backlash : Read more
  6. D

    What Is Tubi (and Is It Worth It?)

    Tubi provides a surprisingly large collection of TV shows and movies for free, but there are some drawbacks. Here's what you need to know. What Is Tubi (and Is It Worth It?) : Read more
  7. henrytcasey

    Summer Movies and TV Guide 2019: What You Need to Watch

    From the next shows you need to binge to the latest Spider-Man movie, here are the TV shows and movies to keep an eye out for. Summer Movies and TV Guide 2019: What You Need to Watch : Read more
  8. K

    Info Before Avengers: Endgame, Watch Infinity War With Tom’s Guide

    To prepare for the conclusion to Marvel Studios’ 22-movie saga, the Tom’s Guide crew is re-watching Infinity War on Twitter. Before Avengers: Endgame, Watch Infinity War With Tom’s Guide : Read more
  9. J

    how can I watch a movie on my laptop and listen to it on my headphones plugged into my phone

    I watch movies on a big screen that are playing on my laptop connected with a hdmi cord. Is it possible to bluetooth the movies audio to my android phone and listen to it on ear buds plugged into said phone?
  10. B

    Plex issue with new tv

    Bought a new LG 49" tv yesterday. Everything is great except when using Plex with Roku. Whenever a movie starts., intially or when fast forwarding then starting, a click is heard,Sounds like an electric snap. The movie is fine, just this clicking sound, I have tried other apps with the roku...
  11. G

    Best Comedy Movies on Netflix

    Looking for a laugh? We've compiled the best comedy movies on Netflix for your streaming enjoyment. Best Comedy Movies on Netflix : Read more
  12. Marshall Honorof

    Kingdom Hearts: All 32 Disney Movie References You Need to Know

    Kingdom Hearts references that's 32 films, 10 shorts, and seven video games — and that's not even counting some of the Easter eggs. Kingdom Hearts: All 32 Disney Movie References You Need to Know : Read more
  13. P

    2.1 audio options for PC €300 budget

    I am looking for an active 2.1 system for my PC. (no 2 shelfs + amp because I don't have space, I can only have 2 small pieces on my desk and a subwoofer under). I will use it mostly for movies but sometimes for music too. As reference, I curently have a pair of Edifier 2730DB and I am not...
  14. V

    Budget friendly Laptop for web developer

    hello, so I'm looking for a laptop that's good for someone learning to be a web developer, and app coding, and still be able to watch movies, surf net. budget is $300 range, but looking for the cheapest option, and portability is a must in terms of lightweight
  15. E

    Solved! why cant i see the netflix movie on the tv when connected on my laptop

    I've connected my laptop that has Netflix on it to the tv and when I play the movie it would only show it on the laptop not the tv.
  16. Marshall Honorof

    Kingdom Hearts III Review: Same Disney Charm, Same Convoluted Story

    Kingdom Hearts III is a perfectly acceptable action/RPG, but the game's structure and story could have used a bigger refresh. Kingdom Hearts III Review: Same Disney Charm, Same Convoluted Story : Read more
  17. Y

    Laptop won't turn on after turning off suddenly

    I was watching a movie with my Laptop but suddenly the screen stuck even the audio started to repeat making an annoying sound, i held the power button to turn it off and it turned off but when i tried to turn it on again, the power key's light turns on for like 1 second and after a faint sound...
  18. J

    My TV only keeps receiving the same six channels, Sony crime Sony movies and a few cartoon channels, and nothing else, no matt

    TV and ariel. Keeps receiving same six channels, Sony crime Sony movies and some cartoon channels, it doesn't matter where I situate my TV and indoor ariel it keeps tuning the same 6 channels and I've taken it to a Freinds home to see if it was my TV or indoor ariel at fault but it wasn't as it...
  19. F

    Looking for an external blueray drive!

    Basically my setup requires me to have an external blueray drive. However, I need one capable of sending 7.1 channel surround sound for my PC to decode and send it to my speakers like it was intended by the sound engineer making the movie. Are there any in extisence? If so, please recommend...
  20. D

    Sound bar wireless

    I'm considering buying a soundbar, but I can't tell if this kind of equipment works with a PC, since I only use this one for movies and music (this is the most important information I need). You might have a piece of advice for me, bearing in mind that I would like it to have both two satellites...
  21. henrytcasey

    Where to Stream the 2019 Oscar Nominated Films

    From Roma to Black Panther, we've got our eyes on this year's Academy Award nominees, and where to stream them. Where to Stream the 2019 Oscar Nominated Films : Read more
  22. V

    Are most sanyo tv's compatible to stream from phone

    I have a sanyo flat screen tv can I stream movies from my android device to the tv and watch the movie on a larger screen as opposed to squinting to watch on my cell phone screen
  23. K

    Looking for the top tier headphones for both gaming and music/movies

    Hello, This might be kind of a hard one to answer but im lost so i need some input. Looking to get new headphones for gaming, music and movies and im willing to spend a good deal of money on quality of the sound. I have a Harman Kardon (priced around $1000 so got the required juice) amp...
  24. H

    Looking for help with my windows 8 freezes

    Am using windows 8 pro build 9200 for my dell laptop and for two days when I play a movie its stops playing and the screen freezes and you can't open an folder on the screen or rather oparete the laptop.Please help me
  25. A

    Solved! Movies From DVDs

    Can I copy movies from a dvd to the fire stick? I’d like to take one along when I travel.
  26. R

    How to Use the Netflix ID Bible

    Netflix provides an opportunity to watch videos, movies, TV shows of all genres, all at a single place. It provides an extensive range of features with very cool navigation functionalities as well. It now provides the users the ability to easily reach out to the particular genre they wish. Here...
  27. R

    How to Add My Feed Services to your Roku Device

    Now, you must be paying attention to things around you. Facebook may be your favorite book. Netflix might be your staple diet. But how about staying updated on new releases? How about getting updates on your favorite channels on your Roku device. Just like you have Newsfeed on Facebook, you also...
  28. R

    How to Use RateFlix to Get Non-Netflix Reviews

    Netflix is one of the premier streaming services that offer TV show and movies across all devices: computer, tablets, smartphones, TVs, etc. This service is reasonably priced, extremely user-friendly and offers a huge range of old and new content. If you are Netflix fan you must be now...
  29. R

    How to Use the Roku Channel

    Your Roku device gives you tonnes of content to watch. Lots of movies, shows, series and even Live streaming. The whole mix of content on your Roku device is categorized. Some are subscribed, some free, and some needs to rented. So, availing your favorite movie or series can be a dilemma at...
  30. O

    tv to watch inside sports events???

    researching dolby vision & hdr10, it seems their advantage is in information that a movie encodes in its stream. But how would that apply to watching live streaming nba league pass? Every arena has different lighting / different dark / black contrast issues that change within the arena. so my...
  31. P

    Question about putlocker

    Did some of you guys know if i can have some problems watching movies on this putlocker website is it ilegal because i read to much things on internet someone says that is completly legal and some other people says opposite.
  32. R

    What Audio Description Does and How You Can Enable it on Netflix

    Make way for Audio description! The new feature that is available on Netflix is revolutionizing the way we look, hear, see, and feel content. Audio description is a vocal narration by a male or female giving a brief description of the scene and details of what’s happening in the frame of the...
  33. O

    Laptop shuts down when I unplug the power while watching movies

    I've searched the forum and many others. I've found many threads with people having the problem that their laptop shuts down when they unplug the power chord but none with my specific problem. My laptop (an Asus UX31, Windows 10) does not do that every time, but only when I'm watching a video -...
  34. R

    How to Sort Netflix Movies by Alphabetical Order or Date

    If you are someone who just loves watching their favorite TV shows and movies, then there is a high chance that you are a Netflix user. It is an online streaming service that is currently serving over 150 countries and it has a lot of members. Searching for your desired TV show is not always...
  35. R

    How to Know Which Titles will no Longer be Available on Netflix

    While Netflix is a great streaming platform with a large range of content, there is a lot of content, primary non-original content, that is constantly being pulled down from the platform for various reasons. And if you have got a Netflix subscription it’s better to watch these movies and shows...
  36. R

    How to Block Individual Shows on Netflix

    Netflix is a great source of content for all ranges, genres, and ages. But like all platforms which host content of such a large variety, Netflix too requires a certain amount of supervision if left to the hands of a non-adult person. Of course, there is a ‘kids’ setting in Netflix which filters...
  37. R

    How to Add Notes to your Favorite Titles

    Creating a Netflix queue is one of the easiest ways to remember which shows and movies you need to watch next. You get to carefully choose each show for a particular reason and mood and ensure that you have an all-round queue ready to binge for next couple of months. But what happens soon enough...
  38. R

    How to Find Secret Movies on Netflix Using Codes

    The vast amount of content on Netflix can never be fully realized by scrolling through the various categories. Especially more so since new content is being added almost every day, which includes both Netflix original movies and shows and older movies as well. What users usually do to find a...
  39. R

    How to Add a Profile in Netflix

    Netflix is a very famous service that provides the customers the chance to watch an extensive range of TV shows, the movies as well as documentaries. Customers get an opportunity to download the contents in order to watch offline. People can enjoy unlimited content without the interruption of...
  40. R

    How to View Rotten Tomatoes Ratings of Movies and Shows on Netflix

    Netflix provides the opportunity for the customers to watch the varied list of movies as well a series. It also enables users to download video content to watch it later in offline mode. These features have attracted users from all over the world. There have been constant updates to the Netflix...
  41. R

    How to Stop Getting Recommendations for Unwanted Shows and Movies on Netflix

    The Netflix website and the mobile application has been accessed by millions of users every day. It has become an internet sensation ever since its arrival. People use the application to watch their favorite TV show or series easily. Netflix has introduced many intuitive features for the users...
  42. R

    How to Use the X-Ray Feature for Films on your Amazon Fire Stick

    X-Ray feature in Amazon Prime is a fantastic feature. It has now been introduced in Amazon Fire Stick TV too. The benefits X-Ray feature gives you is multifold. Whenever watching a movie, we are filled with waves of curiosity on the details of each scene, characters, actors and even the trivia...
  43. R

    How to Search Universally Across All your Content on Roku

    Roku is a very popular digital player offering internet streaming services to many people all over the world has come up with a new set of additional intuitive features. Roku helps people in setting up their own profile and customizing it. In order to search for the movie titles, series, the...
  44. H

    The sound on my Dvd player does not match the movie voice

    DVD voice not matching movie
  45. E

    Trying to watch DVD movie all sounds but no voices

    When trying to watch a DVD movie there's sounds but no voices why
  46. B

    Logitech 5.1 z906 cant hear dialogue in some movies and games

    Background sounds, sounds effect and everything is ok except dialogue. When I run test via the program, the only front two speakers works. The sub the rear two and the center are not responding. But when I run manual test(via remote, not through the PC) all speakers+sub works. My settings in...
  47. R

    How to Remove a Movie or Show from your Viewing History on Netflix

    Netflix, arguably the biggest online entertainment streaming platform, is making a mark both in the digital entertainment market, and people’s hearts. With exclusive movies and TV shows constantly being added to the list, Netflix now offers to stream thousands of movies and TV shows on the go...
  48. R

    How to Use the 4k Spotlight Channel on Roku

    Roku has been liked by many people all over the world. The 4k spotlight channel will be found listing the channels that offer 4k content and also projects the various 4k HDR movies that are available. The user should know how to use the 4k spotlight channel feature to the maximum. Here is how...
  49. R

    How to Manually Arrange Shows and Movies on Netflix

    Netflix is one of the most used web and app streaming services in the world as of this moment. Over 130 million people all over world watch Netflix and chill. With greater content every day, Netflix users are binge watching every tv show that fits their genre. Netflix’s algorithm is to be blamed...
  50. R

    How to Share Directly from Netflix to Social Media Platforms

    When it’s about binge-watching a TV show or finally getting to watch that long-awaited movie over the weekend, Netflix has got you covered. The American entertainment platform giant provides its users with exclusive features and content worldwide. The users can browse through a library with...
  51. R

    How to Customize Playback Preferences on Netflix

    Netflix is currently, one of the world’s largest movie and TV shows streaming platform, with thousands of movies and series to choose from. Netflix has been at the top with its commendable quality of content, and services it has been providing its users. A user with a Netflix account can...
  52. R

    How to Get Movies from Other Countries’ Netflix Content

    Netflix is one of the world’s largest movies and TV shows content provider. It has been floating on the top in the market for a large amount of time. It streams movies and TV shows for users in numerous countries around the world, creating a library for each. However, it is possible that the...
  53. R

    How to Use the Netflix Recommender System

    Netflix, as we know, the world’s largest online streaming platform provides users with a range of over a thousand movies and TV shows to watch online. Netflix provides the flexibility to choose from different genres which contain movies and TV shows with variations from a heart-soothing love...
  54. T

    HDR TVs without much HDR content?

    I'm not play games at all and I don't care about watching HDR contents. BUT I watch a lot 720p and FHD movies, also TV channels. still its worth to buy HDR TV?
  55. A

    do you lose your dvr movies when you move to new home

    do i keep my recorded movies when i move
  56. P

    how can I record Netflix movies on vcr from digital tv

    80 year old parent will only use vhs tapes. How can I get Netflix (paid subscription:) movies from my digital tv to record on my vcr for him? convertor box will only record live tv, not Netflix. Help please
  57. L

    last kindom season 3

    hello why u dont have season 3 last kindom in other sietes and frre online movie have season 3 and u not why?
  58. T

    What blueray player to but to stream kodi

    Trying to buy a blueray player to stream kodi to watch 3d movies
  59. M

    Trending symbol searching

    I have an x96 mini. It is connected to my wi-fi , but when I select trending to watch movies an error comes up in the back of the trending ensemble searching saying " ! Problem connecting to wi-fi ! Can anybody help?
  60. S

    Movies and TV keeps disappearing from my Samsung tablet

    I have a Samsung tablet. the Google movies & TV app keeps disappearing from my screen. Got to go back into the app store where it has disabled itself. Can anyone help