Issues with Philips 43PUS6262/12


Aug 13, 2014
I have Raspberry Pi 3 running PLEX server on my network and I'm trying to watch the movies on my TV, but I'm having some weird stuttering issues.

The TV has most recent update installed.

I sure that it's not Pi's fault because playing exact same movie from my PC using Plex Media Player works just fine, no stuttering, just smooth playback.

What I've tried to come to this conclusion:

- Played movies through PLEX Media Player on my PC as said before, no issues.

- Connected pretty decent laptop via HDMI and played movies through PLEX Media Player, random stuttering every 5-10 sec.

- Tried using Steam Link (HDMI) to share my PC's desktop, random stuttering every 5-10 sec.

I also seem to be having same issue with my 2nd gen Chromecast, but stutters are more apart.

My whole network is 1 Gbit/s except for Pi's 100Mbit/s port. Everything is wired with CAT 6a.

While watching movie its **really** smooth when it's not stuttering, it feels like the TV is doing some trickery with the refresh rate. I have a feeling that this has something to do with this issue.

Also a side question, how is it possible that on this TV there is no ability to download PLEX player? There is a lot of porn apps tho... Or is PLEX considered 3rd party app that's not supported widely?

What happens if you play a movie that's on the laptop HD rather than being streamed with Plex?
The TV itself doesn't know the difference between that and your laptop streaming it from the server.
If the locally played movie stutters then the TV is the problem. If not then maybe your server or the network.


Aug 13, 2014

The movie itself is on a NAS, but playing on the laptop with VLC looks smooth, no stuttering. Playing same movie on TV (via HDMI),still using VLC it stutters...
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