Discussion 4k video playback on 10 year old PC


Sep 7, 2010
is 4k video (HEVC mkv) playback on 10 year old PC with the following config? Intel i5 760 , Gigabyte p55 MB , Geforce GT 710 GPU , 256 Pcie SSD plus 4 TB HDD. I use my Samsung UHD TV as the display monitor.

I had no issues with 1080p upto quad HD but 4K always lags/stutters/sync issues. Since i started fiddling with refresh rate, resolution, color space etc settings, 1440p is also stuttering. The same 1440p or higher res youtube video is running smooth when played from the TV's inbuilt software.

Need advise on any settings that need tweaking if hardware is not an issue. I don't have any problem with the hardware for the current light usage and movie play in full HD. Just seeing if i can play 4K with the same hardware.

Many thanks in advance