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  1. O

    Question Media Player stutters and general volume issues, Windows 10

    Quick history - I stuck with Windows 7 as long as possible but my machine recently died (motherboard). I have a Windows 10 machine purchased about 3 years ago, for gaming, which I never bothered using because I deeply dislike Windows 10. Still do. So now I'm forced to use this Windows 10...
  2. U

    Question Need advice to buy Portable PC to play full size 3840 × 2160 (4K UHD) 4K resolution movies on 4K TV

    Need advice to buy Portable PC to play full size 3840 × 2160 (4K UHD) 4K resolution movies on 4K TV I'm looking foк help to find portable PC that will play all 4K resolution movies 60 HZ to replace my 4K media player with HDD slot. I need to use all my downloads from hard drive with best...
  3. Denis_Adrian17

    Solved! How can i see some music from a flash drive ?

    The thing is that i have a flash drive stick with some music made by some friend of my father BUT if i use it on a car everything is working normally , the music is running , but if i inser it in my laptop , the stick is shown in the documents full but if i click on it all i see is a new folder...
  4. R

    Solved! streaming media players with good remote control

    I'm on my third streaming media player, fire stick, mx box and whatever this new one is. the fire stick was ok, it died after about a year. I would prefer a controller better than the one that came with the fire stick. I hate pushing a button so the cursor can move across the screen slow as...
  5. G

    Issues with Philips 43PUS6262/12

    I have Raspberry Pi 3 running PLEX server on my network and I'm trying to watch the movies on my TV, but I'm having some weird stuttering issues. The TV has most recent update installed. I sure that it's not Pi's fault because playing exact same movie from my PC using Plex Media Player works...
  6. M

    NVIDIA - SHIELD TV media player with external hard drive?

    Can the NVIDIA - SHIELD TV - 4K HDR Streaming Media Player play video and music from an external hard drive? It has USB ports, but I'm not seeing anything on line about their functionality. Will the remote act like a mouse?
  7. Z

    Solved! How to convert my vlc program into a playable windows program

    How do I get my episodes ( that is only in VLC format) to play on my windows media player. It says that it does not support the file .
  8. B

    Solved! Can't select VLC media player as default meidia player

    I've downloaded VLC media player to my Progran files (x86) on my SSD but when I try to go to "default app settings" and click on "music player" or "video player" it only shows the standard windows products what should I do? [OS: Windows 10]
  9. F

    Solved! Hisense Tv media1&2 won't respond. NEED Help!

    I have a Hisense TV. The Media 1&2 sources Wont respond. If I click Up, down, left , and right buttons , the tv doesn't respond. Other buttons work. NOW I can't select. I want to watch movie on my tv using USB! But the Media 1&2 source won't work. I need help! I have no Idea how to fix it.
  10. D

    Solved! In VLC Media Player, Why Does the Video Go Blurry if I Pause and Move Frame-By-Frame Too Many Times?

    Hi everyone. I have a question related to the VLC Media Player. When you pause a video being played with the VLC Media Player you can move ahead one frame at a time by pressing the “E” key on your keyboard. The thing is, after pressing the “E” key to move ahead one frame at a time, the video...
  11. C

    VLC Media PLayer Across Dual Monitors

    So guys, I have now received two 27 inch curved monitor and I would like to span my movie across two screen. Please give me a simple 1, 2, 3 step-by-step guide. All of the other information that I could find online seems to be pretty old or outdated. I'm trying to do this on VLC media player and...
  12. C

    How do I zoom out? My media player is stuck, youtube and vlc work but everything else is extremely zoomed in.

    For the last week I have searched for a solution. Randomly, my windows media player zoomed in and I can only see pixels. I would normally just switch to VLC, but I teach online and it won't let me change. Please help me, I have been to two laptop repair shops and no answers.
  13. C

    Solved! Laptop starts with black screen, fan stops after 5 seconds

    I left the laptop recording a football match on ace stream media player, that being the only program working and during the day i used it for video editing and recorded other games in the same manner which made the laptop heat up... Usually it heats up and sometimes it freezez and the screen...
  14. D

    Solved! Toshiba 46G300U 46" won't play media player through HDMI port

    The HDMI port seems to know there is a device there but the screen is still black. The DVD player works fine through the same port and the media player ( H96 Pro+) works fine on my other TV a Dynex 32". Does anyone know how to resolve this issue?
  15. W

    Netflix Error TVQ-ST-103: Fix On Streaming Media Players

    Streaming media players often run customized versions of the Android OS, but still receive the same version of Netflix from the Play Store. Based on OS version, a streaming media player can use a variety of Netflix versions, even tablet based installations. This is important since Error...
  16. D

    MP3 player help

    Does anyone have any experience with the Sandisk clip jam MP3 player? i have moved music on to it before, normally just by putting it in its music folder just for the sake of the music being on there. But for making playlists it is different. Sandisks website says to put the music into Windows...
  17. S

    SD Card 'not enough space problem'

    I have an Android 4 Media Player. It refuses to load onto the SD Card. The card works perfectly on my PC. It is clean, undamaged and formatted in FAT. The Card is 16Gb. Can someone please help me Many Thanks Sesostris
  18. M

    Video became corrupted somehow

    So I have this video I rendered from Adobe After Effects in .mov. I use and play this video back a lot using VLC media player but now the whole video looks like this... I don't know what it is but it definitely wasn't there before. This file is like a couple months old.
  19. W

    DVD ROM stopped working, HELP!!

    I am having issues with my DVD ROM. When I put a DVD in, it makes 4 clicks and stops spinning. Media player says there is no disc inserted.
  20. clintox

    Play two different audio outputs through speakers and headphones (Chrome and say Kodi/media player)

    Would really appreciate a solution... I have a one year old who is constantly on me while I'm on the computer. Sometimes I'm holding her with my arms and sometimes she's in one of those carrier things. Anyway, I am trying to study for insurance exams and other things that require me to watch...
  21. D

    Mp3 folder organiser

    Windows Media Player ruined all my Mp3 folders by splitting any type of mixed album that features any various artists and put single songs into folders by the one artists, so now I have thousands of folders of artists names with only one song in there in some cases. I just used MusicBrainz...
  22. S

    How to Play .MKV Files On Roku?

    The Roku system is one of the most used in setup boxes which offers many channels for free, and other channels can be viewed with the help of a subscription. The player incorporated into the Roku system allows users to play their videos as well as audio files. Along with the media player, it...
  23. G

    When I BURN DVD/CD they will play on my computer they will not play on my DVD/CD players.

    I have used Windows Media Player, Any Video Converter, CD Burner XP and WinX Video to burn the DVD/CDs, I use VLC media player. When I BURN DVD/CD they will play on my computer they will not play on my DVD/CD players.This has started 2 weeks ago. I have windows 10.
  24. U

    I'm streaming a video over the internet with vlc but where do I see the video that I'm streaming?

    I discovered how to stream videos using VLC Media Player. I completed all instructions and now I'm streaming (apparently) but where can my audience see it on the internet?
  25. A

    Something wrong with windows media player

    so i downloaded a 720p video from youtube then played it through windows media player, now this is on a new asus i3-7100 15.6" screen laptop. the pixels were blurry can anyone suggest another good player of watching hd movies??? even on movies blurry pizels.
  26. V

    Connections a laptop to acoustics Genius SW-HF5.1

    Help me understand how to connect a laptop to the Genius SW-HF5.1 system, if this is possible so that the current configuration remains, I do not understand it at all. If you can visually. screen attached. Now the system is connected to the media player Dune Base and Genius 5.1 Sw-HF 5.1 5000 on...
  27. K

    Streaming NAS on Roku

    I have files on a NAS type device, (Actually just a hard drive for file storage) Ican't get MKV files to stream with Roku Media Player on my Roku. It gives me errors. But My ROKU TV in my bedroom plays them fine. Any ideas? This is being sent VIA Wi-Fi to the ROKU. They are MVK files on the same...
  28. Jonathanese

    Any free upscalers like PowerDVD?

    Of all the media players I've used thus far, my favorite feature in a media player has been the upscaler in PowerDVD. It has a very-high-performance SD->HD interpolater and motion interpolater that seems to do a great job with DVDs, SD videos, and HD videos that are only 24FPS. Since this...
  29. M

    Please Help me Locate Software for Music Storage With my Requirements

    Hey everyone! First of all I'm going to apologise if I am not using the correct thread section for my question, wasn't really sure what it would fit under. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Okay...
  30. B

    Chromecast to access your local media?

    Can you connect your chromecast to your wireless network to access your own media, eg a harddrive connected to your router?
  31. E

    a mp3 file won't play

    i have a mp3 file that i'm trying to play. i have tried vlcPlayer, kmPlayer, hot player, google chrome, windows media player and etc. the file's protection tag is empty, its not set "YES" or "NO" what is the problem with this file? what can i do to play it? I have about 50 mp3 files with the...
  32. N

    VLC Media player not playing audio

    VLC isn't playing audio whether I'm playing an mp3 or a movie. Windows Media Player and other stuff can. It works through my monitor speakers but not headphones. What I have tried to fix it: >Reinstalling my realtek driver >Restarting >Making sure default device is correct Any help would be...
  33. A

    Solved! Audio conversion software that uses installed codecs

    Hello everyone. I'm looking for some audio conversion software that will decode audio using an installed codec. In my situation, I have a proprietary codec installed to decode jail calls in .wav format. I can listen to the audio in Windows Media Player and Media Player Classic. I would like...
  34. M

    vlc subtitles not working pls help

    few days back subtitles worked fine but now when i play a movie on vlc media player it plays fine but when i try to open subtitles it closes movie and open another picture on media player pls help
  35. D

    toshiba media player truelink converted all my mp4 files to truelink instantly without my ok. anyway to undo??

    I have a number of historical military files in MP4 and when I went to view one the Toshiba system asked what I thought was 'did I want to view using Toshiba media player and I clicked on it. It converted that selection and every file in my folder. Is there anyway to convert back to MP4.
  36. O

    Wondering how to cast a previously downloaded movie, which I can watch on my desktop using the VLC Media Player, over to my TV

    Hello: Can anyone tell me how to cast a downloaded movie from my desktop (windows 7 & Google Chrome) to my Sony 4k ultra hi-def TV? I am able to watch the movie on my desktop using the VLC Media Player with no problem. However I see no place on the screen when the movie is playing to cast it...
  37. R

    Solved! Google Chrome and Windows Media Player both keep closing without my permission.

    I've done anti-virus scans and come up with nothing. I've tried uninstalling and reinstalling. I even tried a system restore. As far as I can tell, all my other programs work just fine, yet these two programs just keep closing automatically at random intervals of time. I came up with a...
  38. S

    RV so no wifi; movies on ext USB HDDs to player??

    Movies are ripped to external hard drives. I want to play them on my TV's TV. We have power but no wifi. We used to use boxee but I've noticed few media streamers are wired nowadays. Options?
  39. L

    video bit rates

    I have a media player on my Roku connected to my tv. I have started putting Movies & Shows all in MP4 format since it's the most popular format. what is a good size (Bit Rate/ Video BitRate/ Frame Rate Audio BitRate All video will be in MP4 and full screen
  40. A

    audio media player/TV

    I have connected a micca spec media player via an HDMI cable to the samsung 1080 TV. the video is in a gallery and i need the audio to come out from headphones, NOT from the TV. None of the jacks work behind the TV work to send sound to headphones. where do i plug the audio 3.5mm of...
  41. P

    Need help setting up home theater

    Well, this may be a lot to take in, but this is the scenario. We have an old sony DVD amplifier that we bought back in 2008, which is on the verge of breathing its last, and I might as well use the 5.1 speaker system that works fine (I have tested on other sources). We have a three story...
  42. P

    Can't make Media Player play through Speakers?

    I have done all the troubleshooting I can do. My speakers are functional through volume tests, and are the only Playback Device under "Sound". The speakers play all Windows sounds perfectly and play perfectly when I am online. We are trying to watch a DVD using Windows Media Player, and all I...
  43. a cooperator

    Media Players couldn't play a .MKV file

    Hi Everyone! I have downloaded a .MKV file from internet, and it has file size of 35.7 MB. When I had tried opening it with some of Media Players, such as Movie and TV, this error "Cannot play because the items's file format isn't supported" was shown. Windows Media Player, this error "Windows...
  44. 2

    My computer starts typing on its own.

    My computer starts typing 1 and 0 everywhere I go. (any Internet page, or in-game chat). It keeps opening Windows Media Player and Windows Explorer. This happened only once, 5-6 days ago and I thought it's gone but it isn't. Anyone can give me some tips?
  45. R

    Media player freezes as well as my keyboard exits out

    My media player freezes over and over.and my keyboard will exit while typing.ive tried restarting my phone and everything else I can do
  46. M

    How to play all kind of video formats in car CD player?

    My car CD Player / media player does not play all kind of video formats. I want it to be enabled to play all kinds of video formats. What I should do to enable my car CD Player to play all kinds of video formats?
  47. M

    Replace my: VLC Media Player; for my Toshiba Media Player Satellite C855D-S5100- w/ Newly installed Windows 10

    I had just put Windows 10 on my Toshiba Laptop. After this was done, It took off everything Toshiba,(Info); including my Toshiba Media Player; That was playing very well; (Thank You), until I caught up with what they said, would be better for my Laptop computer with new updates! Now; my...
  48. D

    Solved! Wdtv media player can't recognize my drives.

    I have a WDTV media player and 3 x 2tb drives full of movies and shows. When I plug in the USB's the player only ever recognizes two of the drives. I have tried using a powered USB hub. Presumably there is too much info on the drives. I live on a boat so don't have internet to stream...
  49. P

    I want to use WMP on Windows 7 and vLC pops up and don't like the big black ugly screen

    Media player... has controls and I can interface music with it... vlc is a big black ugly screen how do i go back to windows media player... besides... vlc has taken over everything... and nobody gives out free lunches. How soon till they start demanding money?
  50. P

    Most Common File Format?

    Hope I have this in the right place. I've been working on a project and have run into a problem. I've encoded some files with Handbrake which output them as .m4v files. Is this a common file type that most devices will be able to play? I've loaded these onto a flash drive as a surprise gift, but...
  51. R

    Can and how do you split the audio from the back output and front output ports.

    I know for vlc media player you can use different output sound sources (like to tv with hdmi cable) and im wondering if you could use front and back ports for different sound sources...
  52. K

    external hard drive media player that can read 4TB drive and upscale 720 SD files to 1080 HD

    I have a WD Passport Ultra 4TB drive that I have a lot of old TV shows I've copied from my DVDs. In order to play files from that large of a drive, I had to buy a refurbished WD TV media player, which works well, but I still have one complaint. I used to be able to upscale old 720p SD files to...
  53. H

    Can I make a wired media player "wireless" if I use a usb modem stick?

    I have a Sony BDPS1700 WIRED Streaming Blu-Ray Disc Player (2016 Model). Is there any way to use this wirelessly? I have a wireless Vizio smart tv that I'm using it with. Otherwise I have to get a really long ethernet cord to go from the modem back to the media player(it's not near my computer...
  54. G

    Media player not working

    Media player in asus laptop does not work since installing windows 10
  55. N

    VLC and WMP conflicts?

    I use Windows Media Player to test our holiday video/audio compilations (WMP is the only player my friend has). Apart from that use case, I myself prefer VLC. My current problem began when I tried to play an MP4 file via WMP -- which it couldn't. I then tried to play it in VLC. The status bar...
  56. A

    Help with Android tv box and receiver

    Greetings, I have an Android TV box (T95x) and can't get it to work with my Pioneer receiver (VSX-330). Previous setup: Cable box to receiver via HDMI. Blue Ray to reciever via HDMI Xbox to receiver via HDMI One HDMI connecting receiver to TV. TV set on HDMI 1, I just had to change the source...
  57. S

    Is it just VLC Media Player is capable of streaming media over the local network? Or is there any other?

    Is it just VLC Media Player is capable of streaming media over the local network? Or is there any other?
  58. J

    will increasing my acer aspire 1gb to 2 gb make video playback better from saved hardrive files. It is jumpy at the moment. I

    Slow video playback from saved files via media player and vlc. Would upgrading from 1gb to 2gb of ram help?? THANKYOU
  59. ebmurray21

    Best media player

    Besides the notable VLC what would you recommend as a media player? thanks in advance
  60. G

    how to get sounds from headphones with epson video projector and micca player

    I am using a Micca digital media player and flash drive for a video with an Epson EX 7230 video projector. I want to hook up headphones. We tried using the proper cable (male to female etc) but no sound comes out. Do I need to download some software? Is there another easy way to do this? I have...