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    How to Download Movies on Netflix

    Downloading movies or shows on Netflix is a great way to watch your favorite content when you’re offline. Netflix comes to your rescue when you are on the go, or have a long plane ride where there’s no internet or has to be paid for. Here you can download choose movies on to watch later. The...
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    How to Get Better Movie and Show Recommendations in Netflix

    The recommendations provided by Netflix influence what you watch. On most occasions, the recommended content receives the highest number of hits. They are personalized to your viewing choices and history, driven by learning algorithms, and therefore differ from user to user. Having a better set...
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    Trying to watch a movie on REC Tablet need to set size

    how do I set cover size to watch a movie. I get message to set size to medium or full size to swipe, set to normal in setting
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    How to Fix If When Netflix Loads but Won’t Play

    Netflix has a massive library with movies and shows of varied genres, and playing any of the content is easy. But there are times it fails to play, even when Netflix itself is loading just fine and you can browse through the library. Even after reloading and signing in, the problem rarely gets...
  5. M

    How do I use fiest generation fire tv box with projector and get audio when movie is playing

    Connected fire tv box via hdmi to projector. Video works fine, movie trailers on Amazon Prime work fine, including Audio. When I select movie to play the video works fine, but no audio. Projector has it's own external speaker that is wire connected or Bluetooth. Used wire connected
  6. J

    Freezing and making a funny sounds

    When I am watching a movie it freezes up and make a funny noise what can I do
  7. C

    Moviies downloaded from phone to tv

    Can i watch movies downloaded on my phone using the usb port on my Magnavox tv
  8. N

    How do I connect my iPhone to my vizio smart tv to watch movies

    I never knew how to do this because it is so complicated to me
  9. C

    Laptop for 3D modelling

    I want to buy this laptop for 3D animation and movie editing. Is it worth buying. Please help me, my budget is about $1000 to $1300...
  10. T

    Samsung galaxy s4 wont turn on for no reason

    I was watching movies on my samsung galaxy s4. It was dying as I was falling asleep. When i woke up I plugged it in and hours later when i checked on it, it still would not turn on. i have already tried to factory data reset or boot it up in safe mode but it didn't seem like my phone had enough...
  11. F

    UHD Movies with Grainy Image

    Hi, I've been noticing, some of my UHD movies are Grainy and some of them are crystal clear, can anyone tell me why? And I'm talking about latest movies here, some examples are below Grainy Image 1) Downsizing 2) Jurassic World 2015 Crystal Clear Image 1) Pacific Rim Uprising 2) Guardians of...
  12. L

    Looking for movie channel

    Av2 mine say hdmi1 and hdmi2 and other things but its not showing me what channel
  13. M

    ZenPad s8s stopping music and movies after 10 minutes

    I have a Verizon Zeppad S8s and it will not play music continuous. It doesn't matter where the music is from. I use both side is, Pandora, and Spotiify. Sometimes it starts back up on its own, but most of the time I have to restart it. The issue is also with playing movies. I use VLC player. I...
  14. S

    handbrake DTS vs Dolby

    I am having some issues playing audio on my Nakamichi Shockwafe 9.2 system.  When playing blu-rays off the disc, I have noticed that everything plays fine throughout all the speakers (cyberlink with uncompressed audio) and the soundbar will read Dolby D or DTS depending on the movie. However, I...
  15. T

    I can’t find my answer, I was watching some movie with my phone memory card but from it won’t read .

    I using flash drive and put memory cards in it and was watching movie at tv now it can’t appear now
  16. B

    Solved! Only Jaws movie (digital and dvd) not playing sound through home projector

    I have a home projector we use for outside movies. We downloaded the movie Jaws and were able to use our fire stick to play the movie except there was no sound. We tested with other movies etc and no problems. So we then bought the dvd from the store thinking it was a problem with the digital...
  17. henrytcasey

    I Ditched MoviePass for Sinemia, and I Really Like It

    Here's what I learned by testing Sinemia, a cheaper alternative to MoviePass. I Ditched MoviePass for Sinemia, and I Really Like It : Read more
  18. D

    can i watch my movies on my iphone to my tv

    i want to hook my iphone to my tv and it play
  19. G

    The Biggest Trailers of Comic-Con 2018

    From Titans to The Walking Dead, we've got every SDCC 2018 trailer you need to see. The Biggest Trailers of Comic-Con 2018 : Read more
  20. R

    I need a TV mostly for playing movies from USB stick, confused!?

    Hi I'm trying to help my mu buy a TV, and it's a real minefield, there are so many! I was hoping someone could help me narrow it down... I don't need 4k, but would like 1080 FHD It will be used 95% of the time for playing movies off a USB stick or HDD, so it needs a USB socket and preferably...
  21. N

    I used older version of bittorrent and I could play the movies but then later I reset my phone so my older version was gone an

    I used older version of bittorrent and I could play the movies but then later I reset my phone so my older version was gone and I had to download the new version and after that whenever i download the movie it isn't playing in my player and I have tried vlc and mx player still it isnt playing...
  22. W

    can't see movies on line

    nothing happens when i go to a movie on 123movies on line
  23. G

    The 10 Best Marvel Cinematic Universe Sidekicks

    From Bucky to Wong, here are our favorite sidekicks in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The 10 Best Marvel Cinematic Universe Sidekicks : Read more
  24. E

    Solved! CyberLink Power DVD 18 Ultra Blu Ray Playback issues

    Whenever I'm watching a blu ray movie using cyberlink powerdvd 18 ultra, sometimes playback will stop in the middle of the movie with this error message "CyberLink PowerDVD could not read a file on this disc, playback will stop" and the movie just stops playing. Sometimes it won't even load the...
  25. A

    Confused if I can get 5.1 audio from the components I am buying.

    So I am finally making the jump to 4K HDR movies for the family in the living room. We don't have much to spend so that is reflected in the components below. For some reason, I am having a hard time figuring out if I should go with a cheap soundbar or the 5.1 system I have linked down below. I...
  26. G

    Play movie DVD in hisense tv

    Which input to p lay DVD on hisense tv
  27. S

    Need a suggestion for Gaming/Movie headphones

    Hello guys. For the last time i have been searching for new headphones since my hd598 cs do not impress me anymore. I am playing some games like Fortnite, Rust , league of legends, and some FPS games for like 40% of my time on the pc I also watch a lot of videos and movies with female voices...
  28. B

    How to find where I enter vizio code on my Amazon account

    I have Amazon prime i want to watch videos and movies on my vizio tv..when I go to app it gives me a code to enter and n my Amazon account...I find on my account where I i am to enter
  29. A

    Speaker for gaming/movies : 2.1 PC speaker vs bluetooth speaker

    i'm considering to buy a speaker for my PC. Mostly for gaming and watching movie, so i need the surround fx. I don't have high budget , it may under $200 - $250. So i watch some good review of 2.1 speaker in that range of price to be best for gaming like : logitech g650 or z625 or harman...
  30. L

    Need to download movies from laptop to my Amazon tablet ,s CD micro card

    Wish to download more movies,Tv shows from my laptop to my Amazon tablet,s micro CD
  31. G

    15 Most Cringe-Worthy Moments in Marvel Movies

    Sure, we've laughed and gasped in terror at Marvel movies, but what of the terribly awkward moments? 15 Most Cringe-Worthy Moments in Marvel Movies : Read more
  32. M

    What's the best computer to watch shows or movies from the internet

    Want to watch TV via a computer or laptop through the internet.
  33. C

    help choosing a projector

    hi i want a projector for movies and my switch i going to project from a 5 to 7 feets away from screen over a table i just check some short throw optoma for my budget but the resolution is less than 1080p is worth to get that or i have to save more money and get that
  34. H

    Can I play music and stuff through all 5 of my speakers?

    Basically what I want is to listen to music or watch movies and stuff with my 5.1 speaker setup but I want the sound to come through all 5 of my speakers (and the sub). I don't want to play it in surround sound, I just want to duplicate the sound to all 5 of my speakers so it comes out them all...
  35. G

    We Ranked All 19 Pixar Movies from Worst to Best

    Just in time for Incredibles 2, we've ranked every Pixar movie, figuring out what's worth streaming and what can wait. We Ranked All 19 Pixar Movies from Worst to Best : Read more
  36. M

    Couldn't play movies on Android phone from SD card!

    I have a 64GB SD Card (Class 10). In order to get movies onto it, I have to format it as NTFS. However, once I put the SD card in my phone, it doesn't seem to recognize the NTFS format and reformats it back to FAT32 and removes anything that was loaded on the SD card. Anyone find a way around this?
  37. J

    Download movies to sd card to watch movies without internet

    How do i download movies to my sd card so i can watch movies without internet
  38. D

    Solved! Lenovo turned off and wont turn on

    I was watching movie lenvo lapton turmed off couple of times and now it wont turn on . I did all the tips i read . But still it wont turn on and charger red light wont ligh up
  39. babi1987

    Laptop for productivity and occasional gaming

    Hi I have been in the lookout for a laptop for productivity, movies and occasional 1080p games. Will this suffice -Asus Tuf gaming FX 504 GE with Core i5 8300H,8 gb ram, 128 gb ssd,1050ti.
  40. P

    HP laptop 14-bs538tu

    My laptop hang freeze distorted sound when playing movies 2-3 hours