Question Gaming headset or regular headset?


Jul 31, 2011
So, I'm looking for a new headset.

I need it to be wireless and have bluetooth. I want to use it for gaming, and will also play games where I would like to get a good sense of direction. And I also want to connect them to the TV for movies etc. I recently suffered from hearing loss and would like to connect the headphones to the TV with bluetooth and run that sound seperately from the regular TV sound (which is possible on my TV).

Should I go for a gaming headset with bluetooth, like the steelseries arctic pro?
Or perhaps a regular headset like the Sony 1000-WM3?

They are similarly priced in my country (Norway) at the moment.

Or do you have other suggestions...?


The Sony's are OK but their strength is the noise canceling. Do you need that or a built in mic?

Sennheiser HD 450BT is an option also for cheaper, they have low latency so would be OK for TV. Keep in mind that you will have some audio lag on the TV with bluetooth.
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