Question Reversed directional audio when gaming.

Oct 11, 2023
This probably has nothing to do with games but rather something to do with my hearing capabilities but so far the opposite hearing ability has been strictly related to FPS games.
Ever since I started playing first person shooters, all the sounds that I hear are being perceived as opposite one another, meaning the sounds that come from the right side sounds like the come from the left, and vice versa. For example the footsteps of other players in games like Battlefield or Counter Strike coming from the right side of my character, my brain is interpreting as coming from the left. This has many times caused me to look the opposite direction of the enemy player and therefor got me killed. The first thing I do is turn the headphones around.
I've had probably 10 computers and more headsets than that. I've played on others computers and their headsets and every time I have to turn the headsets to the incorrect side as to what is label R for Right and L for Left.
In the real world I can hear stuff just as probably most of you do, left is left and right is right, no doubt.
This is ofcourse a minor "issue" in my life, sure it has caused me to break some microphones attached to the headset in order to get the microphone close to my mouth, but it's rather interesting and I would like to ask you reddit gamers if you have ever encountered another person with the same ability/disability.
I would also appreciate if anyone has knowledge of some hardware/software that can reverse the sound that comes out.
Please, anyone? Or am I alone and unique in regard to this?