Opinions on what Open Back headphones to use for gaming

Dec 27, 2018
This is my first thread so please forgive any mistakes in etiquette I make.
I'm considering buying a set of open back headphones to use for both music and gaming along with an external mic (fifine mic on amazon, a blue snowball, or modmic business).My history of gaming headsets has been: Corsair Void Pro, then Astro a50, then the Sennheiser game One. I realized that I enjoy the open back experience but feel like the Game ones were lacking when I used them for music.

The headphones will be used at a desktop when used for music, and on both desktop AND ps4 for gaming. My options and prices are as follows in CAD:

Audio Technica AD700x ($100)
Beyerdynamic DT990 Pro ($150)
Sennheiser HD6XX ($230)
Sennheiser HD598 Cs I know they are closed back but like the sound ($80)
Stick with my Game One

I realize that some of these will need a DAC and am considering a sub $70 CAD DAC.

Please provide your opinions or recommendations at this budget along with why, the HD6xx are slightly over budget but I feel they may be worth it.
Also, the games I play are: open worlds like the witcher and red dead, and then online gameplay on fortnite(need directional sound), and CS GO.
Thank you.

Deleted member 217926

None of the above. I'd get the HD599. Same comfort and driver as the 598 but retuned with a bit better bass. I've had the old ivory HD598s for almost 8 years and I still use them for gaming. They're about ready for their second set of replacement pads.

The HD6XX is 'better' but for music I only like my HD650s as well as my HD600s when they're hooked to a relatively expensive amp and DAC and even then I mostly like the HD600 better except with certain stuff. You can game with the 650/6XX but they're a little laid back. The 599 will be more comfortable ( much lighter and less clamp ), more exciting, have better soundstage and they require less of an investment in an amp/DAC chain.

Some people love the DT990s but they hurt my ears. Way too bright. I don't have any experience with the Audio Techicas.