Question Sennheiser Game One upgrade


Mar 27, 2017
I've had a pair of Sennheiser Game One for 3 years now and i love them but i feel like i want to upgrade to something more. I use them mainly for gaming (all kinds of games like: League of Legends, WoW, CS:GO, Warframe) and also a lot of listening to music (also all kinds of music) I am playing on an Asus G750JZ laptop and i don't have a dac or amp. This brings me onto my next question, is it even worth buying a new headset/headphones with external mic or should i just get a dac/amp to improve the sound quality of my Sennheiser's? Also i don't have a preference between open and closed-back headphones, it's quiet where i live so it doesn't matter, but as i've been using open-back for 3 years now and FPS games require more soundstage i think the choice is obviously going to be open-back?
Waiting for suggestions.


The Game One is based on the HD558 and isn't really going to improve much from an amp and DAC. To get 'better' sound without also upgrading your source you could look at the HD599 or the Philips Fidelio X2. Both are easy to drive and both are an upgrade to your Game One.

Beyond that you also need an amp. My favorite all arounder is the AKG K712 Pro. It's hard to drive though despite the 62ohm impedance. It NEEDS an amp.
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