Question Need help deciding what to buy as an upgrade to shp9500


Sep 20, 2017
Looking for a new pair of headphones to replace my shp9500s (open-back only).

I mostly use them for gaming, currently connected to a v-moda mic, no amp/dac (don't want to get one either). Other than gaming, I listen to 70's rock, modern pop and some electronic as well.
I love balanced headphones, and really like the sound signature of my 9500s - most important for me is soundstage and imaging I guess.
Considering upgrading because I really hate how poor their build quality is - sound improvements are welcome as well of course!
Preferred site to buy from is Amazon, due to easiest way to deal with customs when shipping to Israel (literally twice the price if I buy anything local). I'd like to keep it under 200$ - not including shipping. Closer to 150$ but can go up a bit if something is worth it.

I've considered X2HR, but some folks said they are not worth the money. Thought about 58x from massdrop but people say they are bad for gaming. Considered dt990 but people said the treble is horrible. I'm kind of frustrated with it right now.

Thanks for reading.

EDIT: Ended up getting DT 880 paired with Fiio E10k.
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X2HR are definitely worth the money but what you like would depend on you, it's not easy to pick out things like audio equipment without actually trying things. What was wrong with your SHP9500 build? I own a pair and no issues at all, probably the most comfortable headphone I own.
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