Looking for headphones under 50$ for music and gaming


Dec 31, 2017
I'm looking for closed back headphones with a good sound and isolation and i'm going to add Zalman ZM-MIC1 to them. I have motherboard with Realtek ALC887. I mainly play Cs:go and WoW and i listen to rock, pop and metal.
I was thinking about ATH-M20X, AKG K72, JVC HA-RX700-E and Samson SR950.
Whitch one should i buy or maybe you have different recommendations?
I was also thinking about simply buying HyperX Cloud Stinger
(I live in Poland so prices might be different)


Dec 31, 2017

I don't think they are available in Poland and I don't like the designs


I'm using the ZM-Mic1 with the samson SR850 semi-open and they are awesome - also have the JVC HA-RX700 which are great bass cans, BUT they use a ported-vent to get the good bass response so as a result they are not very isolating.

No experience with the other models aside from reading reviews, I recall reading about the k72 being really shoddy but didn't hear that about the SR950 or the M20X. You would think the M20x isolates better since it uses leatherette pads vs the velour pads on the 950, but then again the 850 is very comfortable with the velour... Maybe choose isolation over comfort, or vise-versa. Also have to note, the HARX700 does get a bit warm for me, where the SR850 keeps cool with the velour. Absolutely prefer the velour for long sessions.

That being said, I came across these which may be of interest - Brainwavz Hybrid Memory Foam Earpad which use leatherette on the outside, and velour on the inside, and memory foam as the padding... best of both!
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