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    F6000U 5.1 Speakers connection to MSI 970a G43 motherboard ?

    Hello, I have MSI 970a G43 motherboard and F6000U 5.1ch home theatre, I want to connect to the motherboard for 5.1 surround sound, How should i connect it ? I have also attached the port image below Speaker Motherboard
  2. P

    HP Probook 640 G3 Laptop

    What could be the problem when the mother board has been replaced on an HP 640 G3 and no power?
  3. P

    Laptop Motherboard Replacement

    Hi I have an Asus K53SC that I need to replace the motherboard on. I disassembled it and discovered that the motherboard says K53SV. I'm not sure if it is original or not. it My question is, must I buy the exact one I had, or can I buy one that is for a more expensive model in the same series...
  4. D

    Motherboard replacement hp pavilion 15-e015tx

    Hi all I have a 2014 hp pavilion 15-e015tx for which hp store has diagnosed as failed motherboard. They are charging 15k INR for replacement. I need to know if it cna be done by third party, or may be i can order it and replace myself. What would be compatible motherboard for the same?
  5. W

    ASUS Ultrabook S500CA Motherboard Replacement Confusion

    Hello, Tom's Comm, It's been awhile. Thanks in advance for trying to help me out, especially as what is going on here is some confusion on what the manufacturer is putting in the thing. Before I get into this, I will say that I do have desktop experience--I build my own boxes and OC--but am in...
  6. Y

    have a slow netbook how can i speed it up?

    hi, I know its a weird question to ask but I got a netbook from my uncle as a gift..... but the problem is that it is really slow and it is running on windows 10 (which I kinda like....) see I'm a power user I have high end gaming pc with nvme m.2 ssds ..... but I really need a laptop / netbook...
  7. I

    Static shock freezing PC

    I use a blanket while im on my pc. When i move, the blanket is all static-y and I can feel a light shock in my ears while im wearing my earbuds. When it does this, my pc freezes and I have to force restart it. The motherboard has all its stand off screws and the PSU is mounted correctly too so...
  8. U

    Vaio VPCF1 battery and CPU issues

    Hi guys! New on here, I have for a couple of years now a Sony Vaio VPCF1. For a long time now I have some problems with it but now I want to fix it. The first problem is, when I use the laptop, it MUST be plugged with the AC adapter, if I unplug it, the computer shut down immediatly, like the...
  9. S

    Dell Latitude 5580, motherboard's 40 pin edp for 4K display

    My mission is to replace FHD matrix with new one - 4k display. On motherboard i see 40 pin edp, but the maximum available choice for this laptop is FHD-touch (currently i have 30 pin FHD-non-touch). But i'm afraid that this 40 pin edpt on motherboard not intended for 4k , bur for fhd- 30 pin...
  10. K

    Looking for headphones under 50$ for music and gaming

    I'm looking for closed back headphones with a good sound and isolation and i'm going to add Zalman ZM-MIC1 to them. I have motherboard with Realtek ALC887. I mainly play Cs:go and WoW and i listen to rock, pop and metal. I was thinking about ATH-M20X, AKG K72, JVC HA-RX700-E and Samson SR950...
  11. R

    Will ddr3 ram work with a ddr4 motherboard

    I have 8gb ddr4 ram installed on my motherboard right now but i want to upgrade to either 16 or 32 gb of ddr3 memory. Ive heard ddr3 dosent work on ddr4 motherboards. My motherboard is a msi b250 pro vd
  12. N

    headphones not working

    i recently upgraded my motherboard and cpu and have windows 10 installed and everything was working fine but my headphones are not working suddenly. i have the drivers installed and my pc detects that the audio and mic jack is connected but no sound is coming through, i have checked on my phone...
  13. T

    Solved! Home theatre solution

    How can I get Dolby digtial sound from my motherboard which is gigabyte h61m s1 my home theatre has a optical in but my motherboard didn't have a optical out it has a 3.5mm output only can we add a sound card or what to get 5.1 output pls help......
  14. O

    Gigabyte Fusion and App center not working properly

    Hi guys. Why does my RGB fusion not working properly? I dont have the option to set my other RGB fusion compatible components? I can only control my motherboard. And the APP Center is a pain in the ass, it keeps on spamming "This driver cant release to failure!" And lagging my computer like...
  15. W

    Extreme Lag With Gaming Laptop After Motherboard Change

    Hi, I’m sorry in advance for this very long explanation, but its needed to help you understand/approach my question. I bought an Asus gaming laptop in December 2017 (Asus GL503VM). It had sound issues from the moment I bought it, so when I had the chance, I took it to the Asus Service Center...
  16. C

    Subwoofer not producing sound when connected to motherboard (Yamaha YSTFSW050BL Subwoofer)

    Hello, So Ive recently bought a subwoofer (Yamaha YSTFSW050BL Subwoofer) to connect to my pc. I already have my LOGITECH Z200 Multimedia 2.0 PC Speakers connected (which come with 1 3.5mm audio jack for both speakers) The sub has 2 slots on the back, one labelled input and another labelled...
  17. A

    Power switch lights up but doesn't power on.

    I bought a used Lenovo with cheap, Chinese components inside like the motherboard and wires. It came with a trashy motherboard, dvd rw, an i5 4340, cpu fan and 8Gb of ram. I received a GTX 480 and a Corsair case for christmas to make my 2nd PC a decent gaming PC. All of the parts are in the case...
  18. J

    Will buying ONLY a new screen fix my laptop?

    I have this laptop a friend gave me and it's already not worth THAT much but he wants me to fix it. Ive never replaced a screen before but I'm confident I'll figure it out. What I'm not sure on is if replacing the screen is the ONLY thing I need to do to fix on it. I hooked up a second monitor...
  19. J

    fix laptop not powering on

    hey. my laptop model is asus a43sj. the laptop is not showing any signs of power (no leds no fan no dvd). I can measure a 3v across the motherboard on ICs pins. the circuit in the images attached to the motherboard is the power button. I tested the led in it and its working fine but its not...
  20. E

    Asus x202e motherboard change, display issue

    Hi guys, i didnt understand whats wrong pls help me. I replaced motherboard of my old asus x202e, it works and boot with external display when internal lcd not connected. if i plug lcd cable to motherboard socket, it not boot up even external screen connected. What can be wrong i did properly...
  21. A

    No display from GPU

    Hi, I recently build my first pc and the first problem that I encountered was that there was no display input when the GPU was plugged in. As soon as I would disconnect the GPU everything will work fine, the pc booted to bios and then windows. Pc specs : Asrock 880GMH/U3S3 motherboard AMD...
  22. HAMMAD1900

    lenovo y700 Motherboard compatibility

    Hello, The motherboard of my lenovo y700 died during a routine cleanup so i have to get a replacement one. The options i have is ...
  23. R

    DT 990 Pro Sound Card?

    I bought the dt 990 pro 250 ohm headphones and my motherboard is the z170 pro gaming that supports up to 300ohm headphones. The sound is very low, my Crystal Audio BT-01 headphones produce more sound. Now my question is, I love listening to music and playing games. Will the sound card...
  24. S

    looking for my motherboard type and price

    Hello I have two questions and i hope i get a clear answers, and thanks in advance. Frist my toshiba satellite s50 A 10W, doesn't turn on ( the power ) so i sent it to a local center and he told me the following, the laptop turn on for a few minutes and the cpu start heating then shut down, so...
  25. T

    Windows tablet with unnamed motherboard (vero w82i is the name of the device)

    Hello all!! I have a problem with my windows 10 tablet, it won’t turn on or do anything at all, I have tried everything I found online in my research but to no effect(disconnect battery, volume buttons etc.) the only thing that gives me hope is that the motherboard feels kinda warm meaning it’s...
  26. S

    RGB Fusion Perfomance issue

    My RGB fusion on my motherboard (z390 elite) paired with corsair vengeance rgb pro lags. Music mode is also doesnt work and is stuttery. Any fix?
  27. E

    Laptop won't turn on (No fan spinning , No screen)

    Hi everybody! I have an ASUS X540LJ laptop for 2 years and some days ago I tried to apply some Thermal paste (HT GY260) and after I tried to turn it on it didn’t! (I’m not a newbie in computer and I’m absolutely sure I haven’t touched or broke anything on motherboard) Here are some other...
  28. J

    Need help with new mic

    First of all, I'd like to point out that I am a total novice when it comes to this sort of stuff so I probably won't understand any technical jargon. Basically, I purchased a Neewer NW-700 mic the other day (cheap and most of the youtube videos and reviews seemed to be positive for a beginner...
  29. T

    I need help about my motherboard

    Hello I have question. I'm going to buy a Oculus rift and I'm wondering can I use pcie USB 3.0. my motherboard is MSI H81M-p33. I don't know if it is 1x 1.0 or 1x 2.0. or just buy USB hub that will work with Oculus ?
  30. H

    MSI gt 70onc mb questions

    I have a msi gt-70onc that is dead. No charge no power. After testing i suspect the motherboard is bad. I see many boards listed on eBay bit the picture show ms17621 v1.0 where my board is a rev 1.1. Does anyone know what is different between these 2 boards? Will bios upgrades from the 1.1 work...
  31. E

    Please help me. I deleted my microphone drivers and looked everywhere for my Asus PRIME B450M-A microphone drivers.

    I cannot find any mic drivers for my Asus PRIME B450M-A Motherboard. I uninstalled it because my microphone was not working; however, I am not sure how to get it back.
  32. S

    Acer V5 573PQ motherboard and back-lit keyboard swap into replacement V5 572PQ; and freezing issue.

    Got two Acer v5, 572PQ with 1.80 GHz (flat I think) and 573PQ with a 1.80 GHz overclock speed of 2.40 GHz and close to double the frequency rate. The first is an I5 replacement and later is an I7 broken digitise, hinges and casing. So the I7 is in a broken computer, and I5 in the replacement...
  33. T

    Laptop CPU or motherboard issue?

    Hello so I have a dell vostro 1520 and I was wondering what was wrong with it because when I turn it on the lights come on but no display so I looked at the manual and it says that its a system board error, but I am unsure if its a mobo or CPU issue as on the manual it says both. So how do I...
  34. gijoe50000

    Hdmi audio to Home Theater

    I've got a home theater arriving in the mail soon and I'm just wondering which HDMI port to use. The motherboard z97 Deluxe, or the gpu 1080ti? Or does it even make a difference? I've always ignored the HD audio drivers that come with gpu drivers, so I'm not sure if this is what they're...
  35. A

    BIOS not showing any boot menu

    I've HP245 g5 laptop yesterday I've converted my hdd's partition scheme to GPT. And after that also it was working fine but today when I tried to boot my laptop it just show "3f0" error and says "install the os". I's unable to boot and also when I tried to boot from a bootable pendrive it is not...
  36. M

    Z370 Integrated sound chip noise

    I recently installed an Aorus Z370 Gaming WIFI Rev 1 motherboard with a 9600K. It has a sound blaster chip installed in the motherboard used for onboard audio. The motherboard has multiple outputs for a 5 channel configuration. I have my headphones plugged into the headphones channel and there...
  37. R

    HELP Toshiba Satellite M840-A761

    Hello I have Toshiba Satellite M840-A761 Ci7 3612QM - 4 GB DDR3 - AMD HD Radeon 7760M It was working without a battery (plugged in Direct from the charger) The electricity have been turned off and when it came back, the laptop is (Dead) Tried another charger and nothing happened Took it to a...
  38. R

    Mystic Light Sync Not Functioning Properly

    I recently built a new PC with the hopes of a fully synchronized build. However, the Mystic Light Sync software seems to be having issues differing based on the version. When I use the version packaged with my board, Mystic Light Sync, it seems to work normally. However, when I hit the...
  39. I

    Graphics Card wont read my monitor

    So, I have a double monitor computer. It was starting to collect too much dust inside so I decided to clean it carefully. I removed everything, including the motherboard, and put it back properly. I turned it on and it was booting normally, but later on I found out that only 1 of my monitors was...
  40. R

    HP Omen laptop with GTX 1050ti stuck in power up cycle

    Hello, A few days ago I upgraded my HP Omen for 12 GB of ram to 24 GB of ram. The installation went smoothly and for several days it has worked perfectly. However last night I was rendering some models in AutoDesk Maya, when the laptop shutoff. When I tried to turn it on, the fans and the hdd...
  41. jumbo_trucker

    Aspire -- LED -- Motherboard -- 10 secs

    Hello, I have a portable ACER ASPIRE E1-572G does not start when the power cord has blown, so I changed it but the same does not start. Pressing the power button does not hear any beeps, and LED 7 (blue) which should be the ignition one...
  42. S

    High pitch sound coming from mobo line out.

    Hello, so there is no audio coming from the motherboard line out just a high pitch constant noise the loudness change if i change the volume it starts as soon as i boot, at first i though it was the speaker but it also occurs on my headphones and other working speakers as i stated there is no...
  43. W

    My cameras keep freezing

    I have a problem I'm hoping someone can help me with. I recently added the logitech brio 4k 60fps webcam to my setup for creating content on Youtube. I also have an Elgato CamLink for my Canon SL2. The problem I'm having is when I try to run the cameras at max settings, meaning 4k, my camera...
  44. K

    MS-1763 laptop motherboard BIOS problem

    Hi, I have an MS 1763 model motherboard laptop. The GTX870M video card installed on the motherboard but does not normally appear in the device manager, it appears as a hidden device. I installed graphic card driver and restart laptop but however in the device manager it says "this device cannot...
  45. I

    Help with hooking up sub woofer to computer

    I recently bought some new computer speakers and I wanted to add in a sub woofer. I'm not familiar with sound systems at all so I was hoping to get some help. I'm going to link the speakers and my motherboards sound card. I'm just wondering what wires are needed to hook everything up correctly...
  46. I

    Solved! Dissapointing 5.1 Surround in Windows 10

    Hello, this is my first time using surround sound basically, and with a PC. Please bear with me if I left out some info. My motherboard is capable of up to 7.1 surround sound. Currently I am trying to use it for 5.1. I have a 5.1 speaker set. Using Windows 10 Home Speakers: BeFree Sound 125...
  47. P

    How get Windows 10 to recognize headphone

    My laptop just came back with a new mother board. It does not recognize an earphone or any external speakers. What can I do?
  48. E

    I built a new PC and my audio jack doesn't work, it's not detected

    So basically the audio jacks won't work, the one on the case and the line out on the motherboard. I've been in the device manager and the sound playable thing and it's not there. It's like they don't exist. I've been trying to fix it for a week now but nothing I find online is working. I can...
  49. I

    Need help with Sennheiser game zero.

    Hello, Today i've just received my Sennheiser G4ME ZERO. I've heard a lot of good things about it, and struggled a lot to choose between this one and the Hyper X Cloud Revolver S, but I chose this one. So, I connect it to my pc, and i'm like : This really sounds horrible. Now, i'm looking to...
  50. Y

    Dell Inspiron 15 7000 Gaming - NO POST - Only fans and keyboard lights on but no video

    Today I tried to reset my Windows 10. After it was done, I got stuck in a loop trying to input the region settings, so what I did was manually force a shut down and try to reset it again, once again a simple reset. The same thing happened after it was done, so this time I thought I would force a...
  51. D

    Solved! Several steam suddenly do "hard exit"

    I have no clue why, perhaps it's connected to my mouse trouble (all usb powersaving is off and got updated driver, even got logitech gaming software 9.02.65). got 16 gb ram, 12gb accesible(according to sys info) asrock a58m-e mobo ryzen 7 1800x cpu radeon rx 580 gpu and the mouse is from the...
  52. M

    Sennheiser G4ME ZERO sounds horrible.

    Hello, Today i've just received my Sennheiser G4ME ZERO. I've heard a lot of good things about it, and struggled a lot to choose between this one and the Hyper X Cloud Revolver S, but I chose this one. So, I connect it to my pc, and i'm like : What the hell is this ****?? Now, i'm looking to...
  53. M

    Solved! connecting studio monitors as 5.1 surround speakers

    hey i already have 4 monitors so i thought id only buy a center and a sub and could have a 5.1 system. the problem is that the monitors are already amplified. how can i connect them? from HDMI (gygabyte vega 64) to an adaptar (if there is something like this) or from the motherboard (asus...
  54. O

    Gigabyte software incompatibility between Gigabyte devices...

    Gigabyte RGB Fusion refuses to see my Aorus RTX 2070. I have a Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Master motherboard, and a Gigabyte Aorus Xtreme RTX2070 video card. RGB Fusion finds the motherboard and sets the LEDs just fine, but will not find the video card. Aorus Engine finds the video card, but not the...
  55. P

    unlock advanced bios

    my motherboard firmware is F.10 Rev.A insyde 20. is it possible to unlock the bios? need this due to display using intel graphics so cant record display with nvidia graphics
  56. N

    Solved! Can I fit a SSD to another computer to recover data

    I have a HP14 - ac100na that won't start, even though I have proved power to the motherboard. If I buy a similar refurbed laptop, can I insert the SSD from my old computer into the new one to recover the documents etc on it
  57. A

    Solved! Possible to use newer ROG motherboard in older case?

    I know it's a long shot, and most likely NOT possible. But, worth asking. Could I take an older ASUS ROG laptop and put in the guts from a newer system? Could that work at all, or just a pipe dream? Thanks!
  58. D

    Solved! Moto X play

    My Motorola x play with damage motherboard but phone shows the charging indicater display also damage how I can get my phone data
  59. K

    Solved! I want to design cpu circuit for laptop

    i want to design laptop motherboard with high-performance. i can't get any datasheet and reference design for cpu and asked to many companies but they don't reply to me. Can i get open source for cpu data?
  60. M

    Can replace Acer E5-473G i3 with i5 motherboard? Can has error? pls

    Can replace Acer E5-473G i3 with i5 motherboard? Can has error? pls