M6600 Died - PQ2 at Power Entry Point on MB Burned Up

Nov 28, 2018
Hello there,

The used DELL M6600 that I bought my son just two months ago died this morning. I tore it down to get the top off of the main chassie to look to where the power cable hooks to the mother board. There is a burned up surface mount chip. I am a electronics technician and might be able to repair this by replacing the chip.

How do I identify the mother board? Can I find schematics to know what type of 8 pin dip this is?

Can I attach pictures in here in order to show the mother board?



Yes you can post images.

Here is how:


And use a bright light and magnifying glass as necessary to read any notations printed on the motherboard. Revision numbers, version numbers, serial numbers, manufacturing dates, model numbers; anything you can find.

Most likely you will need that information to identify the particular motherboard in question and then find the schematics.

Or, failing that, find a replacement board via ebay or similar website.

Nov 28, 2018

First off, thank you kindly, for your reply. I was searching for schematics for the Dell 0NVY5D motherboard. All I had been finding was block diagrams call schematics, not real schematics.

This chip in question is burned up beyond reading its number. That would be an easy replacement, assuming that is all that is wrong and I could find out what it is. Chances are good I could order a few from Digikey or Mouser.

In the meantime, I got an email from the laptop refurbisher, that even though its a few days out of warranty, they will take care of it and sent me an RMA FED-EX shipping form. I re-assembled it, hopefully well enough that it doesn't look like I had it that far apart (although when I got it from them, half the screws were missing out of the bottom inside of it). So I got it back together and took it to the shipping store, paid them $16 to properly pack it and its should be on its way. We got it boxed just before FED-EX Ground showed up for their pickup.

It it wasn't for that, if I could find schematics, it might have been a fun, or fulfilling repair. That was an easy SMT part to change....if it failed on its own.

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