Laptop has power but won't turn on


Aug 15, 2016
I am currently working on an Acer Aspire E1-510P-2671 that will not power on. The charging cord is supplying power, the charging port is supplying power to the motherboard, the mother board is receiving the power, the back up watch battery (pardon my improper terminology) has power, everything is plugged in, I've tried turning it on with the battery in, with the battery out and nothing is turning on. No signs of life inside the computer and the lights on the edge of the laptop won't turn on (where it says if its on, if its charging, if its fully charged, etc). What can I check and how can I bring it back to life? Many thanks

*Note, the computer was working fully until the owner's child tripped over the charging cord and ripped it out of the charging port. The owned used it until it died as it wouldn't charge after the child tripped over it. I replaced the charging port but it still won't turn on