Solved! Extreme Lag With Gaming Laptop After Motherboard Change

Jan 27, 2019
Hi, I’m sorry in advance for this very long explanation, but its needed to help you understand/approach my question.

I bought an Asus gaming laptop in December 2017 (Asus GL503VM). It had sound issues from the moment I bought it, so when I had the chance, I took it to the Asus Service Center (in Malaysia). The first time, they claimed to have fixed the issue, but the issue persisted so I took it for a second time. They claimed to have fixed it again (they hadn’t), so I had to take it for a third time. They messaged me a few days later a telling me that they had been misdiagnosing the issue as being with the speakers when it had been a “motherboard issue” all along. They told me that they had changed my motherboard. So I went to collect it, and surely the sound was fine (and still is), but I would find out later that they had fixed the problem only to cause a bigger, more unbearable problem.

I was busy with school at the time so I didn’t have time to game, but a month or so later when I opened one of my games, I was shocked at experiencing extreme and unbearable lag on almost every single game I had, games that ran perfectly smooth on the highest graphics before this incident. I googled it and I was shocked to find out that apparently a motherboard change requires a clean install of windows, which the Asus service center did not mention to me at all. Unfortunately, I wasn’t in Malaysia anymore, but I contacted the Asus service center in North America, and they claimed that it wasn’t their responsibility at all. I have been trying to contact the Asus service center in Malaysia, but I haven’t been able to reach them, and I’m not very hopeful in getting any sort of help from them, since their customer service was terrible (given that I had to take my laptop there THREE times for them to fix a sound issue, only by causing a bigger issue).

The more I googled this issue, there were people saying that booting up windows for the first time is even difficult after a motherboard change, so I started to become skeptical as to if they had even changed my motherboard like they had claimed. So, I checked the motherboard model through command prompt, and the serial number it showed alongside the model was the same serial number my laptop initially had when I bought it. I didn’t find clear information on this online, so I’m still not sure if that means they lied to me?

Anyway. My question boils down to multiple things. How do I approach this problem? On one hand, I could try doing a clean install of windows (and lose all my programs, some licensed, in the process), but it might turn out that they never even changed my motherboard and that the issue stems from somewhere else. Whatever it is, it happened after they gave me my laptop back. So how can I be sure? Is the serial number an indicator? Did they plug something incorrectly? I have my User Benchmark results, as well as a Speccy report that I will post upon request. This issue is driving me insane, since my GAMING laptop is practically useless to me now, and Asus is completely incompetent with their customer service, so any help would be much appreciated. Thank you.
Jan 27, 2019

This is the command I used to figure out the serial number: wmic baseboard get product,Manufacturer,version,serialnumber

To clarify, the serial number that shows up here is supposed to be the Motherboard's, correct? If yes, then it is the same as the one my laptop came with. So Asus basically did something else and lied to me?



In theory, that should be the motherboard 'serial number'.
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