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  1. pancakenuker

    2070 Super: Games Crashing to Desktop/Flickering Screen

    Hello, I have a MSI 2070 super and I’ve run into a lot of issues with it recently. Every time I try to load a game I get an error and it crashes back to the desktop. The error I’ve been seeing with Apex Legends is “DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_HUNG” I also got an error with Halo: MCC which did the same...
  2. S

    Solved! Headset buzzing sound

    I recently got a new gaming pc. However, after just a week of playing on it, i have been noticing a loud buzzing sound in my headset (Sennheiser GSP 600). I have tried different headsets on my pc and they don't have the problem, and when i connected my headset to to my phone and other PCs, the...
  3. admin

    Better Than Prime Day: Take $630 Off Alienware m15

    One of our favorite gaming machines gets a steep price cut and GTX 1660 Ti graphics card. Better Than Prime Day: Take $630 Off Alienware m15 : Read more
  4. E

    Tried Everything for my headset to work

    Hello, so I recently built a gaming computer, got all the drives and that downloaded, windows 10, but I noticed my head set was working then all the sudden it stopped, I noticed I did not have Realtek Audio Manager, but all their drivers are on my pc, so I tried uninstalling all then and...
  5. K

    Dual PC audio setup

    I am using a Blue yeti USB. A Artic 5 Steel Series USB headset. Xenyx Q502 USB mixer For some reason i cannot get the gaming pc to send the audio to the streaming pc, i feel like ive watched 100 different videos, ive done exactly what im told and still the audio either does not come, or it...
  6. J

    Solved! Macbook Air 2015 As An External Monitor

    Hi, I currently have a windows 10 gaming PC with 1 monitor which uses a display port. I was wondering if I could use my 2015 Macbook Air (which has a thunderbolt 2 port) as an external monitor display connecting to my pc as a second monitor. Is this possible and if so what cables and/or adapters...
  7. W

    Solved! Extreme Lag With Gaming Laptop After Motherboard Change

    Hi, I’m sorry in advance for this very long explanation, but its needed to help you understand/approach my question. I bought an Asus gaming laptop in December 2017 (Asus GL503VM). It had sound issues from the moment I bought it, so when I had the chance, I took it to the Asus Service Center...
  8. M

    Solved! what if my mic isn't in the list of devices? the usb won't recognize it when plugged in

    this is in a new alienware gaming desktop. it worked until a couple of days ago
  9. Mike Andronico

    This Stunning Cube-Shaped Gaming PC Belongs in Sci-Fi

    The Syber Cube is an extravagant high-end gaming PC that packs tons of high-end components and RGB lights into a slick cube-shaped design. This Stunning Cube-Shaped Gaming PC Belongs in Sci-Fi : Read more
  10. T

    is this gaming pc too good to be true for the price?

    hello, im looking to buy a gaming pc on a budget, and i have never owned a pc before, so im not sure if im being scammed or not, so i was looking around and i found this awesome deal...
  11. J

    Solved! Gaming laptop help - form filled out

    1. What is your budget? My budget is $1500 CAD. I may be able to stretch it to $1600. 2. What is the size of the notebook that you are considering? 15.6" 3. What screen resolution do you want? 1920x1080 is good 4. Do you need a portable or desktop replacement laptop? I need this laptop to...
  12. S

    New pc audio help

    I recently bought a used gaming pc and I am really new to this. It has a sound blaster xbs sound card and I have a headset I used with my Xbox with one connector. Do I need to buy a headset with 2 connectors to plug into the headset and microphone ports or is there a way to make the single...
  13. MadGamerG90

    A file keep reappearing and casuing problems to my game clients

    hi guys , new here A file keep reappearing and casuing problems to my game clients. the file name is 'ZDc3Mzc5YzhiZDFiYz.exe (32 bit)' this keep reappearing after I premanently deleted it. and it causing problems to my game clients like STEAM , UPLAY , EPIC etc. I dont know what else. I cant...
  14. K

    Solved! Mic Not Working

    Hello,i have been having a problem with my Microphone(headsets) since i did a fresh install of windows on my computer,I have tried all solutions from downloading drivers from Msi website (motherboard Manufacture) too checking privacy settings,but for some reason high volume playback(like music...
  15. Z

    Solved! Is it VR Ready?

    Okay so I have a new gaming pc and I was wondering if it is VR ready. -Windows 10 -GTX 1060 6gb -i3 8100 -16gb ram -1TB storage I am not an expert in gaming pc's so that's why I ask it here. Oculus says I can handle vr but a friend says it can't handle it. I really want to play games like beat...
  16. T

    Solved! Gaming computer has performance issues with ROBLOX

    Hello. I have a desktop and not a laptop, but I hope posting in this forum is okay. I didn't know where to go for desktops, but I'm figuring one goes to the same place. Anyway, I bought the alienware aurora r7 desktop. The cpu is an i7-8700, with an Nvidia geforce gtx 1080 graphics card. I have...
  17. W

    Solved! Laptop for World of Warcraft

    Are my needs correct (below)? The budget is about 1250 Euros and I do not mind to wait for a month. 8750H, 1060 6GB, 16GB RAM, 256GB SSD, 17.3". Been told that 1060 is the minimum for comfortable FHD gaming and 3GB might be not enough. Then the GPU would need a decent CPU and 7700HQ is too...
  18. A

    Solved! Which of these gaming laptops?

    I'm looking to buy one of these two laptops. Next week they are going to be priced the same at $599. The only games I really play is the Sims 4 and it worked fine on my last computer even though it wasn't one made for gaming. I don't really know anything about computers so when looking at the...
  19. L

    Solved! Help me find a Gaming laptop (budget 1200 usd?) or convince me to get a pc if the roaches wont destroy it.

    Two options: PC or Laptop. What I want: Run new gen games at decent settings (witcher 3, nier automata, final fantasy, heavily modded games etc) Light animation and video editing. Some graphic design. Mostly Autodesk Maya/Adobe Creative Suite. Portable-ish. It can be a total brick I don't care...
  20. G

    Solved! VR in my Basement

    So I'm currently in the process of finishing my basement and had a really good idea but I have absolutely no idea how to actually go through with it. My gaming PC is currently stationed in my room upstairs, but when I have parties I would like to be able to play VR on my Vive downstairs with my...
  21. BertDeDikkerd

    Solved! How to check if headset is too loud?

    Hey guys, I play alot of games on my gaming pc but i never know what is too loud for my ears and what is not. Or how i check it, i really dont want to damage my hearing. I use the razer kraken pro v2 Do you guys have tips or can you help me? Thanks, Bert!
  22. R

    Solved! Looking for Gaming PC/Laptop model suggestions

    Gaming PC or Laptop model suggestions? Please help! $800 budget including monitor (with pc)
  23. W

    Solved! Resale value for gaming pc

    Hello., I just wanted to know the resale price of my old pc cause i want to sell it. It has: 1. 16 gb ram idk what brand 2. i5 4690 @3.5 GHz 3. Gigabyte Z97-D3H motherboard 4. Mid tower 5. SAMSUNG 860 EVO Series 2.5" 250GB SSd 6.GeForce GTX 970 7. 1TB HDD forgot brand 7200 rpm tho 8. Windows 7...
  24. W

    Solved! Whats the best and cheapest gaming pc out

    Looking for a cheap but not laggy gaming pc
  25. G

    Amazon 1-Day Gamer Sale: Up to $600 Off PCs, Monitors, Memory

    The ultimate sale for PC gamers and system builders. Amazon 1-Day Gamer Sale: Up to $600 Off PCs, Monitors, Memory : Read more
  26. F

    PC audio advice (dac/Amp vs Soundcard) and 7.1 surround sound

    First I would like to get it out there that I am in no way an audio enthusiast or claim to know all that much about audio. My experience is pretty much all from reviews and research from the last few weeks. (what I am saying is that if you give me some advice like the sound is in a V shape or...
  27. misssmith11

    Maingear F131 Review: A $10,000 Marvel of Art and Design

    The Maingear F131 offers outrageous amounts of power in a captivating chassis with an innovative cooling system, but that all costs a pretty penny. Maingear F131 Review: A $10,000 Marvel of Art and Design : Read more
  28. DanKem06

    1080 MAX Q VS Core v2 1080 ti or Titan XP

    I modified this to make things easier. Has anyone seen benchmarks for a 1080 Max Q vs a laptop using a thunderbolt external GPU dock like the Razor Core v2 or Alienware Graphics amplifier ect ect. Paired with a Titan XP or a 1080 ti. Once releasted I will hope the Core v2 might support the 2080...
  29. R

    Gaming pc av?

    Ok im getting my new gaming pc today and im wondering do i have to get a antivirus? I dont want the pc to slow down
  30. S

    What would the best gaming laptop under $2000?

    Hi all, Was hoping for some advice on what the best gaming laptop I can get for under $2000 would be. I will be mainly playing games such as PUBG and Overwatch etc.... so thought id seek some proper advice before spending any money. just wondering if anyone here had any thoughts as to which...
  31. Kcsingh

    Gaming laptop Suggestions. max 2700 Euro

    Hey guys! Normally a desktop gamer, but need a laptop that i can use when i travel and sometimes for work. I have a macbook pro 13 Touchbar and a 15" macbook pro which runs a few of the games fine, WoW and csgo, but i need a laptop that can run OW, CS, WOW, CoD, battlefied games. Last...
  32. G

    The 6 Coolest Things We Saw at Gamescom 2018

    From powerful graphics cards to exciting new games, here's the very best of Gamescom 2018. The 6 Coolest Things We Saw at Gamescom 2018 : Read more
  33. Kybz

    Best Laptop For Computer Science Student?

    I've already got a gaming pc (GTX 1080, i5-6600k) but I need a laptop for uni. I don't know what specs you need for a laptop to code on or do general studying on, so any advice would be appreciated. I've been looking at MacBooks but they're way too expensive. I would like a laptop that has...
  34. C

    Blue Yeti causing frames drop

    I built a gaming pc a few months ago and everything was working fine up until i decided to get a Blue Yeti microphone the other day. Ever since I've plugged it into my computer, it has caused a severe drop in frames that has made playing any games impossible and surfing the web a tedious task...
  35. K

    Dell g3 vs Dell Inspiron 15 5000 5577
  36. 1

    Cheap upgrade to my old pc for VR gaming

    Hey, Im looking to upgrade my old PC into a cheap VR gaming pc (yeah I know, cheap and VR done always go together well). Currently my CPU is an i3 550 and my graphics card is an AMD Radeon HD 7800 series card (2gb). I dont want to spend too much, as my new job I'm starting soon doesnt have...
  37. P

    Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080: Rumors, Release Date and Price

    Here's everything you need to know about Nvidia's upcoming RTX 2080 graphics card. Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080: Rumors, Release Date and Price : Read more
  38. C

    Gaming laptop under $1,100 usd

    Looking to buy a laptop, mainly for gaming but might also use for editing and work related stuff. $800-900 would be ideal but I can go higher if needed. I don't really care about size or weight, but would like atleast a 1050ti, 256 SSD and 1tb hdd if possible. Battery life isn't too important...
  39. P

    I need to know if a gaming computer's GPU will handle Inventor & cad work

    HP Elitebook 8740w Overheating
  40. R

    Solved! WiFi really slow on one computer

    WIFI really slow on one computer I have recently built a gaming pc and the WiFi is extremely slow on my pc, however the other computers have 20-30 Mbs/s which is what I paid to have, I’m using a WiFi adapter and I have swapped them with the other computers to see if it’s the WiFi adapter’s...
  41. 2

    Mic isn't working but it did before.

    I have an astro headset, not sure what kind specifically but it's the one that has a cord that's detachable from both ends. The computer I'm trying to use it on is an Acer Nitro 5. The mic works on my switch, but not on my laptop anymore, how can I fix that?
  42. D

    Connect Toshiba Hi-fi system to PC

    Hello , i want to connect my home audio to my gaming PC . After a research im very confused on what kind of inputs i have here ... Here is the pic of the inputs or outputs that i have . On the front i have a headphone jack and a USB .[/img] Thanks for the...
  43. P

    Solved! Pc; Tc; Theatre

    ok. yesterday i got this from a friend and this also and this would be my backside of cpu - board : asus IV crossfire formula...
  44. G

    Gaming laptop or gaming pc

    I want to buy gaming laptop maybe rog strix scar 2,but is it worth the money or just go build a gaming pc with the same budget? And how much the performance difference between both of them? Im a college student ill use it for 3d rendering maybe 24/7. Budget max $2000 since the rog scar 2...
  45. G

    Monster Hunter: World PC Release Date, System Requirements Revealed

    Monster Hunter: World hits PC August 9 -- here's what you'll need to play it. Monster Hunter: World PC Release Date, System Requirements Revealed : Read more
  46. O

    Will the ASUS FX503VM with i5 7th gen and gtx 1060 2gb be able to run an oculus rift and play tthe high end vr games

    Ive been looking to buy a gaming laptop for a while now and have decided this is the one for me and have also been wanting to start playing vr game but have been wondering will this pc be able to run them at a Good frame rate ?
  47. M

    Looking for a low budget gaming laptop

    I am new to gaming on pc and i want A laptop at around 500 that can run cs go, minecraft, terarria and fortnite i have read millions of budget gaming pc but they sucke'd so please help and i am planning to start a youtube channel.
  48. G

    How to Claim Your Free Twitch Prime Games

    Want free games? Twitch is giving some away, in honor of Amazon Prime Day. How to Claim Your Free Twitch Prime Games : Read more
  49. T

    Can I use a switch or converter for this?!

    I have an old X540 Logitech system and just got a PS4. I am by no means an audiophile but after using these for so long to play games and watch movies it just isnt the same using TV speakers for my PS4. I have an ASUS Z270E that comes with a decent on board sound card along with a PS4...
  50. D

    Can my PC run VR even at low settings?

    Hi I’m going to be building a my own gaming PC, and I was just wondering if it could run VR, even if it has to run at low settings. http://, here’s the PC build.
  51. D

    Nvidia shield portable revive

    Hey everyone. I bought a nvidia shield back when they first launched and loved it but I didn’t have a gaming pc back then so I just watched movies and played android games. But a year or 2 later, my roommate stole it. 2018 now and I have a half decent gaming pc so I bought a used shield off...
  52. D

    should i buy this?

    8.generation Coffee Lake Processor Intel® Coffee Lake Core™ i7-8750H 6C/12T; 9MB L3; 8GT/s; 2.2GHz > 4.1GHz; 45W; 14nm Chipset Intel® HM370 Express Chipset VGA 6GB VGA 192-Bit VGA 6GB GDDR5 nVIDIA® GeForce® GTX1060 192-Bit DX12 screen 15.6" Full HD 1920x1080 IPS Mat LED screen ram 16GB (2x8GB)...
  53. T

    Dual Gaming Laptop stream setup

    Hi, I am interested to set up a dual pc streaming system with 2 gaming laptops but dont want to spend the money before understanding how and it will be likely to function. First specs: Gaming PC GTX 1080 8gb vram I7-6700HQ 16GB Ram Streaming PC (my old gaming laptop) GTX570M 1.5gb vram...
  54. J

    $3k VR Build

    I have a pile of money that I'd like to spend on a gaming PC (VR and otherwise) that I could also use for other day-to-day activities. I'd like something powerful enough to run Fallout VR smoothly on good settings. I'd like it to also be reasonably quiet and easy to maintain. I prefer air-cooled...
  55. J

    I need help to choose between this 2 laptops of 1300-1600$

    Hi, Next year i'm going to the university to develop games. I need one laptop to work in class with game engines, etc. And, here is my doubt. I have a budget of about 1100-1350€ // 1299 - 1600$. I have been looking arround a tech page that we have here in spain, and i have found for that...
  56. R

    windows10 usb problem

    plz help I have a gaming PC that was made back in 2010 with some of the best of the best stuff and I just buy a new harddrive and windows 10 usb but when I go to boot from the usb it's not showing and idk what to do plz help me
  57. G

    How to Use Steam Link on Android

    Want to carry Steam games around in your pocket? Steam Link makes it possible. How to Use Steam Link on Android : Read more
  58. G

    Fortnite Solo Showdown: How to Win Up to 50,000 V-Bucks

    Here's what you need to know about Solo Showdown, a new competitive mode in Fortnite: Battle Royale. Fortnite Solo Showdown: How to Win Up to 50,000 V-Bucks : Read more
  59. G

    Fortnite Camera Locations: How to Solve the Season 4 Challenge

    Here's how to find the Fortnite camera locations for completing the game's dancing challenge. Fortnite Camera Locations: How to Solve the Season 4 Challenge : Read more
  60. I

    Will a 3.5 jack to usb adapter worsen headset quality?

    Hey all! Im looking forward to buying a pair of plantronics headphones (Rig 600) I got a beast gaming pc but the headphone and mic jacks aren't exactly broken, but they make the sound screech when anything is connected, which is awful because i can't find a solution to fixing this. So i was...