Tried Everything for my headset to work

Jan 28, 2019
Hello, so I recently built a gaming computer, got all the drives and that downloaded, windows 10, but I noticed my head set was working then all the sudden it stopped, I noticed I did not have Realtek Audio Manager, but all their drivers are on my pc, so I tried uninstalling all then and reinstalling to see if I could get the manager to appear but still nothing, my head set is the hypex flight clouds, it weird tho because when I go into the device manager on my pc it’s shows the speaker bar moving like there is sound coming through but not thought my headset, I don’t get it I’ve come close to wiping windows but there has to be a soylution to it, I’ve tried everything I possibly could, if anyone has any solutions please lmk, it’s just frustrating at this point because it’s a brand new pc and I can’t get the sound to work. Please help if anyone has any thing I don’t know of any other options I’ve tried it all
Jan 28, 2019
So I just connected my old headset and it works for some reason this head set that is not working I just recently bought like a month ago it’s wireless but doesn’t wanna work I don’t get it
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