How to check if headset is too loud?


Feb 7, 2017
Hey guys,

I play alot of games on my gaming pc but i never know what is too loud for my ears and what is not. Or how i check it, i really dont want to damage my hearing.
I use the razer kraken pro v2

Do you guys have tips or can you help me?
Thanks, Bert!



My car was reported to EPA for having a loud exhaust. Had it tested by an authorised EPA mechanic and it was 95db. 5db over the maximum limit and had to put a resonator on it to pass the test.

My phone db meter said the same 95db. So they can be accurate.



A broken clock is correct twice a day.


A phone based db meter can actually be quite accurate. Getting an accurate reading from your headphones with a phone is a different matter as there's no way to get a correct seal. That being said the simple answer is correct. If it's painful it's too loud. More days than not I spend several hours listening to music through headphones at reference levels and it hasn't hurt my hearing in the least.
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