Question Advice on buyingHeadphones

Jun 14, 2020
Hi there, I have some questions about what kind of headphones I should get. I play Valorant and CS:GO and Overwatch. I really am looking for something that would let me hear the enemies footsteps without my ears bleeding from gunfire. Another concern for them is sound bleeding. I dont neeed sound leaking out of my headset into my microphone. I used to have a pair of hifiman he4xx that were very comfortable and worked for the most part, except you could hear everything even when the headset was on someone elses head. I've used Razer in the past, owning both the kraken pro v2, and the kraken ultimate. They dont quite have what Im looking for in the are of comfort and I dont neede and headphones with a built in microphone. As you can see I have a few different Variables to consider. Was wondering if anyone had any reccommendations? Feel free to ask more questions!
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