looking to get a new headphones/set around 150 and down price tag.


Sep 26, 2017
the headset i have right now are the SHP9500, my use case are mostly Gaming/Chating.
my use case you kinda understand my use case here.

as of right now my mic is the Blue Yeti and my set are the shp9500.

my future use case will be different because i will be adding a ps4 next to my pc.
so i got myself the sound Blasterx G5 to funnel both audio source into one pair of headphones. sadly i do NOT know if its possible to use one USB device and connect it into TWO devices. one mic for both at the sametime. i can not find anything on this

so here the most simple solution is to simple buy the Boompro mic for it to connect into the g5 and the g5 into the ps4. thus i have two mics, one for my pc and the other to the console.

thing is...i kinda may want another pair of headset/phones for sake of "Better, different, or simi/close backs".

so from my search these are what i gather. follow me

the Cloud 2 are just pro 80s so if the Alpha are better than the cloud 2 than maybe they are a good pair. someone that have used any of the 3 maybe can do a comparison?

a few reasons why i would like the Alpha,

- removable cables/mics
- nice thick cables that in my case don't corel up
- headset to keeps things compact (headphones/mic combo)
- Close back, thinking of having a pair that can block sound in noising cases.

another that i eye are these

Audio-Technica ATH-WS1100iS

- removable cables, can use the boom pro mic
- close backs, same reason
- a different sound for fun when gaming

lastly the Fostex TR

man...they have all the flavors to choose from XD

again, if someone can give input or recommend headphones i dont know about it be great.
i am kinda looking for something different that shp9500...so learning towards close or simi open...but if you do recommend headset that are better than the 9500 i would listen..just i kinda dont go over 150 for a pair though.


Sep 26, 2017
Question from xraulb : "thinking of going from the SHP9500 to the X2/27 for gaming/voice chat/music listening"

you guys think...going from the shp9500 to a 350$ headphones is worth the upgrade?

this will/would be my first expensive headphones. my amp/dac is the g5 so i am pretty sure i am fine on that end.