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    Question Front panel audio jack not consistently working?

    My front panel headphone jack has been super inconsistent for a while now, so I've been using the back panel speaker jack instead, but the distance is becoming a nuisance. I've made sure both ends of the audio cable are plugged in all the way inside the PC, but even then there's still no sound...
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    Are broken keys on keyboards covered by ASUS laptop warranty?

    Hello, I was reading a review about an ASUS laptop and according to one reviewer, broken keys are not covered by warranty? This was a review for the ASUS C202 on Amazon. Could anyone confirm if this is the case?
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    Solved! Galaxy S8 Screen Protector that fits with Otterbox Commuter Case

    I bought an Otterbox Commuter Case for my new Galaxy S8 and a tempered glass full fit screen protector. But the screen protector is popped off by the case. It pushes it up slightly so that the screen is much less responsive and it feels loose. I don`t want to spend a fortune on different cases...
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    Solved! Oppo a3s case compatiblity

    Hey guys, So I’m getting a new oppo a3s and I was wondering if a iPhone case can fit it Thanks.
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    Hp pavilion Dv7 17.1 in damaged case

    Hi I have a Dv7 laptop and the case is badly damaged. It is become noisy and overheats. I cannot seem to get a case reasonably priced. Is it possible to transfer to some other case. It is an i5 processor and performs extremely well. Any ideas or suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thanks Malcolm
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    any lcd for main board

    hi guys, I have main board and I want to get lcd for it and I want to know which lcd will work on it if I have a choice, or it have to be the original one?
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    Is it harmful to leave speakers powered for a long time?

    I have a set of Marshall speakers and while most of my googling has turned up "no, but it wastes electricity" occasionally one or two people I have seen will cast doubt on this. Like, look at this.
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    Jabra 65T elite charging case

    Hey im not sure if this is the right place to ask this but i didnt find other similar threads, i recently got the Jabra 65t and i used 1 ear bud and then returned it to the case to charge (the other bud was charged in the case) and after a few hours i went to listen again and the bud i used...
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    Solved! Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus Dropped

    Hey, in a fit of rage i did the dumb thing of dropping my phone in an agressive manner on the ground which resulted in it breaking into 3 pieces, the protective case the back part of the phone case and the phone it's self. now since that happened the phone was actually still operational and...
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    Did I damage my audio CDs with my space heater?

    I have a large collection of audio CDs stored in CD storage cases under my bed. I spent about 10 to 20 minutes doing some reorganizing in the bins after I had bought some new audio CDs and ripped them to my computer. I like to keep my CD collection properly categorized and alphabetized...
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    Can I put 2.5” HDD on an SSD slot?

    I have H500p as my case and I want to upgrade my storage so I'm been wondering whether I can put a 2.5 inch HDD (from Seagate) on an SSD slot because I'm thinking of doing raid 0 set up with the two other hard drive bays. I need another HDD so I can put important documents in it without the...
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    Solved! Possible to use newer ROG motherboard in older case?

    I know it's a long shot, and most likely NOT possible. But, worth asking. Could I take an older ASUS ROG laptop and put in the guts from a newer system? Could that work at all, or just a pipe dream? Thanks!
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    Solved! Is My Samsung Achieve a 2018 Model or Not?

    I have a brief question regarding the Samsung J-3 Achieve. I'm looking for a quality hard case for it, but every place I look wants to know if it's the 2018 version or not. How would I go about finding that information? If it's any help, it's a Boost phone, and I got it about 5-6 months...
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    Remove bottom of HP 17-by0061st

    I have an HP 17-by0061st and it does not appear that the bottom comes off. It has 4 very small screws on the bottom. I can't tell if the keyboard lifts out of the case or if the case comes off of the keyboard. There is no battery door. I would like to replace the SLooooow hard drive with...
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    wanting to know about stickers i criminal case

    what are the stickers for
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    Solved! How can I save my games data for transfer to a new phone or just as a back-up?

    Using an SD card as back-up for my games. In case i buy a new phone or the phone is missing, I want to be able to restore my games without losing my ranks. A lot of net time is involved in most of my games. It would be terrible to lose rank and experience, there can be no redo's on these games...
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    Solved! nested switch case example in c programming (please help)

    Write a C code that ask the user to enter his ID, if the ID is valid it will ask the user to enter his password, if the password is correct the program will print the user name, if the password is incorrect the program will print Incorrect Password. In case of not existing ID, the program will...
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    Wireless mic question

    Hey, Would a lav wireless microphone like this here (only the mic itself and wire) work with a bodypack and system labeled with a different mhz...
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    laptop replaced with wrong motherboard model ?

    I recently had a case of a person asking me if I could repair their computer that doesn´t turned on . so I checked the computer and said that the computer had a problem on the motherboard, I gave to the person the right motherboard model to buy ... This person decided to buy the motherboard by...
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    Wireless charging and Google Pay when using Poetic Revolution case for Pixel 3 XL

    When using the following Poetic Revolution rugged case for Pixel 3 XL, will wireless charging and NFC based Google Pay work correctly?
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    Solved! Where to find a new case for my laptop?

    I have a Dell Inspiron 15 7000, I got it in 2016 but I believe it was released in 2015. I had it plugged in on my desk and the cord was stuck in the wheel of my chair. I didn't release this until I scooted back and dragged the laptop in the floor. At first, a little piece of the case around the...
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    Need to replace the entire top case that holds the screen on a Toshiba Satellite L555 laptop.

    Need to replace entire top case that holds the screen on a Toshiba Satellite L555 laptop. Screen & all other electronics work and I don't need to replace any of those. I already have the parts I need for this. I am looking for a video that shows the steps on how to do this so I don't break the...
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    Solved! Keyboard typing wrong keys

    Whenever I try to type the lower case letter U, it comes up with su I can go back and delete the s, but if I press the left arrow key it comes up with a / aswell as moving back a key I spilled juice on it yesterday, but nothing happened so I left it alone after wiping it clean
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    Best iPhone Xs Max Cases

    Don't let your $1,099 iPhone go unprotected. These iPhone Xs Max cases can keep your new phone safe in style. Best iPhone Xs Max Cases : Read more
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    Solved! best expandable laptop from 2017-2018 under 1000

    so, I was wondering, I am beginning my search, well its been about a day and a half... So, what I am searching for is, a laptop with the processor and gpu as the main focus, that has the highest expandability..... so like: additional ssd/hdd slots additional ram slots sata out slots additional...
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    Acer Aspire cracked case needs replacing

    Hello, dear TH community, recently, my Acer Aspire A515-51G plummeted down and hit the floorboards hard in an awkward position. Pictures are shown below. I'd really like this sorted out because it is not only awful to look at, but it's been recently bought as well. I'm sure my warranty won't...
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    How to split Laptop housing

    Replace existing bottom half of laptop case
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    Help with PC case fans and cooling?

    Hello everyone, I need some help here. I bought a budget micro PC case for gaming and struggle with high GPU temperatures. My GTX 1080 runs at 82 C on full load side cover closed and with the side cover opened it drops to 72C (big deal for me personally as the fans are not as crazy loud either)...
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    White spots on black aluminium laptop case

    White spots began appearing on my laptop case awhile ago. Photo: Its a HP Pavilion Power 15, and I believe parts of it are made with aluminium. I searched online and apparently its caused by sweat from my arm, which i often put on the part that now has white spots. I...
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    Solved! Can I trust pc case gear

    My son is begging me to allow him to get in to pc gaming I’ve seen a pc on pc case gear but I don’t want to waste time and money can I trust buying from them
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    Samsung Galaxy S7

    I dropped my Galaxy S7, which has a case , face down on tile floor now it won't start, it's totally black . Help!
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    keyboard not working properly

    my keyboard suddenly stopped working properly a few days ago. Certain keys wont type in upper or lower case. Seems as the shift key isn't working properly either. I went to restore it to and earlier time and found out someone (Im thinking a virus) turned it off. hmmm so i couldn't use that. I'm...
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    Is it recommended to get extended warranty in case of buying Thinkpad X1 Carbon Gen6, T480 or Yoga 920?

    Hello, it is worth for MacBook Pro users to get extended warranty. Is it recommended to get an extended warranty if I buy any of the above laptop?
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    Same problem with the previous,but in my case I left my laptop for a while with an open document and it is still running but w

    Same problem with the previous,but in my case I left my laptop for a while with an open document and still running,but when I came back the screen is all black so I thought its the auto sleep so I didn't bother but when I tried to open it it won't....I need a help...
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    Dent in laptop case, please help!

    I threw my phone across the room hoping it would land on the bed but instead the corner of it hit my laptop with force making a loud thud as it hit. I checked later and my laptop has a dent do I need to worry about internal components being pushed/forced down due to the bent metal, please see...
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    7700hq VS 8750h, I know 6 is more than 4 but is that a good thing in this case?

    I'm thinking of upgrading my current work laptop 4720HQ 16GB of Ram to one of the new Dell G series laptops that feature the new 8750h chip. I work in After Effects, Premiere Pro and C4D which are extremely RAM hungry applications. My question is that with 6 cores (12 virtual) will I effectively...
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    Black screen Lenovo

    I was putting my Lenovo Laptop in my case, when my case came unzipped and my laptop fell out. screen is almost pitched black. When I restarted my computer that screen was black, but I could barely see Lenovo. When I got to the Log in screen I could see the Log in bar vagely, but I...
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    Cracked laptop case

    The cracks are about an inch long on the outer cover of the laptop (opposite side of the screen). What is the best way to stop the cracks from propagating (or the best course of action, if not this)? I don't have enough confidence in my technical abilities to risk trying to repair it myself.
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    Lenovo Ideapad 710S

    I have been looking for many weeks now for a reliable hard case/shell for my Lenovo Ideapad 710s but I am struggling to find anything. Anybody in the same situation? where did you buy yours? arethe measurements of the ideapad 710s the same of another Lenovo laptop? any info would be greatly...
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    Solved! ZTE Blade ZMax

    Hello everyone, I have a ZTE Blade ZMax and it fell on solid concrete with a case on it. But unfortunately the case did absolutely nothing and it fell face down. My heart dropped with it as I heard the loud crack. The screen is completely cracked up with deep cracks under the screen and thick...
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    Front panel audio jack problems

    Would buying a new pc case fix audio jack problems?
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    Solved! Dell G5 / faulty keyboard?

    When i quickly type "del", "deol" shows up. Same is the case with "dei" and "deki" - "deu" and "deju" I have tried reinstalling the keyboard drivers and nothing seems to fix it. Should i return it?
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    11 Best Cheap Summer Outdoor Gadgets

    Make your summer more fun with our list of the best and most affordable summer tech. 11 Best Cheap Summer Outdoor Gadgets : Read more
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    looking to get a new headphones/set around 150 and down price tag.

    the headset i have right now are the SHP9500, my use case are mostly Gaming/Chating. my use case you kinda understand my use case here. as of right now my mic is the Blue Yeti and my set are the shp9500. my future use case will be different because i will be adding a ps4 next to my pc. so i...
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    Can I replace a touchscreen with a non-touchscreen?

    My asus vivobook V551LB has a touchscreen that is eating itself. Can I replace it with a non-touchscreen? And in any case, how can I find the appropriate screen?
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    Exceeding car amplifier ohm rating?

    I have a Rockville RXA-F1 amp. My car's 4 front speakers are wired as two parallel pairs. Their combined ohm rating drops their load to 1.7 ohms per channel, which is below the amp's 2 ohm rating. Is this OK? Extra info in case it matters: The speakers are all coax The door speakers...
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    Purchasing ,,2010 toshiba plus value

    Value for 2010 toshiba model SCBQU-04036 with I yr left geek squad and just serviced and updated. Carrying case also. 150 to much 4 all?
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    Toshiba Satellite C55-B5356

    How do you get the back case/Cover off? I want to look at the power/charger port.
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    How to use superglue and black .tape to fix case on curve screen tv

    How do you use superglue and black tape to fix cracked bezel on Samsung curved screen tv
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    Looking to prove my case

    How do I prove that the Facebook and messenger apps were already downloaded on my phone from the factory?
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    Processor socket case (upper plastic) is broken

    The socket of Processor of my sony vpceg18fg is broken . Is there any solutions ??
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    Oppo A57 Case Compatibility

    Hi, I own an Opportunity A57 and it has a very similar or copy of the iPhone design. I was just wondering if any of the iPhone cases will fit since they are easier to find. Thanks
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    Solved! Tape to Make Phone Less Slippery?

    I have a heavy phone which has a metal body. It's very slippery to hold. I am looking for some type of tape that I can put on the two side edges so that they becomes less slippery and easier to hold. I don't want to use a case because the phone is already very heavy. I tried some desk tape but...
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    Problems to get a case

    i would like to know hot to get the whole case of my laptop because some parts of my actual case are broken. So i want to change it to look it as new...SORRY I DON'T KNOW TO LOCATE MY QUESTION CORRECTLY
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    3D Modeling software for designing PC cases

    What would be the best but cheapest option (if not free) for 3D modeling? (specifically for designing PC cases) Cuz at some point I would like to make my own..
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    Not recognized RAM after moving PC to another place

    So here is my case. I've bought a used PC month ago. While buying it had 4 GB of RAM as told. When i brang it home, i connected all cables and turned him on, and BOOM.. It magicaly has 2 GB of RAM. So i opened him, replaced RAM sticks on slots and i dicovered my DIMM 1 is not workiing, so both...
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    How should I secure a free-floating HDD

    My stupid bracket does not fit the HDD, or either my HDD has the SATA oriented wrong. In any case, I MUST insert the hard drive blue-side up. This stupid bracket is upside down relative to proper HDD orientation, and even if it didn't, the 1mm of thickness it has seems...
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    RCA 7 tablet with external keyboard case

    Used only two times. I can not get the external keyboard to work..I have tAken tablet out of case made sure connectors were clear...tried no avail..after reading all these problems with RCA tablets I may just return...please advise on why keyboard will not work..or what I can try...
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    Solved! Laptop Errors NOW NO DISPLAY! PLS HELP!

    I had a laptop that had a few keys missing and a scratched up case and i eventually decided to strip it down and put the components in a case to act as a desktop computer. I stripped it down to the mobo and hard drive. Then i was going to use some hardware to elevate it a little bit from the...