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  1. Seth L

    How does the community disassemble laptops without damaging the case?

    Title. How do you guys do it? I always seem to damage the crap out of the shells when I pulled a laptop's shell apart. What do you guys use? I'm new to disassembling laptops. I use a flathead screw driver(and you guys are probably looking at this like 'this guy's dumb haha') however, I've heard...
  2. R

    HopperGo Not Compatible

    Dish sold me a Hopper ho for $99 & told me it works on laptops, does not use data but 3hrs later not the case. Have to pay shipping befote I can get a credited refund. Alert all of your technical community to beware before buying, ugh!
  3. C

    Does anyone sell armband cases for the Zune HD anymore?

    Hi everyone, I've just bought a Zune HD and want an armband case for it. I can't seem to find any though, not even on eBay! I've found what I'd like on Amazon, but it's currently unavailable. The link is below: http:// Any ideas?
  4. R

    Travel (small) ATX PC case

    I have recently bought my HTC vive, and I have had my gaming PC for about a year now. Along with getting a vive, one of the best things to do is share the experience, as most of you know. My small issue is my pc case size and weight. I have a rather large heavy case and it is a pain to move...
  5. N

    Anti Static (Grounding)

    Hi, building first PC and have an anti static wrist strap because my floor is carpet. I plan to build my pc on a wooden desk which sits on carpet. The question is this, do I need to plug my PSU into the wall socket then attach the wrist clip to the case? There are loads of debates on the...
  6. S

    Pioneer CLD-V820 Repair?

    I recently obtained a Pioneer CLD-V820 from a thrift store after checking it to find the tray was jammed. It appeared to be off it's track, and I bought it to see if I could open it and repair it. Upon opening the case, I found that the plastic piece that guides the tray was broken, likely...
  7. M

    I had a Dead Black Pixel area on Samsung SUHD Quantum Dot 55" KS9500?

    In any case, I thought I would answer my own question and put the solution out there for the benefit of others. This was a brand new TV out the box, which was delivered, unpacked, installed and setup by the Samsung Signature team - later the same day upon admiring the sheer beauty and clarity...
  8. M

    I dropped my samsung tablet

    I dropped my samsung tablet and it won't turn on. It was in a case when I dropped it that covers all corners, back and front. There is no visible sign of damage on neither the tablet or the case. I have never dropped it from more than 10 cm high and I'm not even sure I've ever dropped it. It...
  9. M

    AM and PM letters appear in lower case instead of upper case

    hello everyone My Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is displaying letters AM and PM in lower case as the title says i have noticed that after the device have returned from repairing as they reinstalled the software for me I know I am really picky but this is driving me crazy right know So is there is...
  10. L

    advice to improve live stream please

    We live in regional town near Ballarat. We've a large hill blocking the Ballarat signal so we make do with a weak signal from Dandenong and in case of ch10 no signal at all. We only get 2s and SBS thru Foxtel satellite no other FTA. Antenna guy, little help. Would a Terk Trinity antenna be...
  11. L

    compatibility of motherboard

    hello i have Corsair spec-02 case and just ordered a MSI Z97 gaming 5 motherboard. will it fit to this case ?
  12. S

    Toshiba laptop broken case

    I have a toshiba satelite C55d-B5310. The case is broken and I need another. Id like to buy one new but ive looked everwhere online. I cant find anything. Anyone know how where to get one? I found sleeves and cover but no complete case. I wont glue it .
  13. M

    Can I get aftermarket cooler for my laptop?

    Hello, so my case is Clevo W35xSS_370SS. It's of Optimus V barebone laptop sold by pcspecialists (UK, though I'm atm not in UK) Temps still crazy when i do video editing or play any game without vsync on ( just CPU temp issues, no issues with GTX 860M GPU ) I did full laptop clean several...
  14. Odonix

    Cheap Barebone Laptop/Barebook?

    I was thinking of building a laptop. It can't be expensive either, but when I search for barebone laptops they are all $600+. All I need is a case/shell and motherboard. Does anybody know where I can get a cheap one? Something like this?:
  15. S

    Front Audio jack static sound and also suggestions.

    I have a coolermaster k380 case but whenever i connect my earphones i can hear static noises which is annoying.
  16. S

    lowercase letters bunch up

    Weni type lower case withmy dell laptop windows 8 the letters run intoeach other.
  17. D

    Can malware hide in usb ports?

    I have old pc case which has 2 usb ports that can be connected to motherboard. Is it possible that malware could reside in thise ports and then infect the pc which uses this case?
  18. P

    Double Beep from Laptop While Running

    I have looked around for a solution or even mention of this problem and all articles mention cases different than what I experience. My Laptop has been making a two loud high pitch beeps spaced by 5-10 seconds from one another at roughly one hour intervals. These beeps can occur on a per hour...
  19. G

    Best Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Cases

    Whether it's cases that help protect Samsung's latest phablet or ones that add to its stylish look, here are the Galaxy Note 7 cases that have caught our eye. Best Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Cases : Read more
  20. G

    How do you wipe out viruses/malware in an infected computer in a non-complicated way?

    I'm asking not because I currently have an infected computer. I just want to both know and learn. Ok. So, how do you usually disinfect a seriously infected computer that has windows ( whatever: xp or vista or 7 or 8 or 10 ) in this two cases? a- In case you can still start windows normally in...
  21. J

    Dota 2 making laptop freeze and audio loop, requires me to full turn of the laptop

    As said in the title my laptop is freezing on whatever im on in this case dota 2 then sound looping I have to turn of my computer manually Any help will be much appreciated
  22. TheDankMemer

    PC Case has 3.5mm for mic and a separate 3.5mm for speakers

    How do I get my earphones to work so that I can use my mic and get audio simultaneously
  23. MSN740

    Laptop shopping $1600

    Going to keep this simple but clear :) I have $1600 CAD (tax must be included) and I'm shopping for a laptop that will game and edit. My backup laptop just in case I can't pull the $1600 is...
  24. D

    Asus gl572 housing

    i have a asus rog gl752 and the laptop is scratched and dented. Is it possible to buy new a new case. So swap the case like how you would with a desktop, but i would like the same one but i wasn't able to find any.
  25. F

    Does Sling TV include all shows on each channel it offers?

    I signed up for a free trial yesterday, and browsing through the interface that didn't seem to be the case. Did I miss something?
  26. Y

    Add RX 480 = VR ready?

    Can my current computer CPU: FX-8320 Motherboard: MSI-760GMA-P34 RAM: 8gb (4x2) Hard drive: Hitachi 1tb Graphic card: Sapphire R9 270X Case: Cougar Spike case Power supply: Evga 500w bronze PSU Be VR ready just by adding a RX 480 or do I need to replace some of the other parts? All I really...
  27. Sam_missles

    Best Budget Case (Blue Theme)

    I'm looking for a good case that runs decently cheap, under 100, that has blue LEDs or some type of blue thrown in. I'm building a PC around a so I'm trying to go with mostly...
  28. A

    Chasis fans issue

    Hi, I have a case with two fans however I think my motherboard can only support one chassis fan. As rock 960gsm u3s3 fx. My question is, can someone confirm that the motherboard only has one chassis fan slot and if so is there a way for me to use both case fans? Really need an answer!
  29. A

    USB 3 and USB2

    I recent bought an nzxt s340 as my previous case was too small. It has two usb3 ports on the front, however my motherboard has no front panel USB 3 connectors. Are these ports now useless or is there a way for them to function as USB 2 ports. PS I ha e no money to buy a new motherboard or...
  30. M

    picture is upside down

    i have a Olympus SZ-12 I keep in my truck protected in a case today i go to take pictures and on the screen i see them upside down, How can i fix this <<Email address removed by moderator. Communicate in the thread or via PM, please.>>
  31. U

    CR 420 MSI notebook

    My notebook shut downs on boot.First i thought it is an OS issue but It had same issue when i tried to boot from a bootable pendrive for complete os reset.PLEASE HELP..! thanks in advance [don't post your email on a public forum]
  32. W

    Mid Tower Case

    Looking for a good looking mid tower case that will work with this set up. My biggest priority is cooling but, I would like it to look good too. First time builder :). Also if you could recommend a power supply to go into the case. PCPartPicker part list:
  33. H

    Weird issue with static. New headset and DAC.

    My PC in case it helps: I just got a fiio e10k and an audio technica ath-ag1x. The headset comes with a splitter for plugging in the mic and headset. When I plug the headset into the DAC I have no issues with the standard cord or the headphone half of the...
  34. S

    (Desktop) Which case should I get?

    So, I purchased all the parts for my PC and went on to building my first PC, but the case was to small to fit the Asus Radeon R9 390 8GB Video Card, although the dimensions say it can fit 5.7 inch height and 14.1 inch length where the GPU is only 11.5 x 5 (Measured it myself not 100% accurate...
  35. D

    Where to buy case thing for laptop

    Hey everyone! A couple of months ago I did my first PC build and now my sister says she wants one but there's a problem. She wants a laptop. So I have a question - where would I get the outside part of the laptop? Sorry if this is a stupid question! Thanks
  36. W

    Does anyone have experience with how LG TVs of 2014 are assembled?

    I just got my TV back from the repair shop and I noticed something strange. The rear panel/case that covers the circuitry and meets with the frame of my TV LG 32LB5800 has screws that don't tighten all the way in and stay loose or keep on turning when trying to manually tighten them with a...
  37. P

    Perfect Mount for Tv

    In case you're looking for a TV mount, please note that Dynamic Mounting is great. I recently purchased a mount directly from the company website. It was expensive, but after installation, it was definitely worth it. My brother-in-law did not like a mount over the fire-place due to neck...
  38. E

    can not sync with fb I get connecton failed even when I have working internet

    can not sync criminal case game on my ipad with fb I get connecton failed even when I have working internet
  39. MooneyK

    Need advise about choosing a camera

    Hi all i looking to buy a camera just to record like dawn i the woods in hd thats able to record bird sounds and that.from looking around everybody on about shotgun mics for the sound which is more important in this case but the amount of different cameras and prices got my head spinning. can...
  40. Lejend

    Rechargeable batteries for my Canon G7X?

    What rechargeable batteries can I buy for my Canon G7X? It comes with only one and I was thinking to maybe get an extra one or two in case I can't charge it for a while. Thanks.
  41. S

    Will this build work well (PC not Laptop)

    This is the build: Note: Ive already bought the - Video Card - Motherboard - Case - Memory - One of the two storages (samsung 850 EVO) Now Im wondering if I need to purchase any other parts to make this pc run smoothly without any...
  42. Z

    Should i build this pc?

    Ok so i am on a low buget and i want a pc, my birthday is coming up and i already have some money so in august i will have enough to make this an i have a question... Should i make this computor... It has a ASUS H81M-A: motherboard...
  43. B

    which build should i do ($600)

    build A or build B i have a $680 budget so sugestions for build a are appreceated P.S. i want to keep the case, mouse & keyboard
  44. S

    Fb has locked out my account.... I send correct ids still they closed my case... Wat to do next :( :'(

    I was locked out of my fb account... I gave my correct ids... Stil they rejected dem n close my case in support inbox :( wat to do next ... Plz help me.
  45. F

    Laptop doesn't boot, need help!

    I have a weird problem with a Asus K56CM. On Sunday I've installed Kubuntu 16.04 LTS on it. Yesterday morning when I tried to turn it on the laptop could not boot. Not even the post Asus logo was not displayed, but the screen turned on. So the laptop turns on, the screen turns on too but it's...
  46. R

    What can I fit in my old Aspire 1690???

    Looking for a motherboard i can fit in the old laptop-case????
  47. O

    ASUS R540L Case

    Hello, I bought an ASUS R540L laptop and I have an extra SSD and I was wanting to stick it in this laptop that I just bought. I cant figure out how to take the case off the laptop though. I have removed all the screws but it doesn't want to come off. Does anyone know how to go about doing this...
  48. S

    Fixing case on laptop? Extended screws?

    Hey Guys, I own a Lenovo g50-45 laptop and a long time ago it got dropped onto the floor and hit the top left of the case (where the power plugs in). Since then, the screw in that corner holding the case together has fell out. So now the corner is flimsy and loose, which also causes issues...
  49. akattkisson

    Best Waterproof iPhone Cases: Top Picks and User Ratings

    Before you hit the pool or the beach, protect your iPhone with a waterproof case. We've scoured the user reviews to bring you the best. Best Waterproof iPhone Cases: Top Picks and User Ratings : Read more
  50. F

    Skype Calls can hear sounds from PC

    When I plug my headphone and mic into the front input jacks on case my friends on skype can hear all the sounds coming from PC, but when I plug it into the back they can't. Does anyone know whats going on with my front mic and headphone jacks?
  51. D

    Pc starts for 3 seconds then trottles and tries to start again

    i ugraded my pc case. Pc starts for 3 seconds . The motherboard says 15 idk what that means no image on screen, fans startup i think all of them then it shuts down and starts up again by itselr and does the same Gigabyte z87x ud3h M I5 4670k cpu Phanteks case Raider 550w psu
  52. okrobie

    How to replace the CMOS battery in a Samsung QX411?

    I can't get the case open for this unit. Is there a trick? Thanks, Jim
  53. C

    RCA Pro 10 tablet stopped working

    I got the RCA Pro 10 tablet with a case about 6 or so months ago and it was working perfectly fine. Until a couple days ago where it just stopped working. I've tried using the rest button and it didn't help.
  54. S

    Regarding an Upgrade

    I own a pc having the following Specification: 1:Intel Core i5-4440 2:Amd R9 270x Sapphire Edition 3:Kingston Hyper X Fury 8gb Ram 4:Circle CC 820 Case 5:550 watt Psu (came with the Case) 6:Gigabyte H81m mAtx Motherboard 7:WD Green 1TB Hard Drive Please Tell me what should I upgrade in my pc...
  55. V

    A S G and U keys do not work on Facebook- fine everywhere else

    My mother's brand new laptop (HP and Windows 10) cannot type A S G and U (cap or lower case) on Facebook. Those keys work fine everywhere except Facebook. Searching for answers only to find many other people asking the same question (same letters for them as well A S G and U), with no solution...
  56. T

    Completely Customizable 3D Printed Case.

    I've been drawing up designs for a completely customizable 3D printed PC case. I've been wanting to do this for a while now. If someone could lend me some more help with creating the CAD files, it would be greatly appreciated. The goal is to create multiple little case components, like a wall...
  57. T

    Which laptop is better?

    So I've been looking at laptops and I've come across two that I like. One is $800 (dell inspiron) and the other is $2250 (sager np 9870). I would like to know which one would be better in the long term (hopefully 4-5 years). I would be using the laptop for any college work, programming, and...
  58. S

    What laptop screw size is needed for a HP pavilion G71-349WM's case?

    I need some screws for a HP pavilion G71-349WM case. Could anyone give me the size of the screws?
  59. N

    Replacing/fixing laptop case

    Hi so I'm pretty used to building pcs but have virtually no experience trying to fix a laptop.. I was wondering if there's any way of replacing a laptop case? Can't find any cases on google. Not even sure what the proper name of the laptop is but it's product key is HP K1W67EA#ABU Basically...
  60. S

    Laptop case/hinge repair

    Within 3 months of owning my laptop the casing has slowly began to split (at the time I barely even used it) now that I have been working online for 6+ months the problem has progressively gotten worse. The laptop is being held together by gorilla tape, and it would probably fall apart if it...