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  1. M

    Lost Samsung Grand Prime. How to locate by IMEI Number

    I have Lost Samsung Grand Prime few months ago. How to locate by IMEI Number ? I have registered a case but no work from Police
  2. J

    Case Fans: Work as Intake & Exhaust

    I'll get straight to the point. This is a noob question. Can you just turn a case fan backwards and it acts as an exhaust fan (rather than intake) and call it a day, or are there certain fans? Thanks.
  3. M

    All-round camera, with main use for product photos?

    I'm looking to buy my first camera. The camera will be used for personal/private photos, but mainly webshop product photos. I see DSLR or Mirrorless Cameras mentioned all over the place, where I guess the mirrorless camera seems to fit my below notes a bit better as to less weight/size. But I...
  4. M

    how to block or locate

    hello quick question. can i block an open line mate 10 using IMEI. also in any case, suggestions would be welcomed. thanks
  5. I

    I am moving from a pre built PC and I have a lot of Questions.

    My motherboard recently died so I decided that this was a good opportunity to change somethings around. My current pc, the one the motherboard died in, was pre built, but I have changed some of the components since I bought it. With this being said I have never actually built a pc from scratch...
  6. M

    Cooler Master K380 front panel

    Hi, I just cleaned up my old case (Cooler Master K380) and I wanted to remove my front panel to get the front 120mm fan and add it to my new case. However, after completely removing EVERYTHING. I tried to remove the front panel by doing what the manual told me to do, and it wont come off. Any...
  7. S

    Looking for a free software that can take screenshots of entire Facebook groups and videos for a legal case

    I am looking for a(the) free software that I can use on Windows 10 to: 1. Take screenshots of entire Facebook group wall and profile wall and other websites. 2. Record videos from facebook and other websites. I need to collect this for a case and so there should not be any distracting tags...
  8. S

    need a tablet cover

    I have a 9.5inch Android tablet with the camera on the top left hand side but cannot find a case to fit it Any suggestions??
  9. A

    Laptop Loose Case

    Hi, I bought a SH laptop a few days ago, it's an Acer V3-571G. All good on software side, but on hardware I noticed that the case around the joint is a bit loose .. can I glue it or something? Thanks a lot. Images:
  10. G

    Case Fan Speed Control

    I just bought a pre made rig from best buy that comes with a liquid cooler for CPU (not the highest or best quality one) and one case fan. While playing PUBG, my CPU gets to about 67-73c and my GPU is around 70-80c. I'd like to install some case fans, however, I don't need them to constantly...
  11. T

    What is this connector? (Dell laptop)

    I am using an old laptop to do a HTPC case mod, a Dell Inspiron N7010 with an i3 -M370 processor. The motherboard is split between a networking board, and the main board. I don't want to not use the networking board because it holds the majority of the USB ports, and the Gigabit Ethernet...
  12. T

    how do I retrieve old texts

    I really need some old texts from May 2016 for a legal case...I know the exact dates. Are there any companies that can do this?
  13. K

    Satellite L50t-B Laptop Broken Part

    I have a Satellite L50t-B laptop. There is a strip that is on the hinges just above the palmrest case. this unit broke on my laptop. What is that strip called so I can purchase another one?
  14. A

    Which port will give me the best sound?

    Where do I plug in my headphones? I have the nzxt h440 case and the MSI z87 g45 gaming motherboard. The motherboard has a soundboard. If I plug my headphones in the headphone /aux port on the top will I still gain the benefits of the mobos onboard sound/dac? Or do I need to plug in the back of...
  15. Y

    Bose SoundLink Mini, what canI do when battery is expired?

    Hi, what can I do in case the battery is expired? can it still works properly while connecting to usb for charging, or it still depends on the battery and therefore cannot work?
  16. G

    Best Google Pixel 2 Cases

    Here are 10 Google Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL cases that have caught our eye so far. Best Google Pixel 2 Cases : Read more
  17. N

    Where can I buy replacement part for my laptop shell?

    Hi, I want to replace my broken case of a Clevo W550EU laptop. But all results in google search do not help as they do not have spare cases. Any ideas? help please
  18. O

    How to protect my laptop Case

    Hi , I have bought HP Elitebook x360 that comes totally with aluminum case , and I like to keep my laptop always clean and scratchless , So how can I protect my laptop from scratches ? I have seen Perfect cases for Macbook pro but I can;t find something like this for my HP Thank you !
  19. G

    Best iPhone 8 Cases: Our Top Picks

    Protect your iPhone 8 with a case that offers the best durability and style. Best iPhone 8 Cases: Our Top Picks : Read more
  20. H

    Bent corner of laptop case

    Hello! I'm new to the forum, so if I screw something up here, please go easy on me. I've tried searching for solutions already (both on this forum specifically and on Google), but I can't really find anything, so here I am. I dropped my laptop a few days ago (onto concrete, no less) and...
  21. G

    Best Galaxy Note 8 Cases: Our Top Picks

    Protect your 6.3-inch beast of a phone with a case that offers the best combination of durability and style. Best Galaxy Note 8 Cases: Our Top Picks : Read more
  22. P

    Solved! How can i have a top case whit italian kayboard

    I want buy for my ASUSU notebook A555L a new laptop because many letter of kayboard have no function
  23. H

    How to upgrade a case? (Optiplex 3010 prebuilt)

    So I've finally found the time & cash to work on this old prebuilt, currently I can get a rx560 for $80, & a 500W EVGA PSU for $35: I'm wondering about cases tho...what sort of specifications go into upgrading a case...
  24. D

    I want to track my lost or stolen phone

    I left it in my house and I left it there when I came back I did not find it and I have been looking for it for a week please can you help me track it .it is am MTN Hauwei it does not have a password the phone number is removed by Moderator it does not have a screen cover it does not have a...
  25. G

    iPhone 7 case

    Hi guys, does anybody know an online store or physical store in the USA where I can buy a case like this? Unfortunately they do not ship to the USA!
  26. E

    Spoon or Fork for Anti Static Safety?

    Can I attach the end of my ESD Anti Static Wrist Brand to a spoon or fork when builiding a pc? My case doesn't have a metal in it, and I dont want to use the power supply method.
  27. S

    My laptop is not getting logged in although keyboard is working well and lower case and upper case having no issues?

    My acer laptop is not getting logged in after filling the pin in sign in options. Keyboard is working great and lower case and upper case has no issues. even if the password is wrong, there seems no response and keeps loading on. Even I tried logging from microsoft account, but loading does not...
  28. B

    fujitsu siemens old case i forgot my accout like log in password

    I forgot my account login for a password but how to do open
  29. L

    Toshiba Satellite C55-B5302

    Hello, I have used this site for years. However I had no need to make a account since I could always find the answer to my problem. This time doesn't seem to be the case. I'll make a tl;dr version as well. Recently I decided I would upgrade from Windows 7 x64/64bit to windows 10. Upon doing so...
  30. T

    Laptop made to break?

    Hi all, I recently changed a screen in my laptop and it broke when I had to remove the bezel the double sided tape pulled on the screen and subsequently created damage.. Now is it a case of it will break every time or can you do something in order to remove the bezel safely without any damage...
  31. Graybush

    Would you buy a butt case for your phone?

    Yes, you read that right. A butt case. For your phone. So you can make every dial a butt-dial....
  32. G

    Coolest PC Mods, Cases and Concepts of 2017

    From a case that looks like a Donkey Kong arcade console to a chassis that's large enough to fit two computers inside, these are the most innovative PC designs around. Coolest PC Mods, Cases and Concepts of 2017 : Read more
  33. M

    Laptop cover stripped screw hole

    I'm having problems with the screw hole near the power jack on my lenovo laptop. Screws will fit in everywhere else on the laptop case except for here. Unfortunately, stress from the laptop screen's hinges is pulling the two sections of my laptop's case apart, and is also starting to pull the...
  34. F

    building a laptop from parts ?

    hello, is it possible to build a laptop from parts ? for example, i own a very old laptop, its a thinkpad , 1 core only, and very slow. but i was thinking about buying a new motherboard, and the parts with it ( a cpu, some rams ). is it possible to work on the thinkpad case, and with proper...
  35. D

    DPC issues of unknown origin

    I recently got a new case (no other parts were changed) and now suddenly my PC is having issues with audio (caused by DPC according to numerous sources and latencymon) I've done a fresh installation of my operating system and scanned my drives for corruption (none of them were) which leads me...
  36. M

    Dell Inspiron from HELL.. Need a few issues looked into

    Back Story: My girlfriend bought this terrible dell inspiron 5547. They have been known to have hinge problems and of course it finally happened... The case is separating from itself when opened. So, I buy new hinges.. I go to install them today and realize that the plastic screw mounts (?)...
  37. G

    It's a Fidget Spinner, It's an iPhone Case, It's Both!

    Apple's iPhone now has a case that allows you to attach a fidget spinner. It's a Fidget Spinner, It's an iPhone Case, It's Both! : Read more
  38. B

    Can this run VR smoothly?

    Im building a new computer from scratch and would like a second opinion on how it would run. These are all the parts of the computer and links to the site im buying them from. Case - Phanteks Enthoo Luxe Series PH-ES614L_BK Black Aluminum / Steel ATX Full Tower...
  39. S

    What does a silent PC needs?

    It might sound like a very silly question but I wondered if it is strictly necesary to have tho whole silent combo (case + fans + gpu + gpu + psu) or a silent edition case (such as the corsair 100R) would be just fine. Regardless of the other components Thanks
  40. N

    Headphones making noise

    Hello guys, recently I changed my PC case and bought a new gpu and a new water cooling system Corsair h100i V2, installed both of them on my new case. Everything was fine until my headphones started making noise. Only on my left ear I hear that, before everything was fine, my headphones are...
  41. A

    Gaming pc build

    I'm struggling to keep under my budget and have a good gpu. Can someone please design a gaming and working pc for me with a gtx 1070, 16gb ram, motherboard with wifi, cd drive, windows 10, and 120 ssd and 1 tb hdd? I would also like to overclock a little and i heard a good gpu is better than a...
  42. N

    Cant find case for Samsung Notebook 7 spin 13.3"

    I Cant find a single snap on case for The Following Computer: Samsung Notebook 7 Spin 13.3" Personal Computer Laptop Running Windows 10 Home edition (10.1607 Build 14393.953) Finish is gray with black Keyboard With backlit LED keyboard Copy Of: MacBookPro , Apple Inc. OS Version: Microsoft...
  43. ClubSpade12

    Case for Sony MDR-XB950? or just large headphone case?

    Looking for a 10 dollar or so headphone case to put my headphones is because they are sort of big. I can't tell by looking at pictures and things because most use Beats headphones are don't specify sizes. Can anyone help me out here?
  44. C

    Using both 'Bitlocker' and 'VeraCrypt' at the same time on one partition

    Is it possible to encrypt a particular drive/partition using Bitlocker and then using VeraCrypt? Are there any advantages to doing this? The assumption is that the password used for Bitlocker is completely different than the one used by VeraCrypt and in both cases the password is more than 25...
  45. B

    number of case fans

    how much fans i will need for a pc with 7700k cpu a 1080 msi gaming x gpu,16 gb ram and one ssd?
  46. mediademon1

    Software or app to design a pc case?

    Good Evening everyone, I have some sketches for a custom pc case and would like to make an actual 3d rendering of it. I am not sure as to where to begin to search for software to achieve this. I am looking for something simple to use. I am not looking for an uber expensive solution as this...
  47. D

    Need help buying laptop? Gaming/university

    Hello. Im new here. Im planning on buying a new laptop, im tired of internal graphic cards on laptops, and I want to be able to run games like gta v at least at medium settings, but Im concerned about the case quality of most gaming laptops Should i really be concerned about the case? Since I'm...
  48. S

    hard case/rubber skin for ASUS K501?

    Hi everyone, I am an incredibly clumsy artist working in a busy studio surrounded by other artists with Macs... all of which have snazzy cases to protect them - not the 'stick on' type that prevent scratching, but actual clip on cases. I have already put a dent in my K501 (I bashed it with the...
  49. C

    I'm doing a Livestream this Friday playing Breath of the Wild should I do YouTube or Twitch?

    I know that this question has been made a lot of times, but I want to ask it in my case. I'm a Mexican with a YouTube channel in Spanish that uploads videos somewhat regularly and Streams on Saturday night on twitch. My quiestion is, Should I stream on twitch or Youtube? obviously the stream...
  50. HeltonFonias

    I Cannot find certain cases to my Lenovo Y-50!

    Hi guys, i'm Helton from new jersey, and i would like to ask you if someone knows if a different model of case can fit in a certain different model. like AM14R000530 cases on a AM14R000300 laptop. and if you have any link for shop. i appreciate your help since them. thank you! Why do i need...
  51. C

    Solved! Vertical coloured lines?

    My V17 Nitro has vertical lines of different colours on the left side. When I push down on the edge of the screen it gets worse, when I let go the usual lines stay. They randomly appeared when I was fixing the rear screen 'case' as the little plastic thing that holds it together broke. I have...
  52. R

    Case installation/Charging problem for a Dell laptop

    Hello guys So i have a Dell Inspiron 15-5547 (i5-4210U and AMD Radeon R7 M260) laptop. Broke my original charger months ago. Bought a new one, but every time i start it up, i would get a message that the wattage was not the same as the laptop required(the charger was incompatible basically), so...
  53. M

    What is wrong with this fan

    This fan is extremely loud, even more so when the case is closed. It is always making this noise, even during boot up and while not running any applications.
  54. ragnarok94

    Cheaper alternatives to Mtn. Mod's Motherboard tray

    Im about to start working on a sleeper project, converting an old Gateway Performance E4200. The back is proprietary, so Id like to install a modular atx/matx motherboard tray and backplate. moutain mods is ridiculously expensive, but I haven't found a lot of other metal options, nor do I have...
  55. F

    Is my imei being tracked

    Please is this true: Pls send to ALL To find out if your phone is being tapped dial the following 5 characters *#06# It will reveal your IMEI number. If that number has a forward slash '/' after it. It means your phone is being tapped. See below <<Edited by Moderator>> ...GOOD/UNTAPPED...
  56. H

    Easy to use 3d modeling program

    Hey guys so im designing a case to make out of wood for a fabricating class im doing at school. we need to make designs but i thought it might be cool if i used a program to mock everything up. so yeah if theres any 3d modeling programs (free ones) that dont have like an extremely hard learning...
  57. T

    key issue help

    I cant figure out how to get back to being able to click on the upper case arrow to allow me to get the @ when i hit #2 key, i get the" estericts instead. All the numbers are doing this and i am not good on the computer
  58. D

    Battery ballooning up

    The battery on my trio stealth puffed up like a balloon to four times its normal size also in the process blew the back off breaking all the case latches, when I call trio techs they said that was normal? To get going again it will need a new battery and case, where can I get the case?
  59. E

    Making a 'laptop' any ideas?

    To sum this thread up, I have a PC, Laptop, Monitor, keyboard, mouse, ect; what I am trying to do is put it into a case. I would like to take my laptop's screen off of the computer itself and connect it to my PC. The PC's case size is about 15" by 20", height is about 2". Could anyone tell me...