Case Fan Speed Control


Nov 13, 2017
I just bought a pre made rig from best buy that comes with a liquid cooler for CPU (not the highest or best quality one) and one case fan. While playing PUBG, my CPU gets to about 67-73c and my GPU is around 70-80c. I'd like to install some case fans, however, I don't need them to constantly run, as PUBG is what really pushes these temps. I have a MSI gtx 1080 and a i7 7700k. It would be nice to just have the fans going when I am playing or running anything that is putting these under load and turn them off or down when not needing them. It may be I just need to tune the fans in the case and on the GPU, but it'd be nice if I didn't have to mess with those and just let them do their thing as I don't have a lot of experience fooling with those and would prefer to mess with the case fan's speeds.

the simple way to do it is to get 4 fans with 4 pins connector to plug them on board header and they will be pwm by the board check specs of her .


Jan 3, 2013
you can use the case fans and install them on the case and connect them on the motherboard 3/4Pin Fan socket
then you can control or Set the Custom curve for the fans depends on the motherboard tho
but mosttly all motherboard has this feature