Are These Temperatures Too Hot for MSI RTX 3090ti Suprim X?

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Jan 25, 2013
Hi, I recently bought an RTX 3090ti card and was wondering if the following gpu temps is something i should be concerned of. Ive been sitting on this thought for a little bit and wanted to get it off my chest. When gpu temps increase so does cpu temps. My cpu is an i7 8700k cooled with an 120mm corsair h55 AIO installed at the rear side of chassis as exhaust, so the hot air goes through the radiator out the case. My case is a white Be Quiet! Pure Base 500 with tempered window and installed with max chassis fan which has two 140mm exhaust at top and 3 120mm fans at from as cool intake all of which are Be Quiet! brand fans.

The following from GPU-Z app while running microsoft flight simulator 2020 with cpu temps rising from mid to high 70s degrees based on the figures below:
GPU Clock: 1995.0Mhz
Memory clock: 1312.7MHz
GPU Temperature: 77.3 Degrees
Hot Spot: 88.1 Degrees
Memory Temperature: 72 Degrees
Fan 1 Speed (%): 75%
Fan 1 Speed (RPM): 2432 RPM
Fan 2 Speed (%): 75%
Fan 2 Speed (RPM): 2436 RPM
Memory used: 8730MB
GPU load: 94%
Memory controller load: 24 %
Video Engine Load: 0 %
Bus interface Load: 5 %
Board Power draw: 445.9W
GPU Chip Power Draw: 357.9W
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