Question MSI running really hot

Mar 5, 2019
Hello, I have an MSI Apache pro and when I'm idly browsing the internet my laptop gets seriously hot. To the point I'm burning my hand typing.
It's currently running both fans, the GPU temps are 68 and 89 degrees and its in Green mode. I don't understand why its running so hot and loud while I'm only browsing google chrome. Is it normal for an MSI to be this hot or should I look at having it repaired?
CPU: 2%
dGPU: 0%
Memory: 50%
Disk: 0%
Fan speed 1: 4615 RPM
Fan speed 2: 3609 RPM
dGPU temp: 68 Degrees
CPU temp: 89 Degrees

The laptop sits on a table with holes for air ventilation.

I also have this issue where my typing freezes and when it catches up it repeats the last letter typed rapidly. It's happened twice since making this post.
for example it will cause this ' Typingggggggggggggggggggggggggggg' or if the last button I pressed happened to be backspace, it would delete pretty much everything i'd just written. It stops when I press another button.


If it's warranty, contact MSI. If it's not in warranty, open it, re-do the heatsinks with new high quality thermal paste, make sure vents and fans are clean. Re-seat the keyboard connections and check over the keys to make sure nothing is feeling odd to them as far as their travel and feel go.
May 4, 2019
I have a new MSI gen 9 I7 4/28/19 and it runs hot all the time, even just surfing the internet. I bought a laptop cooler with 5 fans yesterday and it made no difference, my laptop fans run all the time at various speeds and every few minutes speed up to max and then slow back down. I have the extra laptop cooling fans running on high.
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