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  1. Dianvs11

    Question Looking for a KVM for a 4k TV-as-monitor setup

    Current setup: MSI GL75 9SDK laptop, with x1 USBC port, x1 HDMI port MacBook Air M2, with x2 thunderbolt ports iPad Pro 10", x1 lightning port I currently use a USBC to lightning cable to connect the ipad as an external display to whichever laptop I have to use. I'm planning on getting a 4k...
  2. A

    Question Keys stop working when laptop gets too hot

    Hello I have a MSI GP66 Leopord keys stop workingI think its because of heating. When I press the D or the R key to move and reload nothing happens or my character moves but only half a step it doesnt take a full step forward. I noticed this yesterday that my Q key also stopped working at the...
  3. R

    Question MSI stealth laptop charger

    I have an MSI Stealth 15M laptop (bought in 2021) and the charger has stopped working. The charger it came with has output 150w/7.5a/20v. I cant seem to find a replacement charger anywhere and MSI has told me they don't have it in stock and I would have to wait 5-7 weeks. Can I use a charger...
  4. S

    Question MSI GL75-9SD (Very high CPU temps, very low GPU temps?)

    Hello, I have an MSI GL75-9sd with the following specs: i7-9750h GTX 1660 ti 16gb ddr4 1080p 144hz screen I've noticed very high temperatures under load, to the point where it's almost constantly throttling the CPU while gaming. I play 'CPU intensive' games such as PUBG, League of Legends and...
  5. ArmanAsgharpoor

    Solved! GT73EVR Second PCIE

    Hi all, I have a GT73EVR, and I want to add the second nvme SSD, but it seems that the second PCIe connector has not been soldered on the motherboard. As far as I know, GT73 EVR and GT73 VR have the same motherboard, but GT73evr has one PCI-E slot, and GT73VR has two. As you can see, the...
  6. C

    Solved! What monitor should I get?

    I've recently damaged my monitor beyond repair so I'm looking for a new one but I can't decide which one. I only have a 1080ti so 4k gaming wouldn't be too ideal but I haven't been gaming a whole lot recently, more so watching shows or anime etc so the 4k would be nice for that and I can turn...
  7. oasisfirefly

    Question FPS Dropping - MSI GF75 Thin 9SD & GTX 1660 Ti

    Hello, I need your help. I've been experiencing FPS drops of around 5-10 lately during the 4th Quarter of 2021. Per my investigation, I recall that I updated my drivers while not being aware that it could mess up my system that time. Before that, I can run games like Genshin Impact and Nioh 2...
  8. R

    Desktop Start Issue, stuck on CPU post, fans & rgbs working

    While browing on my desktop, my pc just shut down on its own and got stuck at the CPU post light while the Ram RGB & Case fans are running at full speed. After trying some online solutions, I just completely dismantled the pc and re-assembled it. CPU reseated, ram reinstalled, cleared COMS...
  9. R

    Solved! Broken LCD - MSI GS66

    I hope someone can help me with my issue. I have a GS66-10SE (Intel i7-10750 and RTX2060) and I use it with an external monitor. One day the LCD on the laptop started flickering and stopped working, but the external monitor was OK. I tried testing the video driver and disabling the Intel...
  10. thechangedguy

    Question Which one of these laptops has better display/screen quality?

    I want to buy a gaming laptop. I came across these two laptops with same price. Both have similar features like: Ryzen 7 Octa Core 4800H 16GB RAM 4 GB Graphics 15.6" Display Can anyone tell me which one of these has a better screen/display tho in terms of color accuracy and brightness? HP...
  11. M

    Question 100% SSD activity with notebook cooler while gaming

    Hi Everyone, I am facing an interesting issue with my MSI GE65 RAIDER SF. Not a long ago I have purchased a Cooler Master Notepal XL cooler. When it is not under the laptop, I am able to play games with solid 40-70 fps. When it is under the laptop, I can play stable 100-120 fps, but sometimes...
  12. Anonymous_VIP_

    Question MSI GS65 Stealth 8SE - Low FPS

    Hey everyone, My Laptop (MSI GS65 Stealth 8SE) Specs: i7 - 8750H RTX 2060 16GB DDR4 @ 2666MHz (1x16GB) 512GB NVMe SSD I bought this laptop in January 2020 and have been using it without any problem whatsoever, until I started gaming on it and have been having a very bad time gaming. I seldom...
  13. buzzybabii_1

    Solved! my msi was wiped & is stuck in bios loop

    help a girl out. im not in the slightest tech BF wiped his MSI GT72VR before sending it to me. when it arrived it wouldnt boot at all. the windows became corrupt so i downloaded W10 on usb and successfully transfered to it wont boot at all, it goes straight to the bios menu...
  14. P

    Question Every game I play crashes

    Hi, so I have this gaming laptop from MSI GF 63 8rd Intel Core i7-8750H GTX 1050ti Max Q 12 gb ram ( 4gb module, 8gb module ) 250gb ssd 500gb hdd and I bought over a year ago back in June 2019, its a pretty decent laptop where I could do school and game at the same time, but over the past...
  15. lettucelad

    Solved! MSI Laptop wont turn on without being plugged in

    So i just added another RAM into my MSI GL63 8RD but then my laptop wont boot and sometimes it wont power on (msi boot logo shows up and then the laptop goes off again). Then i plugged in the adaptor and it succesfully turned on and working just fine, with my newly added RAM working as well. But...
  16. L

    Question MSI GE73VR 7RF Raider Low FPS in fullscreen mode, normal FPS in windowed mode

    Hi guys, Yesterday I bought a new MSI laptop. Normally I'm very fond on MSI but today, not so much. When I try to play Call of Duty I get 16fps Max ingame. I tried uninstalling Dragon center as some suggest, tried changing power plan (there was only balanced mode at first in Windows). I found...
  17. A

    Solved! MSI gl73 8rd replace parts

    Purchased a laptop at a pawn store that seems to be missing m.2 & a 8g ram stick. Upon searching parts I was cautioned not to get 32g ram because some laptops dont work well with it and not to try to boot from an m.2 because some laptops have issues with booting from m.2, but instead buy a 500g...
  18. A

    Solved! New laptop panel goes black with Nvidia drivers

    Long story short, I got a new panel to replace my laptop's current one. Same brand and everything. When I turn the computer On the screen starts normally, shows the MSI logo but as soon as it boots to windows the screen just goes black. Did a fresh drivers install with DDU on safe mode (the...
  19. Ghostyfied

    Solved! Ram Compatibility

    Hi guys! I have a question on the compatability of two ram cards. my laptop specs are: motherboard: MS-1796 CPU: intel core I7 6700 HQ @ 2.60GHz GPU: intel HD graphics 530 && geforce GTX 950m and the rest probably doesnt matter. My current Ram card is this one: Samsung M471A1K43BB0-CPB I...
  20. R

    Solved! Legion Y740 (15") or MSI GE75 (17")?

    I am going back and forth on which laptop to get. My goal is to find a good gaming / everyday / photoshop laptop. Both of these laptops are similar in price and are about the same size and weight. The specs are below. I have been looking at every review I can find and I just cannot make a...
  21. F

    Solved! Need help : my laptop doesn't boot properly

    Greeting everyone I have a MSI GE62VR laptop and when I press the power button, LED lights glow, fan spinning sound is heard, but the display remains black, and the notebook does not start but it's very very odd because sometimes my laptop boot perfectly and sometimes I have this issue. I've...
  22. jsimenhoff

    AMA {Winners announced!} The MSI Laptop AMA and Giveaway - Win a MSI Optix Curved Gaming Monitor!

    Congratulations to our winners! Grand prize: omegadoom13 Runners up: COLGeek, G4Captain, g.cullings872, webworkings Tom’s Guide is proud to announce a Q&A and MSI Gaming Monitor Giveaway with our friends at MSI. We’ve invited the MSI Laptop Products Marketing Team to answer your most...
  23. hubertkocur1337

    Question Is it possible for me to upgrade my laptop CPU?

    Hello. I have a MSI GV62 7RE laptop (link below) with a Intel Core i5-7300HQ CPU @ 2.50GHz. Im wondering if it would be possible to upgrade to an i7 or even an i9 cpu. I hope anybody can help. thx in advance
  24. Exotic_Nefariousness

    Solved! can't get my Klipsch R-12SW to work on my MSI Z390-A Pro

    I am using the center port and it is connected to a reciever but i cant get any signal from the sub port to the sub.
  25. lolmopbomb

    Solved! Can my GP72MVR from Msi run 1440p ultrawide 120hz

    Can my GP72MVR 7RFX with a i7 7700HQ and one GTX 1060 run games at medium settings on a Alienware 34.1" 1440p, 120hz?
  26. kenzomenzo


    Hello , i need help with my laptop MSI GT72 2QE DOMINATOR PRO I tried to remove the battery , and somehow i tried to turn on the laptop it wont power up , it need battery to plug in to power up. any idea how to Turn On this laptop without battery? i keep finding solution for this problem but...
  27. K

    Windows 10 will not boot on Ryzen 3800X

    Not long ago I built a new PC on Ryzen 2700X, I just purchased a 3800X and swapped it out, but it will not boot into Windows 10. It sits at the Windows logo with circle spinning endlessly. Doesn't boot into Windows 10 normal mode on 3800X Boots fine into Safe Mode on 3800X Doesn't clean boot...
  28. B

    Solved! audio from TV and PC to one 5.1 system

    I want to use my Sony HT-RT3 5.1 system (Dolby only) for my TV and PC. I have been using my Samsung UHD TV as my computer monitor via the PC's GPU hdmi for both display and basic audio. I, of course, get stereo sound from my TV speakers. The TV is connected to the mentioned surround speakers...
  29. A

    Need some advice regarding potential buy

    Hey lads So next year (around april) I'm going to Japan to study for about a year in one of their universities. Obviously I can't take my gaming PC with me.. I have a Macbook Pro 13 right now that I bought back in 2016 and I'm very happy about it. Since I'm a photographer and edit a lot and...
  30. Ineedanewusername5

    Solved! msi ge72 2qd apache pro battery issues

    so i've had this issue for a while. My battery is not being detected(??) ( I tried running the dragon calibration thing and it says theres no battery inserted.) I tried getting a new battery. it seemed to charge for hot second and then. boom. same problem. but i got that batter off of ebay so...
  31. H

    Question MSI GE62VR 6RF Apache Pro Won't Boot After Undervolting Using XTU

    My laptop ran incredibly hot so I took the risk and undervolted my CPU in an attempt to lower temps. I think I did around -130mV and ran a benchmark. I did all this using XTU and since I had to do something soon I shut down the laptop. I realised soon after that I probably should have put it...
  32. Briaaaaaaaaaan

    MSI GL62 7QF Shutting down radomly.

    so i just got this problem earlier when im trying to fix my Laptop fan because it creates a loud noise everytime i turn on my laptop so i decided to unplug it in my laptop and leave the other fan working, but after i did that my laptop randomly shutting off.
  33. T

    Question New MSi notebook is suddenly slow and fps drops

    Hello guys. I have a new notebook for like a month and everything was awesome. I was playing csgo on nearly 200 fps, rainbow six siege on 80 with highest settings and now suddenly I have big fps drops in everything and the pc is generally slow. I dont know how it happen. Everything was fine and...
  34. C

    Question Is my laptop CPU able to be upgraded

    Hello I have a MSI GS73 VR 6rf laptop that has a 6700hq i7 processor and was wondering if there was any way to upgrade this processor. Lol I also have a MSI GL72 7rd that I just wish I could combine these laptops because this one has the 7700hq processor and the other has gtx 1060 graphics haha...
  35. anubiss

    Question I can't figure out how to change the keyboard colors on MSI GP26mVR 7RGX Leopard Pro

    I can't figure out how to change the keyboard colors on MSI GP26mVR 7RGX Leopard Pro
  36. SnackinMcCracken

    Solved! My laptop is stuck on the Aptio Seutp Utility screen, I don’t know how to get out of this, how do I fix it?

    My MSI laptop keeps getting stuck on the Aptio Setup Utility Screen. When I turn it off and on again it keeps going back to this screen. I have a MSI GE63 Raider RGB 8RE Please help if you can.
  37. anubiss

    MSI dragon gaming center

    I own a MSI GP62MVR 7RGX Leopard Pro and I cannot find information on it on their official website. I recently took my laptop to micro center since the fan was making too much noise and found out that they had to completely replace it. anyways they got rid of the Dragon Gaming Center. I was...
  38. D

    Solved! MSI running really hot

    Hello, I have an MSI Apache pro and when I'm idly browsing the internet my laptop gets seriously hot. To the point I'm burning my hand typing. It's currently running both fans, the GPU temps are 68 and 89 degrees and its in Green mode. I don't understand why its running so hot and loud while I'm...
  39. F

    Question Microphone AND microphone jack not working: which drivers to reinstall?

    Something became corrupted sometime ago, but I don't recall if that was after a Windows Update or because I tried something in Computer Management / Device Manager. The problem: neither of the two microphone inputs that ship with the laptop are recognized, i.e.: built-in microphone plug-in...