Solved! MSI Laptop wont turn on without being plugged in

Nov 12, 2020
So i just added another RAM into my MSI GL63 8RD but then my laptop wont boot and sometimes it wont power on (msi boot logo shows up and then the laptop goes off again). Then i plugged in the adaptor and it succesfully turned on and working just fine, with my newly added RAM working as well. But now i will need to plug in the AC adaptor to get my laptop to power on. It wont turn on while on battery. Can anyone please help me with this?
Nov 12, 2020
Remove the new RAM again, does it power on without problems?

Which RAM did you add? brand and exact model number
i added v-gen rescue 8gb ram ddr4 2666mhz. I've tried removing the new ram but it doesn't change anything. the laptop either go black screen hang on boot or turn off right after
Nov 12, 2020
might be a connection fault between main battery and motherboard or the battery is faulty
could it be the battery? the battery percentage is not accurate, sometimes it took more than 20 mins for it to fully charge from 90%, i tried calibrating the battery with MSI battery calibration app it always went blank black screen few minutes on discharging process.. its always go black screen hang few minutes after i unplug the power chord
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