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  1. Ramon3

    Question Laptop keeps changing bw charging and not charging when heavy gaming..

    Hi, i have a MSI GE63 7RF, its a fairly powerful laptop, So couple of months back i updated my Nvidia Geforce Driver directly from the site(as i normally do). Ever since the update, during gaming the laptop keeps switching from AC to Battery constantly, so suppose im in the game, the fps drops...
  2. M

    Question New Samsung Note 9 battery charger compatibility

    I just bought a new Samsung Note 9 (Exynos 9810). Little did I know that the model I ordered was the EU version and not the US version, so the charger I received was unusable with any of my power sockets. I ordered an adapter online but thanks to my impatience, decided to just charge the new...
  3. zy95

    Question Will it safe? I have removed my ASUS laptop non-removable battery.

    I am not a fan of non-removable battery user, but recently I bought a new ASUS model X441MA. The laptop comes with non-removable battery, so I take out the battery and try to run with no battery, only plugged-in, and it works. My concern is the power adapter does not have a brick, only plug to...
  4. V

    using a laptop battery adapter directly

    hello guys, my question,i am using my adapter directly to laptop without battery for 20 hours.what are the chances of its failure?