Question MSI stealth laptop charger

Mar 28, 2023
I have an MSI Stealth 15M laptop (bought in 2021) and the charger has stopped working. The charger it came with has output 150w/7.5a/20v. I cant seem to find a replacement charger anywhere and MSI has told me they don't have it in stock and I would have to wait 5-7 weeks. Can I use a charger with output 19v instead? If anyone can suggest a replacement charger for me I would appreciate it. The laptop supports USB-C port charging but I can't find a charger like that with 150w.


Yes, it will work. Dell in the EU should also have the same model available.

It will charge slower and you may get a warning about a lower powered power supply being attached, but the system will charge and allow you to use the laptop.