Jul 3, 2023
Hi folks,
I own a MSI GV62VR 7RF laptop.
Acording to its specs, it has the following storage -
HDD form factor x1, 2.5" HDD, (WD 1TB) SSD x1, M.2 SSD, SATA/ PCIE combo, (samsung 128 GB)

The hdd has given me issues. Lost data twice. First one was within warranty so got it replaced.
Right now, the hdd is not showing at all in File explorer. Tried a few steps but nothing has worked. A lot of bad sectors are being shown using softwares like DiskGenius, Aomei partition.
I was wondering to upgrade the hdd to sdd, while keeping the original SDD intact. So finally, as to have 2 SDDs.

a. Is it possible/advisable to do so? Any pros/cons (expect performance)

b. Which 1 TB ssd would be compatible since the storage says "HDD form factor x1, 2.5" HDD".
I would be really thankful if someone could give direct product links from amazon/flipkart or any other website.