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  1. J

    Question MSI laptop, upgrade HDD to SDD

    Hi folks, I own a MSI GV62VR 7RF laptop. Acording to its specs, it has the following storage - HDD form factor x1, 2.5" HDD, (WD 1TB) SSD x1, M.2 SSD, SATA/ PCIE combo, (samsung 128 GB) The hdd has given me issues. Lost data twice. First one was within warranty so got it replaced. Right...
  2. drueb

    Question (HELP) Should I change my SSD card or buy a new computer?

    Hi! I'm new here and I kinda need some help since I can't decide for myself. I have been having a problem with my computer. Apparently, I need to send my HDD disk is on life support, and changing it will cost me 154$ to that my battery is at 30% of its life and it'll cost me 130$ to fix it...
  3. L

    HELP! (Windows hardrive nightmare)

    Hi! Problem: I just bought a new omen obelisk which contains a 250gb m.2 SSD and also a 1tb HDD. The problem is that when I reset it when I got if from my friend it automatically installed windows on the SSD (something I don't want) and I have absolutely no idea how to move the OS to the...
  4. abuldx39

    Solved! Using HDD instead of CD drive, laptop cannot enter Operating system or setup

    Hello sir, I'm using acer aspure 5740 and i replaced my CD drive with HDD. I'm using SSD as my booting drive. When i turn laptop ON, it stays blank with Acer logo and also not enter Setup. When i remove second drive HDD, it enters OS and Setup. When i plug my HDD after entering OS , it works...
  5. S

    Can the Vostro 5470 be modded or upgraded to have 2 hard drives?

    I have recently purchased a Vostro 5470 and I would like to know whether I can have it modified to have 2 hard drive? Either having a HDD + mSSD combo or 2 SSD's Will putting a bigger mSSD enable the system to utilize 2 drives for storing and of course running programs like photoshop, etc...