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    Question MSI laptop, upgrade HDD to SDD

    Hi folks, I own a MSI GV62VR 7RF laptop. Acording to its specs, it has the following storage - HDD form factor x1, 2.5" HDD, (WD 1TB) SSD x1, M.2 SSD, SATA/ PCIE combo, (samsung 128 GB) The hdd has given me issues. Lost data twice. First one was within warranty so got it replaced. Right...
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    Crash no BSOD!

    I chose to put this post in Windows 10 forum, as i had no idea where else to put it. Feel free to move it. Specs: MSI GT72 2qe; i7 4720HQ GTX 980M 8 Gb 1600 MHz ram 2x 128 Gb ssd in raid 1 Tb hdd Windows 10 Alright, so this is a new one: I was playing a game, when suddenly my computer crashed...