Solved! Broken LCD - MSI GS66

Jul 8, 2021
I hope someone can help me with my issue.
I have a GS66-10SE (Intel i7-10750 and RTX2060) and I use it with an external monitor. One day the LCD on the laptop started flickering and stopped working, but the external monitor was OK. I tried testing the video driver and disabling the Intel graphics did nothing. But when I disabled the Nvidia card I lost the image on my external monitor.
Now I cant do anything on the computer, is there a way to restore the external monitor image without the LCD working?
I cant send to repair because in the country where i am now theres no MSI repair center. I would like to get the external monitor working until I can go back home and contact MSI support.
I sent to a technician that told me the LCD is busted but theres no parts here and would take months to get a new LCD.
Thank you for the help!
Turn on the laptop, check your router status page for the IP of the laptop, then use another computer to remote into the system and enable the nVidia card again.