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  1. Hyperstar

    Question Scratch lines in monitor

    photos: View: Hello, I recently bought a new LCD display monitor for my laptop and installed it replacing my old one which stopped working for my Asus Gaming laptop. There are these blue/white looking scratched lines on the display and I only see them when it's...
  2. R

    Solved! Broken LCD - MSI GS66

    I hope someone can help me with my issue. I have a GS66-10SE (Intel i7-10750 and RTX2060) and I use it with an external monitor. One day the LCD on the laptop started flickering and stopped working, but the external monitor was OK. I tried testing the video driver and disabling the Intel...
  3. F

    Question Are all laptop lcd cables made equal?

    I suspect my laptop's lcd cable is having issues so I bought an lcd screen and a cable. When I got the cable it seems that it's not exactly for my laptop. My laptop's lcd cable is DD0XJCLC030 While the cable I bought is DD0XJCLC000 I tried it on my laptop but the screen still isn't working...
  4. F

    Solved! Laptop screen is black but running, works with external monitor. Changed LDC cable and screen - no dice >:

    I have an ASUSx551m whose screen would go black while it was turned on. I bought another LCD cable and screen from a used but working ASUSx551m laptop. I tried the new lcd + cable, the old lcd + new cable, the new lcd + old cable and the actual laptop screen remains black. Plugging it to an...
  5. lothian-mcadam

    Question Sony XBR-49X800D -Vertical Lines

    Sony XBR-49X700D Manuf: 2017 Yet another post complaining about vertical lines in an LED TV... I have a Sony XBR-49X700D that decided one day to display a black screen and the dreaded "Sony Six Red Blinks". I buried my face in my hands, fully aware that the "Sony Six Flash" error code...
  6. miluti

    Solved! HP Notebook 17-x010ca was dropped 3ft onto a rug; backlight works, but no picture. Everything else seem to work when connected to an external monitor.

    HP Notebook 17-x010ca fell 3ft onto a rug. :( Backlight works (brightness, too) but NO picture. No beeps, no flashing lights. It'll brighten/dim as it goes through booting up, but no image. Nothing showing with a flashlight. Everything appears to work fine when hooked up to my TV (login...
  7. K

    Question I have some questions about laptop LCD cables.

    First, for some background, I'll copy my message from a different forum here. That will make my reasons for the questions clearer: "My laptop's screen won't turn on while the laptop itself does. I don't know how relevent it is, but my model is a toshiba qosmio. It started when a portion of...
  8. M

    Solved! HP TV display goes dark after a minute or so?

    Hello, I have an HP SL4782N 47" LCD TV that I got secondhand. It turns on and works at first with several different inputs, although the screen intermittently flickers. I can head a high pitched sound coming from the back of the TV (not quite as high pitched as the normal high-pitched-TV sound...
  9. ElementDevil

    Question Sony TV display turns on and then off

    I was watching TV and then suddenly the screen turned off but sound was still playing. I turned off the TV and then on and this is what I see View: The display comes on for 1 second and then fade with the text in shades of green and then off. Sound works, and the...
  10. E

    Question Laptop screen goes very dim when moved(HP Pavillion 15: tpn-c125)

    I'm helping a friend of mine with fixing his HP laptop which is only about a year and a half old. I would really appreciate any input on how to solve this problem. When I turn the laptop on, the screen is on but its so dim that you can barely see it. Only when you wiggle the laptop cover up and...
  11. S

    HP ENVY Laptop without LCD, No display on external monitor

    Hi all! I have an HP ENVY Laptop which I used for entry level gaming, DOTA etc. My brother accidentally cracked the LCD and I was forced to use the external monitor, as I cannot afford to replace the LCD. I then did a fresh install and did a system update and after the reboot, a black screen in...
  12. G

    Solved! Issues with 55" Sony Bravia LCD

    I have a 55" Sony Bravia LCD purchased 8 years ago. When I turn it on half the screen is black and the other half has vertical lines. I tried a new HDMI cable and it worked. Turned it off for the night and back to the same problem the next day. Is there a solution or is my TV ready for the...
  13. O

    Solved! My tecno y2 does not on LCD backlight please help me out

    PleasePlease help me out
  14. M

    Solved! Laptop LCD problem

    Hello, i suddenly have this issue on my LCD. I think its related to water which drops down the LCD but i am not 100% sure. Did somebody seen this kind of problem ? http:// http:// ITs about that center colum which have different colour
  15. J

    Solved! Can any Lcd fit with my Asus laptop? 15.6 inch.

    Can any Lcd fit with my Asus laptop? 15.6 inch.
  16. J

    Solved! lcd replacement for alienware

    Hi, I need new lcd but I can't effort them from eBay or etc...(it costs too much that way in here) So I'm looking to use other laptops lcd(or led display) , is it possible to do? Any models that fits and has enough quality? My lap alienware m14xr1 1600*900
  17. S

    My asus labtop wont turn on, how can i find out what model number it is so i can order a replacement LCD screen

    I broke my 2017 , 17 inch Asus laptop screen. I want to order a new replacement screen and fix it . My issue is that I don't know what exact model number the laptop is. Help
  18. S

    Solved! Vertical line on my laptop screen screws perfomance

    This is what i'm talking about because i just can't explain it. Everytime i hover my cursor below the vertical line as you see in the video it becomes choppy and slow like my whole screen is 60 fps and below the vertical line is like 15-20.And it's not only the...
  19. R

    LCD TV when play some time it got automatically flickering also detect horizontal lining up and down.

    If someone see the picture then tell the problem. It is just running picture Alway even after playing always seen running picture. When switched on it slightly or slowly 1-2 line getting out from bottom side of display.then after some time the line quantities are more. When it reach above 18-20...
  20. R

    Solved! Aspire 5102 black screen.

    Aspire 5102WLMi black screen.Works external monitor OK.Screen and inverter changed but still same fault.LCD connecting cable appears OK but not yet checked end-to-end.I believe there are two separate VGA outputs. Does anyone know if LCD and external outputs can be controlled independently or...
  21. T

    Solved! Random on off

    My 2008 Toshiba LCD Television Model HORV520 randomly turns on and off. We will be watching and it turns off and we can get it to turn back on. When we turn it off, it randomly turns back on.
  22. T

    Confirmation that my LCD TV is done for and I'm better off buying a new one then trying to fix it

    Based on what i read that's what i gathered and figured as much even before that, but I want confirmation from more knowledgeable people before I spend the money, no visible damage from the outside but this is what i get when i turn it on.
  23. S

    Solved! Toshiba LCD COLOUR TV 32SL738G

    Can someone tell me the part number and a link to purchase a new LCD screen for this model? The screen is cracked from an accidental hit to it. I want to just replace the screen. Is this possible? Toshiba LCD COLOUR TV 32SL738G
  24. G

    any lcd for main board

    hi guys, I have main board and I want to get lcd for it and I want to know which lcd will work on it if I have a choice, or it have to be the original one?
  25. P

    Solved! Dell Inspiron 5567 no display, but everything else works...

    Hi all, This laptop was dropped and the LCD shows physical damage. Upon booting I even get the 2/7 blink code, which correlates to an LDC failure. I've been using an external monitor for over a year or more, and it's just become a stationary laptop. I'm now trying to fix this...
  26. X

    HP Pavilion dv5-1235dx - No Display on LCD

    Tested with several reboots, hard boot and power bleed, NO DISPLAY. Tested with external display, output shows on both HDMI and VGA connections. The LCD display cable is in good condition, no pinches, cuts or tears. Firmly held in place. I though maybe the LCD was bad, so I bought a new one...
  27. M

    Solved! Lenovo Tab 4 10.1 replacing screen, no display

    Greetings, Our Lenovo Tab 4 was recently dropped, shattering the screen. As far as I could tell, the LCD underneath was fine, just the touchscreen was shattered. Since they're easier to buy as a bundle, I went ahead and purchased a replacement LCD and digitizer, and I've been able to...
  28. H

    Solved! HELP! Monitor won't turn on :(, works fine with external monitor + image when shone with light

    Please help. I have ASUS Zenbook UX340UA and I've been using it for around 7 months now . Yesterday afternoon after using it for a while the screen suddenly turned off. I used an external monitor (using HDMI) and was able to shut the laptop off. I thought by not using it overnight it would solve...
  29. T

    Is there an easy way to fix these horizontal gray lines on iPad?

    Hi, I have these gray lines that cover half the iPad mini 3 and sometimes the intensity of the lines varies. I hope this can be a easy fix. It seems like an LCD problem. when i can't see past it when i can see past it
  30. L

    Solved! lcd screen doenst work (properly) anymore

    hi, My mothers sony vaoi pcg 3j1m didn't work anymore because the ac jack was broken, so I replaced it, buy when I put the laptop back together the screen had these vertical lines in different colors and half of the screen was just Grey/black. For replacing the ac jack I also needed to also...
  31. Z

    Solved! How to connect my Haier 42' TV to my Home Theater

    I have and LCD Haier TV, Model L42F6. It has AV Out, and 3.5mm jack audio output. It already says in the manual "Component, HDMI or PC input source cannot be used for Monitor Out (witch is the proper name for the AV out part). So my question is: How can I use my Home Theater in order to listen...
  32. C

    Solved! Change mxq display to 1360x768 at 60 hz

    Im using the Bush LCD TV with HDMI & every time I try to use it this message appears onscreen. Should I get another TV to sort out the mxqs display
  33. M

    Solved! Multimeter test for power - where do I attach the black probe?

    The backlight of my LCD screen isn't powered anymore. Maybe my motherboard isn't supplying power to the LCD screen? Basing myself on the laptop schematics, I'm trying to test if various components of the laptop provide power. I know I'm supposed to put the red probe on the location where power...
  34. S

    LCD cable or LCD itself?

    Hello I have a acer aspire v5-573G and suddenly I get this one part of the screen with grey lines. So no other random parts of the screen. When I have a white background, the part gets yellow. With mixed colors u see discolored pixels. When i move the lid it goes away. Or if i put a little...
  35. C

    Solved! Why does my RCA LED LCD HDTV DVD COMBO TV suddenly not play dvds?

    My 32” RCA LED LCD HDTV DVD COMBO TV suddenly stopped playing dvds. It makes an odd squeeling sound when I insert a dvd, and won’t play at all!
  36. D

    polarized LCD screen

    Hello everyone, I have an HP dv6-6b27 nr, for lack of a better word the LCD screen is polarized, looks like the aurora lights are running through it. I have replaced the screen, but I still have the same results, when I hook it up to an external monitor it is fine. Is it possible the cable to...
  37. B

    Solved! Problem of no sound and pictures

    My "32" ECCO LCD TV,has no sound and pictures but the red is on.what could be the problem can it be fixed
  38. R

    Need help with a Wbox 0E-55LED4K lcd tv

    I have a 55” tv made by Wbox mod number 0E-55LED4K (ADI brand). The screen has turned upside down and I am not able to find a way to correct it. Wbox tech support has not returned any of my calls or answered any of the emails. If anyone is able to assist me I would greatly appreciate it.
  39. L

    Lcd screen compatibility

    Are Magnavox&Vizio tv screens compatible
  40. M

    LCD Backlight Not Powered (Dell Inspiron 7559)

    My Dell 7559 no longer powers up the screen backlight. I tried two different LCD LED screens and both have the same issue (If I shine a light at the screen I can see some text) The problem started a few days ago. The screen became a lot darker, then a bit later it became pitch black. I'm not...
  41. B

    Solved! Iam having lcd tv which has no USB port n then I want to connect chrome cast to it it possible to connect

    Does we any USB to hdmi connectors
  42. S

    Looking for a replacement bulb or LCD/LED

    Projector cuts on and cuts off. What’s wrong do I need to replace the LCD/LED it is an RCA RPJ129
  43. F

    Solved! which Bluetooth transmitter model compatible with LCD Samsung TV LA40A610AJR - i need to be foe 2 headphones

    which Bluetooth transmitter model compatible with LCD Samsung TV LA40A610AJR - i need to use 2 headphones
  44. A

    Solved! Proview - TV turns on - no picture

    I have an old 40 inch LCD TV - Proview PA-40JK1A model. The TV turns on and am able to see the Proview logo, the menu, the settings etc. However, when I connect a laptop via HDMI or VGA cable, I do see the screen resolution and refresh rate on screen, but I do not see any picture. I am familiar...
  45. D

    Solved! MSI GS73 Stealth Replacement 4K LCD

    Anyone know why MSI makes it so hard to find replacement parts for their laptops? I'm looking for a replacement LCD for my GS73VR 7RF Stealth 17.3" 4K laptop, and literally everyone shows "out of stock", and MSI is no help at all. It's a simple part to replace, if I could find one... This is a...
  46. A

    LG not open

    My LG LCD is not opening for long tym if closed once from main power but after few hours it opens. Why??
  47. A

    Solved! I have a Samsung LN32D405E 32inch LCD TV.

    I have a Samsung LN32D405E 32 inch LCD TV. It doesn't have audio out jacks, only audio in, and only HDMI in, no out. I would like to connect a bluetooth transmitter to the TV to use bluetooth headphones. It doesn't look like that's possible with this TV. Am I right?
  48. B

    Vizio 65-inch P-Series Quantum PQ65-F1 Review: Quantum Dots and Sizzling Backlight

    The Vizio P-Series Quantum PQ65-F1 is a good first effort for a quantum-dot LCD TV, but it doesn't quite match the premium competition. Vizio 65-inch P-Series Quantum PQ65-F1 Review: Quantum Dots and Sizzling Backlight : Read more
  49. M

    Solved! Get external lcd to work w/HP 15-f1010dx Pavilion

    This laptop has a broken screen. An external screen does not display anything. I've tried using Fn + F4 keys at various stages of boot. Nope. It's been suggested if I disconnect the internal cable to the touchscreen that might allow the external lcd to display. Any feedback would be...
  50. C

    Lcd Connecting to Home theater Issue

  51. W

    Purpe/red spots appeared on laptop screen

    So about 6 months ago I bought a laptop second hand, and just today some red or purple spots has appeared on the screen. It is not visible when the screen is white, but when it is dark it is pretty obvious. No it is not a dead pixel, since it is not just one red pixel, big spots has appeared. I...
  52. A

    Solved! Can a flawed LCD cable damage LCD/backlight?

    Hi. My Lenovo E40-70 had one problem: the display became black (showed nothing) at some angles. At angles large enough (say 130 degrees) everything was OK (By 'angle' I mean the angle between the LCD and the keyboard.) I gave the laptop to a very small firm for LCD cable replacement. The next...
  53. K

    Solved! using certain area of a broken lcd

    hi i have a old hp laptop with faulty screen in bottom side . it's not a lot but it covers the taskbar. i want to know if there is a way for me to make the windows 7 to use a certain area of a monitor. this way i would be able to ignore the faulty section of the lcd and use the rest of the...
  54. M

    Sharp Lcd only white screen

    Sharp lc-60e78un only has white screen no picture and white flickering. Replaced tcon
  55. R

    Panasonic tv turns on then turns off

    panasonic lcd tv model TC-65CX420U turns on to the load screen and light stay red then shuts off after about 30 second
  56. B

    Samsung Q8FN QLED TV Review: Watch Your Back, OLED

    The Samsung 65-inch Q8FN QLED TV is a premium 4K TV that not only offers great picture quality and superb 4.1 sound, it can even compete with OLED displays, thanks to the best black levels we've seen on an LCD display. Samsung Q8FN QLED TV Review: Watch Your Back, OLED : Read more
  57. A

    Solved! Running vostro 3550 with cracked LCD

    So after I went back home LCD on my vostro broke and I only get 8 beeps that signals LCD erros, but is there any option to run it with just external screen ? I really don't want to get a new screen just becous the price is ridiculous.
  58. R

    65inch led lcd smart TV

    How i can Bluetooth my phone to my rca led lcd 65inch smart TV
  59. V

    Black screen on ASUS X551CA laptop

    I just cleaned my laptop of dust by taking it apart but when I turned it on , everything went as expected. The fans work and the two LCD lights at the bottom are lit up but the screen doesn't turn on. It is not black but isn't lit up at all... Can it be something with the cable? I don't have a...
  60. T

    lcd 46" rca tv

    lcd 46" rca tv works for a few minutes then tv screen goes black with sound working. Turn off and cool down video will work again but go blank again after few minutes when it warms up. Sound always works. tv works for a few minutes then tv screen goes black with sound working. Turn off and cool...