HP ENVY Laptop without LCD, No display on external monitor

Feb 1, 2019
Hi all!

I have an HP ENVY Laptop which I used for entry level gaming, DOTA etc. My brother accidentally cracked the LCD and I was forced to use the external monitor, as I cannot afford to replace the LCD. I then did a fresh install and did a system update and after the reboot, a black screen in the external. I've tried different kinds of LCDs but no luck. I read online that I need to install the drivers of the GPU and wait until Windows boots in order for the external monitor to show up.

My laptop requires a Password when powering up so I can hear the BEEP when I enter too many keys so I can tell that it's active. Does anybody have any experience in fixing this? Your help will be much appreciated.
This sounds like the laptop's LCD is still working and detected, it's just incapable of displaying anything. And the computer is defaulting to using it instead of the external display. You probably need to install some drivers to get the laptop's Fn hotkeys working so you can switch between internal and external display.

If you're comfortable disassembling the laptop, you can disconnect the internal cable which goes to the LCD. The laptop then will no longer detect the built-in LCD, and should default to using the external display when you have a monitor plugged into that.


It's roughly half the steps you need to swap the LCD panel. So it's good practice for when you eventually do get a new LCD. Replacing it yourself is considerably cheaper than having a repair shop do it. You just have to be careful to buy a compatible panel.
Feb 1, 2019
Thanks for the reply Solandri, I have disassembled the laptop, its an HP ENVY m6, removed the battery and drained the power for 30+ seconds, as I believe this would hard reset the device. I removed the 30 pin connector from the motherboard that connects to the LCD and tried to force the laptop to read / display the external monitor, same problem. I am still able to enter the Power On password, but have no idea what the laptop displays after that. I tried a fresh install of Windows on a different laptop and transferred the hard drive and still no luck.

I may have to save up for a second hand LCD.

Is it possible to get a miniPCI E card and boot the laptop using an external graphics card?

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