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    Question Lenovo P51 freezes when connected to external monitor

    Hey all. I have a Thinkpad P51. Recently I have been facing this issue when I connect my laptop with an external monitor it freezes and my mouse pointer disappear. I have to force shutdown by holding the power button. It doesnt matter how I connect it: via displayport, hdmi or thunderbolt it...
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    Question how to get a toshiba c55d-b5203 to connect to a external monitor with its main screen broke

    this is a absolute hail mary, but hopefully 🙏. i have a toshiba c55d-b5203 with a severely broken screen, that won’t connect to external monitor/tv. it honestly hasn’t been booted up in a few years so i don’t really know what it’s showing immediately but here i am again trying to bring it back...
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    Solved! What refreshrate can I have on an external monitor?

    I was wondering how much refreshrate i can have on an external monitor? It looks like i only have HDMI and two USB-C ports (Not thunderbolt). Can I then only have 60 Hz External monitor? The laptop monitor is 144Hz. Hope someone can answer my question :) This is my laptop...
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    Solved! Laptop Broken Monitor - self-inflicted driver issue

    Hi, I have a Lenovo laptop that has a broken screen. I've been using an HDMI external monitor for a little bit. There was an AMD graphics card driver update that buggered things up. So I did the stupidest thing and in device manager, I removed the driver like a twit, which of course stopped...
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    HP ENVY Laptop without LCD, No display on external monitor

    Hi all! I have an HP ENVY Laptop which I used for entry level gaming, DOTA etc. My brother accidentally cracked the LCD and I was forced to use the external monitor, as I cannot afford to replace the LCD. I then did a fresh install and did a system update and after the reboot, a black screen in...
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    Solved! Macbook Air 2015 As An External Monitor

    Hi, I currently have a windows 10 gaming PC with 1 monitor which uses a display port. I was wondering if I could use my 2015 Macbook Air (which has a thunderbolt 2 port) as an external monitor display connecting to my pc as a second monitor. Is this possible and if so what cables and/or adapters...
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    Solved! Lenovo Yoga Black Screen after disconnecting from external monitor

    Lenova Yoga 900 13-isk Both Laptop screen and Monitor screen show the display but when disconnected from external monitor laptop screen becomes black. Try to reboot from laptop disconnected to external monitor. It boots with windows welcome sound but the screen is black with function keys...
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    Solved! Turning on Laptop through external keyboad

    I have my laptop connected to an external monitor. I don't want to have to open my laptop every time I want to turn it on as it is in an awkward position. Is there any way to to turn it on through my keyboard? (I would just make a macro but if I turn off my laptop my keyboard turns off. I've set...
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    Solved! Aspire 5102 black screen.

    Aspire 5102WLMi black screen.Works external monitor OK.Screen and inverter changed but still same fault.LCD connecting cable appears OK but not yet checked end-to-end.I believe there are two separate VGA outputs. Does anyone know if LCD and external outputs can be controlled independently or...
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    Solved! Laptop without screen

    Hey guys! So a friend of mine has a laptop which's screen is broken and removed from it. Tha laptop is HP Pavilion g6 with intel core I7 with gpu AMD Radeon 7600. When we turn on the laptop on after a reinstall it doesen't display anything on a external monitor.(before the reinstall it worked...
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    Solved! Dell Inspiron 5567 no display, but everything else works...

    Hi all, This laptop was dropped and the LCD shows physical damage. Upon booting I even get the 2/7 blink code, which correlates to an LDC failure. I've been using an external monitor for over a year or more, and it's just become a stationary laptop. I'm now trying to fix this...
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    Solved! Toshiba L300 does not send signal to external monitor

    Hi, My Toshiba L300 does not send VGA signal to Viewsonic2230w monitor despite it recognises it. I can see my monitor in Device manager and display settings. I can hear the chimes when connect it but no signal. I uodated viewsonic driver but I only fund it for win7. Monitor works fine with...
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    Solved! HDMI Output to External Monitor - Issue on Razer Blade 14 Laptop

    My laptop (Razer Blade 14 Geforce GTX 1060), is having an issue outputting to an external monitor via HDMI (a monitor that until yesterday it has worked fine with). Although the laptop will detect the external monitor, and will tell me it is extending or duplicating the display, the external...
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    Solved! HELP! Monitor won't turn on :(, works fine with external monitor + image when shone with light

    Please help. I have ASUS Zenbook UX340UA and I've been using it for around 7 months now . Yesterday afternoon after using it for a while the screen suddenly turned off. I used an external monitor (using HDMI) and was able to shut the laptop off. I thought by not using it overnight it would solve...
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    Solved! My Laptop Screen is black and I plug to an external monitor it doesn't also works it gives me the orange light, can anyone ple

    My Laptop Screen is black and I plug to an external monitor it doesn't also works it gives me the orange light, can anyone please help me
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    Solved! keyboard shortcut to toggle the display to an external monitor.

    keyboard shortcut to toggle the display to an external monitor. my laptop screen is broken and I'm hoping a toggle shortcut would help
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    entering bios with external monitor, Tosiba Satellite C50-b 158

    my screen is cracked and i have a another screen with vgs samsung but when i try to go to bios its black can you tell me how to go on bios from secont screen cause main screen is cracked? pls <3
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    Lenovo Yoga 730 screen flashing like crazy

    Please help a Lenovo victim here. I have been using the laptop for a month and then the screen started flashing like crazy to the point of unusable. Right now the screen starts flickering basically within 5 mins of use. Only after this issue had surfaced then I searched the internet, only to...
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    External monitor plug in

    My all in one hour desktop screen is broken. Where do I plug my USB for the external monitor I do not want to lose my all on one so please help me
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    Solved! Laptop HDMI version??

    I own an Asus GL553VD laptop and wanted to use external monitor which is Acer KG251QF (1080p 144hz Freesync) as i want to have a 144hz display. But my laptop only comes with HDMI port and i don't know which version is it (also comes with USB Type-C) and the monitor support HDMI 1.4 and...
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    Solved! Black laptop screen

    Recently my HP Probook 450 G1's display has stopped working, it turns on as I can see the backlight but I am only able to see anything else through use of an external monitor. How can I fix this?
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    Solved! Connecting external monitor to broken laptop issue(video mode not supported)

    hello! my laptop screen is broken ( Half of it works ) and I decided to use my old samsung monitor, I went and i bought a cabel ( HDMI to VGA ) and i plugged the monitor cabel to the laptop. and On the monitor it says Video mode not supported. How can I fix the problem to use the monitor insted...
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    Solved! Dell laptop screen boots yo then qits will only work on external monitor

    When I turn it on the screen boots as usual then goes black unless I hook to HDMI monitor.
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    Solved! [eGPU]External monitors to share eGPU and iGPU

    Hi, Here is the background. I'm using MBP15 late2016 with RP455, three external monitors and a sonnet RX580 eGPU. Since the eGPU is the only one that power up the three monitors the RP455 is basically idle all the time. so I'm wondering if its possible to hook up one monitor directly to my MBP...
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    Solved! Setting an external monitor to boot with lost screen

    Hello ! im new to this comunity and if i put this in the wrong category fell free to tell me, anyways i have an samsung rv520 laptop and it has a broken screen ,the laptop wont boot now .theres only a white cracked screen , my little brother did something in the commands promt..i asked him what...
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    Acer aspire one with black screen

    My Acer aspire one series N214 Model No ZG5 power on but nothing display on the screen and on external monitor please help
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    Solved! Is there any way to connect your external monitor to your dedicated graphics card

    I have an ASUS gaming laptop with a GTX 960m in it and a 144 Hz monitor that I recently bought. The problem is that my monitor isn't running at 144 Hz. When I go into my display settings on windows 10, it says that it's using the Intel graphics card and I don't know how to change it so that the...
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    Using integrated graphics card on external Monitor instead of dedicated graphics card

    Greetings, I just got a new laptop not too long ago. its an MSI PE62VR (intel core i7 7700hq, Nvidia GTX 1060m), which has enough power for me to do my school work. I always used a second monitor to get my college work done, it's really nice to have two screens to work with multiple virtual...
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    Is my laptop able to handle 120 hz 1080p external monitor?

    Hello, I am planning on getting a 120 hz monitor for my laptop, can anyone help me clarify my laptop's hdmi port (and cable) version? and does it supports 120 hz external monitor at 1080p? laptop model: Inspiron 15 7000 Series 7559 cable...
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    Hooking my laptop up to bluetooth speaker and external monitor

    [Moderator note: moved post from Technologies to Home Entertainment.] I have a Lenovo laptop which I often take out to do presentations. I want to hook up my bluetooth speaker and a 40 inch smart TV as an external monitor in able to have a big screen so that people in a large area can see the...
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    Solved! Running vostro 3550 with cracked LCD

    So after I went back home LCD on my vostro broke and I only get 8 beeps that signals LCD erros, but is there any option to run it with just external screen ? I really don't want to get a new screen just becous the price is ridiculous.
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    Dell G7 freezes while gaming, the laptop is closed, connected to external monitor, but resumes once the lid is opened

    I have a new Dell G7 Laptop. Runs perfectly fine. Only issue is when I play games with an external monitor, the game freezes. I have to open the laptop back up and then everything goes back to normal. I close it and then 5- 10 minutes later bam its stuck and I have to open it again. Not the...
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    Laptop with Broken Screen Won't Connect with an External Monitor

    I have a laptop with a broken screen so I have to connect to an external monitor to use it. I initially was able to connect to an external monitor after trying some stuff. However after a power outage while using the laptop, I proceed to sleep just to wake up and find that my external monitor...
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    Black screen on external monitor for laptop after driver update

    Hello, I had used driver booster by IObit to update anything out of date and when it had finished and after I had restarted the computer, the external monitor's screen was black. I had attempted to troubleshoot on my own and had reset the PC but still the black screen, I also uninstalled and...
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    laptop + external monitor + sound bar?

    I want to use these three components together: laptop with HDMI output, Yamaha YAS-107 sound bar with HDMI in/out, external monitor with HDMI input. I'd like to connect my laptop to the sound bar with an HDMI cable, then connect the sound bar to an external PC monitor with another HDMI cable...
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    I took the screen completly off my HP Pavillion laptop and hooked up an external. I accidently told the display to read the on

    I took the screen off my hp pavilion laptop and was using an external monitor, i accidentally told the computer to display to the on board monitor, now my external monitor wont work.Is there any keys on the key board that will undo what i did or get the external monitor to work?
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    Laptop auto shuts down every 30 mins but was solved when I used an external monitor. Can somebody explain this?

    I have a laptop that was constantly shutting every 15 to 30 mins.Longest 45 mins tops. It drove me crazy because I needed to finish my assignment. I tried a few tips provided here on tom's guide but nothing seems to work. A friend asked me to use an external monitor (Acer monitor) and see if I...
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    Solved! asus lock 1 problem

    Hi I got problem with lock 1, when i connect with external monitor can open and off the laptop and try to turn and happen again lock 1, pls try to help
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    Laptop screen stopped working After windows update

    I bought a new MSI gs63 stealth a few months ago. Everything has been great. Today I turn it on and the screen is blank. All the keys light up and if I plug it into an external monitor with the hdmi that works. Is there something I might be missing here? I searched this issue and couldn't find...
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    My thinkpad only connects to an external monitor how can I get it to work without the external monitor

    Black screen needing to connect without an external screen how to fix ?
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    Is it better to buy a laptop with screen resolutions same as the external monitor to avoid issues?

    Hello, I am considering to buy a Windows laptop. Trying to decide between a FHD and UHD screen option. In the past I read that Windows 10 had some scaling issues in 4K. Have they been fixed? If my external display (TV) is 4K, is it better to get a laptop with 4K screen to avoid issues caused by...
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    laptop external monitor

    my Toshiba laptop use to show on external monitor using HDMI but after i system reset it. It wont show up on external monitor and my laptops monitor is broken.
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    Laptop Screen Not Displaying after connecting to External Monitor

    Lately I've been using my laptop hooked up to an external monitor (HP w17e) via an HDMI adapter to my laptop's (Dell Inspiron 7567) HDMI port. Recently I wanted to use my laptop's screen again, but it won't display anything in windows. After restarting it I know the display itself isn't faulty...
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    It takes a long time for my laptop to restart after a "sfc /scannow" and my monitor does not show signal.

    My desktop laptop (My screen does not work and I use an external monitor) has been restarted (I think) after a sfc /scannow operation to repair some files after the screen freezes and makes noises. (All laptop lights are on and my monitor says there is no signal)
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    HP Envy 15 Screen Blank

    Last night my laptop worked well but now the screen wont turn on. I've tested it with an external monitor and it displays there but not on the laptop screen. I'm thinking I damaged the LCD cable or something similar during my car ride home this afternoon. I was hoping someone would have some way...
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    Laptop Monitor Lag

    I have the acer aspire e15 laptop and I have it connected to a new monitor. The problem I experience severe lag when I try to play games. The monitor is 1920x1080 and 60hz. When I play fortnite without the monitor I get steady frames. But when I play with the monitor I get 20-30 frames. I find...
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    Solved! Broken screen: can I use an external monitor on HDMI?

    I have an Acer VN7-591G with a broken screen. I'd like to use it with a monitor attached to HDMI. However booting it will only display the Acer logo on that screen. I have no relevant options in the BIOS menu (which does display normally on the monitor when pressing F2 at boot). I've also tried...
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    Toshiba Satellite C850 black screen sometimes on but no display just black display

    When I on my laptop sometimes it will on but only black display, even I tried it on external monitor no luck and sometimes the monitor doesn't on and the fan is working too. I already tried the technique off Shift + F8 + Power , or F5 + power, etc... I did clean my ram but no luck for me. I just...
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    whats wrong with my laptop?

    i have a hp envy 17t-j000, and it's connected to an external monitor due to broken laptop screen. it's a intel inside core i5 and has nvidia geforce. so when i connected my laptop to an external monitor, i thought why not make it a dual external monitor display. and i did, been using it for over...
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    Display problem sony vaio

    I'm using vpcw12s1e sony vaio. it's screen is broken now. i attached an external monitor. but it only works when i reach login screen. i want to access the bios. but broken screen can't make me see anything until i reach login screen. please help in details. Thanks
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    Solved! Laptop Monitor Black

    Laptop monitor powers on, can see LOGO, then goes black. Connected to external monitor, can see desktop. Have tried changing projection options so its DUPLICATE instead of just displaying on 2ndary monitor. Still nothing. Just happened after running a windows update, cause the SKYPE app kept...
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    Solved! Asus x550z motherboard dead?

    My initial problem with this laptop was the screen would be blank when I turned it on. I tried connecting an external monitor but nothing showed up. Then I tried to get it to give some sort of bios beep code by removing the hard drive, optical drive, network card, and cmos battery but it still...
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    (tried everything) Can't connect broken laptop screen to external monitor

    I have a HP pavilion power 15, 2017 model, and I've broken the screen. I followed many tutorials on how to connect it to an external monitor (fn f4 etc) but none of them worked. I've found that apparently if I disconnect the LCD from the laptop motherboard (which I have) I should be able to get...
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    Viewing BIOS/recovery on external display, broken laptop screen

    Hey all, I've had a Lenovo Y510P laptop with a broken screen for years, and have been using it with an external monitor. Recently it was 'bricked' from a faulty Windows update, but I can still load BIOS & boot options, Windows recovery and Lenovo recovery. It even displayed this all to the...
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    Solved! sony a3000 monitor

    i recently brought an a300 and was wondering if i can attach an external monitor
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    would using additional monitor increase the temperature of the GPU by a lot?

    I have a ROG G750jx laptop and using a 21" external monitor simultaneously for editing. would the additional monitor greatly affect the temperature of the GPU?
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    ASUS laptop's screen won't turn on after ASUS logo (Windows 10) but works in external monitor

    Recently I received a blue screen that promptly shut down my laptop. After restarting it, the laptop's screen would simply not turn on (no backlight or anything) after the ASUS startup logo finishes its process. It's not a matter with the internal video cord because the ASUS logo still displays...
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    Aspire ES-15 black screen

    Hi guys My Aspire ES-15 switches on but the screen is completely black even when I connect it to an external monitor. The blue and orange for charging indicators are on. The fan also produces a sound. Please guys I need help I also tried the aforementioned solutions nothing seems to help my...
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    I spilt water on my laptop which has a broken screen

    Laptop: https://support.hp.com/gb-en/document/c05536973 At first i had broken my laptop screen and then spilt water on it. the laptop dint switch on for a few days but, after a week or so it started switching on. i couldn't see anything on the laptop as it had a broken screen (cracked) so i...
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    Broken laptop screen doesn't work with hdmi

    Laptop screen is broken, I've just replaced the keyboard and when using hdmi it doesn't work on an external monitor, only says no cable connected. When using D- sub it says no signal so I have no idea what to do.