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    Laptop capable of 3 external 4k displays

    Hi all, Does anyone know of a laptop that can support 3 external 4k monitors (laptop screen can be off when docked to them, not bothered about that)? I basically want to use the laptop as a portable workstation that can be docked. I know there is the StarTech dock that claims to support 3...
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    Hp 6570b not booting up ,fane running and cap lock and num lock blinking

    My Hp 6570b laptop is not powering up,When l press the power on button cap and num lock keys blinks 3times and stop and proceed again ,then the fane started running.No display is shown on the screen I tried to use an external monitor bt nothing shown up I also tried to remove the ram cards and...
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    Solved! Connecting 2nd Display

    I have an Acer Aspire V Nitro 17.3 laptop with a GTX 965m graphics card. I currently have it connected to an external monitor via a HDMI cable. I want to connect a second external display (1080p 60hz) to my laptop. I have multiple USB 3.0 ports, and I have a USB C (Thunderbolt 3) port available...
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    Laptop LCD screen flickering (gets better if ext. monitor plugged in)

    Hello community, I apologise for the long post but I want to describe the problem as well as I can. The problem: The screen flickers and scrambles almost constantly. These are my observations and what I tried. Observations: - The problem starts before the OS starts to load, right during boot...
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    Dell 5520 Laptop Second Monitor Detected but NO Signal

    This happened a couple of days ago. My siblings' computer stopped getting video signal, right after their monitor fell on floor. I decided to try it on my laptop which already has an external screen connected to it, just to see if the monitor is faulty or it could be something else. So i...
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    Macbook A1181 2008 boots but no display

    My macbook 2008 A1181 chimes and boots but no display, even the external monitor doesnt come on.
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    my lenovo thinkpad showed a black screen and now white and pink vertical lines

    my lenovo thinkpad laptop was fine until last night when it said it had a problem and needed to restart itself, i have restarted it several times but i have an non removable battery so i can not reset it any other way. It turned black and now it is just showing white and pink vertical lines. i...
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    The laptop works with an external monitor, no problem. what is my next step to look for please?

    My laptop does work with an external monitor, how do I resolve my problem. Thanks
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    Broken Laptop Display; Using an External Monitor; Cannot Get the Right Resolution

    Hi, my laptop (Lenovo thinkpad x230) had a broken display, so I removed it and decided to use the laptop with an external display; my 1080p monitor. I did a fresh install of windows 10, when I first booted into windows the resolution was at the correct 1080p, however it quickly changed to 1024 x...
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    HP Pavilion G7 broken screen

    I've got a broken screen on my HP Pavilion G7 laptop, I'm trying to see the BIOS boot screen on an external monitor so I can reinstall the OS. But it doesn't display until the Windows Login Screen appears. I've tried Function+F4, but that doesn't help. How can I get the BIOS menu to display on...
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    Canon eos 70D

    I’ve purchased a Canon EOS 70D and the DJI Ronin M and I need to get a external monitor so I can actually see what I’m recording. Is there any solutions as I can’t connect my phone to WiFi whilst recording on it
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    Dell Studio 1749 8 Beeps

    I've had my Dell Studio 1749 for at least 6 years now, and while using it yesterday the screen flickered on and off several times and then froze, forcing me to turn it off. When i went to turn it back on the screen did not turn on, and the laptop repeats 8 beeps over and over. I've googled and...
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    Windows 7 laptop broken screen not showing up on monitor

    Hi I have a windows 7 pavilion laptop that I broke the screen on, I had been using an external monitor for the longest time, but then I tried to upgrade to windows 10 it reset and then when the laptop booted up it was on but it did not show up on the monitor or tv. Please help I would love to...
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    Can i combine 2 laptops to 1 monitor?

    Can i connect 2 laptops to 1 external monitor to increase the performance?
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    Laptop with single HDMI port - VR and second monitor splitter

    G'day guys. So what I have here - laptop with single HDMI port (Dell 7567 w/1050), using for external monitor for my kid to play full screen games. And now I brought her Dell VRP100 to play around and education. VR set works without any problems so far. Problem is a single HDMI port. In order to...
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    Premiere Pro unresponsive when using external monitor.

    Hey guys, Premiere Pro seems to lag significantly and ends up becoming unresponsive when I use an external monitor plugged into my laptop for editing videos. Does anyone know what may be causing the sudden lag and unresponsiveness? I'm using a Lenovo ThinkPad P51 with a Xeon processor with...
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    Resolution of HP2711X External Monitor/HD TV vs Laptop Graphics Card

    Buying new Windows 10 computer but don’t want to overspend on laptop graphics capability since will not use laptop screen alone very often. I should save money by getting 13.3” vs larger screen - correct. Also is GeForce MX150 spending more than I need to? Is 940MX or HD620 OK - won’t HP2711X...
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    PC Stuck in Safe Mode w/ No Display

    I entered Safe Mode in WIN10 via msconfig, but little did I know that my external monitor (TV) doesn't work in Safe Mode. This means that my PC now starts in Safe Mode, so it's STUCK, and I have no way of undoing this via msconfig because there is no display on the screen. Is there a way I can...
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    what is an external monitor

    Asus chromebook black screen
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    External monitor no longer recognized

    I have a dell inspiron 1500. The screen is broken and the Hinges are locked in a way that makes closing the laptop impossible. I have been using the laptop in conjunction with an external monitor but since I completely wiped and reset the laptop, the monitor isn’t showing anything when I start...
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    lid partially open vs. closed? (Dell Latitude 5580)

    Hello, I'm using a Dell Latitude 5580 laptop with an external monitor. The problem is that my desk is pretty small, so I cannot keep the lid fully open. The solution I found so far is to keep it partially open, somewhere between 30-45 degrees. I'm thinking about a few downsides of doing this...
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    My laptop doesn't recognize peripheral devices connected to its external monitor.

    How would I go about enabling my Windows 7 laptop which is connected to an external monitor via HDMI, to recognize peripheral devices plugged into said external monitor?
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    Solved! I lost my signal from my laptop to an external monitor. Computer says no signal from laptop. I had some updates come through o

    I have a HDMI to VGA connection from my laptop to my external monitor. Some updates came through on the laptop, and now the monitor says there is no connection to the laptop. I replace the HDMI to VGA thinking it went out. No change, monitor still says no connection to computer. Do I need to...
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    Packard Bell EasyNote TE, smashed display, wont detect external display on boot

    Hi, My sisters son completely smashed the screen on her Packard Bell EasyNote TE. I took out the hard drive and put it in an external display so she still has all her data, she said I can keep the laptop for parts. The display is destroyed but everything else appears to be fine. Only the top...
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    Solved! ASUS X200MA Notebook PC external display not functioning after restart. No main monitor attached because it is broken.

    I have an ASUS X200MA Notebook PX that has a broken lcd screen. What I did is I removed the whole LCD panel and replaced it with an external monitor. At first, the external monitor is functioning and displaying properly but after restarting or shutting down and turning it back on, there is no...
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    dell 15-7569 laptop flickering...bad ribbon or chip?

    it works great, then by moving the lid up & down, i can eventually get it to flicker, along with the red light (where the camera is) rapidly blinking. i hooked up an external monitor and it works fine until i get the unit to start blinking again. does this mean the video chip needs...
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    Laptop display to external monitor problems!...

    Hi! I have a Acer Aspire E15 2012-MOD with a broken screen. I have used an external monitor to show the screen with a vga-cable(my laptops hdmi port is not working.) Lately my laptop was getting slower, so i fabric reset the machine. Now when i start the computer i cant get an image on the...
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    Laptop broken screen - stuck on Windows 10 log-in screen and cannot use external monitor

    I have a Windows 10 Lenovo Ideapad 310-15ABR. The screen is not working – just showing striped lines. I want to connect it to an external monitor, but cannot as I am on the Windows 10 log-in screen (I know this because it quickly flicks onto the attached external monitor connected via VGA cable...
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    White background on laptop makes the screen go black.

    My Asus N-Series (N550J) screen goes black every time a bright background comes on screen, unless I have the laptop's screen tilted far enough back at an annoying to use angle. I've had a look on other forums and websites and I'm struggling to find something that fits with my issue. The laptop...
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    Laptop with broken screen won't connect to external monitor. Need to tell Laptop to be in Extend mode but screen broken so I

    Laptop with broken screen won't connect to external monitor. Need to tell Laptop to be in Extend mode but screen broken so I can't see it on screen. And it wont show on monitor screen. Does anyone have the answer to this problem?
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    Black screen with cursor

    I have a Toshiba Satellite c55c5241 that has a broken screen so I use an external monitor using HDMI with no problems until now. When i turn it on i can see the password screen but am Unable to go any further because it turns to a black screen on the external (I cant see whats on the laptop...
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    Exp gdc with hd 7850

    how to install exp gdc v8.0 with hd 7850 on asus x550dp without external monitor.
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    Toshiba Satellite Laptop has broken screen (no visual) and won’t connect to external monitor

    Having a problem with my laptop. The screen is completely goosed so decided to connect it to my tv using a vga cable! The simple tricks of pressing f4 and windows button + p haven’t worked. The main issue is i can’t see whats going on to rectify the problem all because my screen is knackered...
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    Samsung r530 with broken screen

    I have a samsung r530 which has both HDMI and VGA my screen is cracked so cant see anything on the laptop I have tried connecting it to my tv and booting up pressing FN +F4 but to no avail what else can I try to force image onto external monitor
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    Solved! Toshiba P55W-C5316 2in1 4k screen won't work

    My P55W-C5316 turns on and runs normal on a external monitor but the laptop screen won't turn on. When I put a flashlight on the screen I can see parts of the screen. Thinking it was the backlight I bought a new screen panel and it does the same thing on the new one. Does anyone have any ideas...
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    Will my laptop support 1440p 144hz

    Getting an external monitor and I'm not sure if my laptop will support a 1440p 144hz monitor. It has a gtx 1060 and i7-7700HQ. Primarily using this for CSGO
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    External monitor problem

    WHEN I BOOT MY pc ,the process is shown on the external monitor. Once it is loading the XP program, the external monitor goes black and only the laptops monitor is working. The external says that the cable is not connected, but it is ! I haved tried to find a solution in the control panel...
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    Black screen on laptop even with external monitor

    Hey there guys, So up til yesterday my laptop was working fine (I have a HP Pavilion DV6). Yesterday I was playing GTA on my laptop when the game crashed so I decided to just turn the laptop off (I can't remember if I selected "update and shut down" or "hibernate" so the laptop may have updated...
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    Dell studio xps 1640.

    I replace the screen with a brand new one. It was working fine. When I reinstall windows 7 after completing the installation it all suddenly turned black. I put an external monitor to the VGA port and it works but sudden it goes black but you can still move the cursor? What could be wrong?
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    Toshiba Satellite C55t-B5230 dropped laptop, screen broken, hooked to external monitor, but it kicked the external off and I c

    Toshiba Satellite C55t-B5230 Windows 8.1 Touch-screen I dropped my laptop about a year ago. Upon turning it on after dropping it, the screen initially went black. My boss did a hard reset. Removed the battery, replaced and powered it back on. It worked, and screen has been working great since...
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    Laptop monitor gets 768 resolution, plug in external monitor and internal monitor jumps to 1050??

    Ok, My laptop is rated at 1366X768 resolution. This is the(Recommended) and I can't seem to change the setting to be anything higher. When I hook my laptop up to an external monitor - I can duplicate the screens and get 1680X1050 on my laptop. On some external monitors - I can change the...
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    ASUS ROG - Black Screen, External Monitor Works. HELP!

    I have an ASUS ROG Laptop (Not quite sure what model it is but it has an i7 and an NVidia GTX660M2GB). The Laptop Screen is Black, but the Monitor is on and working perfectly. The computer needed a restart and upon restarting the computer did the usual ASUS ROG loading screens but once it...
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    Grey Screen with Cursor Windows 10

    ASUS Laptop Windows 10 I was updating a video driver a couple days ago, and something must have gone wrong because now the laptop won't boot properly. It boots to a black screen at first. If I press Space > my pin > ENTER , then it will load, and give me a light grey screen. It seems as if...
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    external monitor connected and when laptop goes to sleep, cannot wake laptop or external monitor

    I have a Dell laptop and connected an external monitor to it. When my laptop goes to sleep, I cannot wake my laptop or the monitor. I tried disconnecting my external monitor, but nothing happens. The laptop screen and the monitor are black. I had to reboot my laptop to get it to work. Is...
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    Significant FPS and quality drop when laptop connected to external monitor.

    I’ve been getting issues with my laptop where when I connected it to an external display I get very significant quality drops. I connect my laptop (gtx 1070 and i7 6700k) to an asus 144hz monitor and to a dock which connects my other peripherals and devices. I usually place my laptop on the side...
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    External Monitor For Gaming Help

    Hi there folks! I've been looking into getting purchasing an external monitor for gaming. I would be using my laptop screen and an external monitor as a dual monitor setup. One of the monitors would be for the game itself while the other would be used for streaming, browsing the web, etc. I do...
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    How to remove laptop screen?

    How to remove laptop screen and use external monitor? Can someone link me a video or some pics? I have hp laptop
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    display bios on external monitor windows 7

    Laptop screen broke, I want to reinstall windows from USB or CD, can't see reboot options because of the broken screen. I need to display the bios on external screen HDMI or VGA, HOW?? thank you
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    External monitor connection to laptop

    How do I connect my Dell Ultrasharp 24" monitor to my Dell inspiron 13" laptop?
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    Little outdated laptop(VN7-591G / GTX860M / 60FPS) with new monitors

    Hi Experts, I have an Acer V15 Nitro VN7-591G-72K6 laptop with: GTX860M (60FPS), 16GB and 1920 x 1080. I like to play FFXIV, it is the only game that I play. Lately I started to think about get a ultra-wide curved monitor to use with my laptop however; I have no idea where to start. I don't...
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    Broken dell laptop screen, need help hooking up to external monitor!

    Hi there, So i have a dell laptop running windows 7 with a spiderwebbed broken screen, i can barely see in the corner but it does still boot up to windows. I have tried hooking up an external monitor with an hdmi but unfortunately cant get the screen to switch over. I have tried rebooting and...
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    Small non-uniform line on screen MSI laptop

    Hi, Just looking for some advice on an issue with my daughters laptop (MSI Gp72 17"). The screen has developed a small line on the screen approximately 1.5" in length. This line has changed it's shape, but I can't get it to do it on demand (i.e.: pressing screen or moving the lid). I've uploaded...
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    Laptop won’t connect to the External Monitor! Help

    I have a HP Pavilion G Series and for my monitor a HP w2207h. My laptop screen in broken and I am unable to see it so I used a HDMI cable and connected it to my monitor . The laptop at first did not connect all I got was a message saying it’s not connected and a Monitor going to sleep message. I...
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    hi , i am having sudden messed up color problems

    i got a toshiba satellite c660-242 laptop . i am having messed up colors problem . i have tried with external monitor . b
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    Dell 30" U3011t Monitor Goes Black

    Hi, I have a Dell 30" monitor, manufactured in 2011 that just started to "Go Black". The power stays on and when I unplug it and plug it back in, it comes back to life for about 5 minutes, then goes black again. Any insight would be appreciated. It is connected via HDMI and I have never had...
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    external monitor goes blank when laptop is closed

    When I close my Dell laptop my external monitor goes blue. I have already changed the power settings to "do nothing" when lid is close. What else can I try?
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    Pink hue/tint - LCD screen or cable faulty?

    My laptop recently started displaying a pink hue throughout the screen. If connected to an external monitor through the VGA port, it display output shows fine. Initially if I left the laptop one for a while, after about 15-25 minutes the screen would automatically loose the tint/hue and display...
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    Screen is black

    I have same problem ..but when I connect external monitor via hdmi cable its working on that. What may I do now. Plz help
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    please my hp envy 14 is showing blank screen, no display when powered and i have used an external monitor to test but it showi

    looking for the circuit display diagrams to troubleshoot and possible solutions
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    I need to see what options I have while starting windows 7 in safe mode. My laptop screen is completely broken so I've been us

    Need help with viewing on my external monitor