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  1. S

    HELP! Laptop won’t boot unless connected to external monitor/TV.

    I used my laptop yesterday with no issues, shut down as usual, etc. Went to turn it on today and it wouldn’t boot…at all. The power button lights up, the HDD indicator light and keyboard backlight come up very briefly then go back off, and the screen stays black. I have to hold the power button...
  2. B

    Can't switch to external monitor after factory reset

    So I have a broken laptop screen and I had it hooked up to my monitor but the laptop was really slow so I wiped it but kept windows (stupid I know) but now I can't get it to switch back to the monitor. I'm guessing I have to go through all the fresh start up stuff but I can't do it with a blank...
  3. H

    does lenovo g40 45 support egpu?

    [/spoiler] hello , i would like to ask if my laptop(lenovo g40-45) support the egpu ( exp gdc beast v8) and does i need to use external monitor also?? Edit: im thinking of using nvidia graphic card [two posts merged by moderator]
  4. H

    I tried to get extend my display to a VGA monitor,

    and inadventently made that my sole monitor when both are plugged in. Unfortunately i changed I setting so now whenever plug in the HDMI to VGA connector to my external monitor, the computer monitor goes black, and the external monitor has the "out of range" message. 'How do i "give the view"...
  5. 0meg4

    GTX 1060 Laptop capable of 1440p external monitor?

    Hi all I'm considering buying this laptop . It has a GTX 1060 6GB. I'll use it for video/photo editing... and some casual gaming (Dota 2 / Battlefield4). Will i be able of using a 4k external monitor with this? Is it worh it or should i stay with a 27" 1080p monitor? Thanks in advance.
  6. C

    Laptop has black screen, Only external monitor works I have tried EVERYTHING.

    Hello I have had this problem for a long time now but there seems to be no definite answer on the internet. I have a Toshiba Satellite P50t-B. My laptop turns on and proceeds to the Toshiba logo. After that, the laptop screen is just black (even when the HDMI cable to the external monitor is...
  7. S

    alienware unable to detect 2nd screen

    Hi, I am using an Alienware 14x and I wanted to connect hp monitor (20kd) to the laptop. The monitor software is not getting installed properly due to which the laptop is unable to detect the 2nd screen at all. I tried installing the monitor on other laptops and it works just fine but the...
  8. M

    Weird 4K issue, external Monitor and GTX 970M

    Hi every one I have a GS60 Ghost Pro With 4k Monitor and GTX 970M I play COD 4 (2007) At 4k resolution and hit 90 FPS on my 4k laptop screen and its all fine but With my Acer S277HK 4k monitor it lags even if fps are still the same (arround 90) when under mirrored projection ( same...
  9. F

    Are BIOS and/or boot screens really able to be seen on a HDMI external monitor?

    G'day folks I have a HP-15 notebook with a broken screen which I use via the only external monitor port it has, a HDMI port. I have an in-line HDMI to VGA adapter which drives my VGA monitor. I have seen a number of posts reporting that it should be possible to see the initial boot screens...
  10. A

    SMACKING my laptop display fixes it??

    So, a few days back I go to turn on my laptop and the display is remained black. I tried [many] hard resets, connecting to an external monitor, and re-seating the memory. "Must be my graphics card nooooo" I think. Later that night I give it one last attempt before I take the dive and buy another...
  11. F

    Broken screen while installing new gpu driver on elitebook 8760w

    So, I think that I may have goofed. My Hp Elitebook 8760w has a broken screen, so I have been using an external monitor. I wanted to try a different driver, so I uninstalled my current one, deleted the folder, and rebooted before I was going to install the new one. well, it did not cross my mind...
  12. B

    I can't see my screen but I can see it on an external monitor

    So I have a Dell Insipron with Win 10. It was working fine but when I went to restart the laptop the screen went black. When I hook it up through the tv it works just fine. I've updated the drivers for the video card but nothing seems to work. Pls help or should I just reset the laptop.
  13. M

    Dell Inspiron from HELL.. Need a few issues looked into

    Back Story: My girlfriend bought this terrible dell inspiron 5547. They have been known to have hinge problems and of course it finally happened... The case is separating from itself when opened. So, I buy new hinges.. I go to install them today and realize that the plastic screw mounts (?)...
  14. K

    How to change multiple display settings (primary display selection) without external monitor hooked up?!!

    This seems REALLY stupid to me, but here goes: I have an HP x360 Spectre laptop with 4k monitor. I recently got an HP ultrawide monitor. I connected the ultrawide monitor to my Spectre using the HDMI ports. Then it was not working right. The ultrawide was not displaying properly, but I still...
  15. P

    Bizarre issue with high end gaming laptop and external screen

    Hello all, I am having an interesting, hard to pin down problem I recently bought: MSI GT73VR 7RF Titan Pro with GTX 1080 8GB GDDR5X, 1920x1080 G-SYNC (120Hz) and 48GB DDR4 RAM I also have an Asus PG279Q I obviously wanted to run my games on the external monitor, for this I bought a miniDP...
  16. M

    Lenovo x301 black screen on power-up but internal screen works if external monitor is connected

    Hi, I've read plenty of posts that describe a problem similar to mine, but have never read this exact problem. On power-up running Windows 7, the screen works at first but once the point in the power-up sequence comes for the Windows splash screen, the screen goes black although the laptop...
  17. P

    Solved! Gateway NV57H26u vertical lines on LCD but works fine on external monitor

    I have a gateway NV57H26u laptop Windows 7 Home Premium, service pack 1, 64 bit, Intel 2.30 GHz. My screen cracked and I replaced the LCD screen. However after replacing. The screen turns on only to display color vertical lines. When I connected my external monitor via VGA cable. I can see the...
  18. I

    LCD screen stopped working

    Hi. My LCD screen on my laptop has not been working so I bought the new screen part and made the repair by myself. However, after few days, the new screen stopped working. I checked on external monitor, and it was properly displaying. I don't know why the new LCD has stopped working so soon...
  19. J

    Windows 10 Boot Bios to External Monitor From Laptop

    I have broken my laptop screen and now want to boot the Bios onto an external monitor (with HDMI) I Have tried: Fn+F4 disable fast boot Remove Laptop screen (from motherboard0- now the computer detects a non-existent screen as well as the external monitor. Any Ideas?? Laptop is Hp-15
  20. M

    Booted into safe mode with a broken screening

    I have been using an external monitor for a while now as my laptop screen broke, but now I booted into safe mode and it only displays on my laptop screen so I don't know what it's showing and can't get out please help
  21. N

    HP Pavilion dv2000 screen issue

    I have HP Pavilion 2000 and have screen issue.It remains black(dark), but I can still see the icons in the back.Also, if i connect an external monitor i can get the screen on it and use it as a desktop computer, but i like my screen back. If anyone knows the issue please let me know. TY
  22. H

    no display in laptop

    My laptop is switching on but no display external monitor too not running.. I make my laptop to be locked more time than shutting down.. Is this make any problem to my laptop
  23. X

    Laptop external monitor

    I have a Laptop (Toshiba- windows 7) two external monitors set for work, usually it works OK, but every now and then one of the external monitors would just It goes black. the system see's it and the setting is right as usual but it goes black as if it is not working the power light goes on and...
  24. N

    Laptop replacement screen not working

    my first led screen for my laptop had stopped displaying due to my laptop overheating I believe. Not sure why. I bought a screen replacement from here. https://www.amazon.com/Glossy-Laptop-HP-Pavilion-M7-1015DX/dp/B00AY1KZPU/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1492... I replaced my screen and there...
  25. H

    Laptop screen won't turn on, external monitor works perfectly

    So few days ago I was watching youtube on this laptop. Suddenly, the screen blinks and I got a BSoD. After that I tried to restart my laptop, I thought that was a "normal" BSoD that usually appears so I'm not worried. But, when I turned on the laptop, the monitor won't turn on, I tried to use an...
  26. H

    Safe Mode Stuck ( broken laptop )

    I have a laptop screen that is broken and I have recently went into safe mode because of all the malware on it. I waited an entire day for it to load on the external monitor but nothing came up so I shut down the computer manually by holding the power button. I turned it on and I waited for a...
  27. B

    External Monitor question please

    Hello, I have a new Lenovo Yoga laptop, using windows 10, and I was able to get a HDMI Micro adapter to connect my external VGA monitor. It works great, but I can't close my laptop. Previously I was able to close my laptop lid and the external monitor would not go blank. Any suggestions as to...
  28. K

    How do I switch between my Windows 10, Toshiba laptop and my HP VGA external monitor.

    I have both set up thru Windows key + "P" and have used the EXTEND. But nothing shows me how to switch between my laptop monitor and my external monitor.
  29. J

    How to have a higher resolution external monitor for a 1366 x 768 laptop?

    Hi, Im Jiswin, I'm a bit confused about using external monitors with my laptop. I want to buy a big external monitor to use with my 15" laptop. (HP Win 10, 8GB ram, 64 bit, 4GB Nvidia GT 940 M) My screen resolution is 1366 x 768. I would like to go for a higher resolution in my external...
  30. 2

    Broken laptop screen

    So i have a hp655 laptop with a broken screen and need to connect to external monitor but it is in repair mode or something close to it. What can i do?
  31. U

    Laptop - External Monitor

    Dear all, I'm a long-time gamer and only play on laptops due to frequent moving from country to country. My current system is out-dated and showing signs of decay ^^ So I'm planning on buying a new rig, namely: HP Pavilion 15.6" - i5 7300HQ - 8 GBRAM - GeForce 1050 GTX 2GB -FHD IPS...
  32. S

    Lenovo Backlight not working (Boots normally, external monitor doesn't work)

    Hi Everyone, My Lenovo B590 was working fine yesterday when I had an external monitor connected as an extended display with my laptop screen. However today upon booting, I found the back-light doesn't work and it could not boot and launched immediately into an endless startup repair cycle. I...
  33. D

    Solved! laptop that is good for slight gaming and notes

    looking for a laptop that i can bring to college that can game good port selection so i can hook up an external monitor and that is not too big so i can take it to class. The battery should last me through all my classes and more (8 hours +)
  34. A

    Toshiba satellite C655

    My toshiba display is faint but if I connect to external monitor the display is good. Can someone help me what could be the problem
  35. B

    Solved! Sony Vaio E Series Laptop - Black Screen

    All of a sudden, my Sony Vaio E Series screen went black. If connected to an external monitor, it will display on the external. Laptop screen is black, but the backlight is working, so its illuminated, just black. I've tried pulling the battery, holding down the power button for a couple...
  36. R

    Does display resolution on laptop matter for external monitor?

    I am planning to get a FHD 60Hz laptop but for the most part it will be connected to a UHD 120Hz monitor (for video purposes). The graphics card that I plan to use is a GTX 1070. Does it matter what the display of the laptop is - will it affect the output on my UHD 120Hz monitor? Can I use a...
  37. I

    Dual/Tri Monitors Lag Only When Playing Fullscreen Games

    Hey all, (Sorry if this is rather long, I'm just making sure I'm being thorough in explaining the problem and everything I tried personally before asking, because I'm usually pretty good at figuring stuff out on my own, but this one has me stumped) I'm encountering an issue that seems to be...
  38. H

    screen with horizontal static flickering lines - lenovo y500

    Horizontal flickering lines appear all over the screen. When connected to external monitor through VGA, picture is displayed in the external monitor but not on the laptop screen. Sometimes when I update my graphics driver it usually gets fixed but this time it did not. I still don't know whether...
  39. N

    Broken Hp screen and no VGA port

    I have an HP model 11-d010nr and it does not have a VGA port for me to try to connect using the external monitor. I have an ASUS laptop that offers both opitions. Can I connect the HP using the HDMI to the ASUS? Or is the external monitor or TV my only choice. If so what are the steps I need to...
  40. P

    Solved! Asus x200m not working with new battery

    I just installed a new battery in my Asus x200m notebook. Now threel of the 4 lights turn on, it charges, but no screen or anything. I plugged it in to an external monitor and nothing. Any thoughts? It worked fine before the battery died.
  41. L

    Acer Aspire E-1 572 Series Laptop backlight

    Screen image can barely be seen. Works with external monitor. Can't find any videos for this model. Need some help figuring out how to replace backlight, or inverter. Am I right if this is LED that there is no inverter? Frustrated.
  42. W

    laptop screen goes black sometimes

    my laptop screen goes black mostly when im looking at something dark. also when im looking at lightly colored things like a webpage there are tiny flikiring white dots all over the screen. sometimes my monitor will start working like normal but when i restart computer it breaks again. i have an...
  43. D

    No signal on external monitor using samsung r530 laptop - i was working until restart

    Please help. i have a samsung r530 laptop. i been using external monitor for a month because my screen is damaged. One day i restarted the laptop and it began to go right to sleep mode. i pressed fn+f4, cleaned the pc inside, checked the rams but nothing works. still is on sleep mode. i see the...
  44. T

    Solved! acer laptop blank screen

    acer laptop boots up, but screen is blank. Can plug in external monitor and see desktop fine. Suggestions?
  45. J

    Solved! Laptop broken lcd and external monitor

    Hello, I found a laptop in the dumpster at my apt that had a broken screen. I figured I'd give it a shot and brought it home. Got it started up and it worked minus the screen of course. Hooked it up via HDMI to an external monitor. It is windows 8.1 and is an HP. I've been trying different...
  46. Jeffrey Drake

    Help With Triple Monitor Setup on ASUS G751JT

    Hello All, I have an ASUS G751JT with an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970M display adapter. I recently bought a second external display to hook up to my laptop. I have one 1920x1080p display hooked up to HDMI and on 1920x1080p display hooked up to VGA. They are all showing the desktops, they all work...
  47. T

    Is it possible Win10 could be preventing Laptop from displaying to external monitor

    Hi, my Lenovo U310 Touch with Win10 has a broken screen and it used to connect to an external monitor but now no longer does. I wanted to know is it possible that the OS or bios could be preventing the laptop from displaying to an external monitor? The laptop only has an HDMI output so not...
  48. R

    My Asus screen is broke but I've been using HDMI, when that quit working, VGA won't work, I've tried different cords, TVs, and

    My external monitor display ports won't work, and my power light stays on after I close the screen
  49. H

    is there a way to enter bios with a external monitor thru HDMI beacuse screen on lap top is cracked acer n15v2

    trying to use bios with a external monitor hook thru hdmi
  50. S

    Acer ES1-431 Dead Screen

    This Laptop also has a Model NumberN15Q5. The Screen is Damaged and Unreadable. When I Plug in an External Monitor via HDMI, I Can't get any Output to the External Monitor. I don't plan on replacing the screen yet But I would like to use the machine as normal via an external monitor. Does...
  51. T

    Laptop, External Monitor Only, performance

    What I've read so far you can, with a laptop, turn off the laptop's monitor and only use an external one. Would this, just having a larger screen size, cause any decrease in performance if both monitors are 1080x1920? And would I be able to use a wired keyboard + mouse on the external monitor...
  52. P

    not working external monitor

    Hey guys i'm having some problems with connecting my laptop and monitor. So, my laptop is Acer Aspire E-15 and i tried almost everything... the problems is when i press "windows button" + 'p' and choose the mode i want my external monitor to go in, it doesn't work. The other thing is that the...
  53. C

    when i connect an external monitor to my laptop i cant change the resolution of the external monitor

    I have a Samsung 13" laptop computer. I want to connect an external monitor. The monitor is a Viewsonic VA2026w. The laptop has a maximum resolution of 1366 x 768. The Viewsonic has a maximum resolution of 1680 x 1050 but when I connect the two, the Viewsonic display resolution is greyed out...
  54. L

    Toshiba Satellite c55 c55d display not working

    Toshiba Satellite c55 c55d laptop display not working. Does work with external monitor via HDMI. Screen replaced, backlight comes on but no display. Have tried taking out the ram putting it back in (haven't replaced it with new ram yet). Have tried taking battery out and restarting with...
  55. M

    Toshiba satellite no signal to external monitor

    External monitor stopped working for Toshiba laptop. Monitor is working. But it seems that I'm having trouble properly booting and rebooting laptop to get signal to monitor. 2 orange lights on front when ac adapter installed. Monitor just has black screen. I played with it before turning off and...
  56. T

    dell inspiron with no screen wont connect to external monitor

    i have a dell inspiron and the screen broke. i tried to replace the screen and now all it does when powered on is beep at me and will not show anything on my external monitor when i try it. ive tried the Fn button with the proper fkey to switch it but it still just runs and beeps. any suggestions?
  57. T

    Screen causing boot failure

    Hi, I have a Hp pavilion 9700 laptop. When I try to turn it on with the inbuilt screen plugged in I get nothing. When I disconnect the screen and connect an external monitor it's fine. Can this be fixed and if so how? Thank you all again. Tom
  58. W

    Laptop screen went dark after trying to hook up an external monitor

    I was trying to hook up a new NEC 27 inch high resolution monitor to my laptop. After getting everything hooked up (power cable, HDMI cable) and powered up, my laptop screen went sideways and the NEC external monitor came on for brief moment, then went dark. The function keys work on the NEC...
  59. S

    I need help

    I just replaced a motherboard on a Toshiba satellite C875 series Intel motherboard, after powering on, the screen is blank white I used a refurbished tested motherboard and replacement video cable I also tried a external monitor still not anything and I did use a antistatic wristband any...