Bizarre issue with high end gaming laptop and external screen


May 20, 2017
Hello all,

I am having an interesting, hard to pin down problem

I recently bought:

MSI GT73VR 7RF Titan Pro with GTX 1080 8GB GDDR5X, 1920x1080 G-SYNC (120Hz) and

I also have an Asus PG279Q

I obviously wanted to run my games on the external monitor, for this I bought a miniDP to DP cable (1.2)

I'm getting intermittent, severe fps drops in games like Stellaris (even early game) and Heroes of the Storm (but only in the menu's, flawless in game itself). Overwatch works perfectly throughout

I have tried extending / mirroring etc the desktop

Now for the kicker...these issues occur only on the external screen.
If I disable it and run the game on the laptop screen, no issues whatsoever

Also does not occur in "Windowed Fullscreen" mode, only "Fullscreen"

Could there be an issue with the 1.2 cable (should I rather try 1.4 ?)
Any further suggestions ?

Any help would be greatly appreciated



There is no such thing as a DisplayPort 1.2 cable and DisplayPort 1.4 cable really. A standard DisplayPort cable, including the so-called DisplayPort 1.2 and 1.4 cables, will work for ANY DisplayPort configuration including the new capabilities enabled by DisplayPort 1.4, including 4K and multi-stream capabilities. All standard DisplayPort cables support RBR, HBR (High Bit Rate), and HBR2 (High Bit Rate 2), which can support 4K at 60Hz, or up to four 1080p displays using multi-stream.

Just make sure you are not using a DP cable designated for RBR only as it only supports up to 1080p.

I had a customer with a similar situation, though on different model laptop. The frame drop was from like, 70+ to 10+ at the same resolution ( laptop screen and LCD screen). The culprit was the cable connection. So maybe the issue is with the cable. Sometimes the cheapo Chinese knock offs sold on ebay and amazon are just made really poorly, as was the case in this customer's situation. He decided to buy a brand name (Belkin) from Best buy and he had no more issues.


May 20, 2017

Apparently, this Moshi MiniDP to DP cable supports UHD at 60fps

Should be fine for 2560 x 1440 or 1920 x 1080 @ 144Hz ?

Also, when "Fullscreen Windowed", I get 2560 x 1440 @ 144Hz no problems...
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