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  1. R

    Laptop LCD with external monitor

    I'm using a PC with Windows 10. I want to use an external monitor as the only monitor. I pressed Win+P and selected "second screen only" so that when the external monitor is on, the laptop LCD turns off. The problem is that when I turn the external monitor off, the laptop LCD turns on. How do I...
  2. B

    Asus X75A-XH51 horizontal lines on screen

    I have a Asus X75A-XH51. I power it on when it’s been off for a few hours. Horizontal lines/bars (random colors) appear across the screen. At the home screen I can see the background, but the lines are still there. After a minute or so disappear. I shut it down and plug in an external...
  3. Mike Andronico

    Lenovo Y27g RE Review: Monitor Costs Too Much for Too Little

    The Lenovo Y27g RE offers decent brightness and color within a curved G-Sync display, but its superfluous features don't justify its high price. Lenovo Y27g RE Review: Monitor Costs Too Much for Too Little : Read more
  4. C

    laptop to run 2560 x 1440 display?

    My eyes may have been bigger than my stomach, metaphorically speaking :ouch: Help! I have a 2-year-old Asus X550CA that I mostly use on my desk with an external monitor. Not a gamer, not particularly techy, but I do like a crisp image, I often watch videos, and I tend to have multiple windows...
  5. K

    Can the MSI GT83VR 6RF TITAN SLI reach 144hz refresh rate and use G-Sync feature with an external monitor?

    Hello everyone, I am looking for a new gaming laptop I have my eyes on the MSI GT83VR 6RF TITAN SLI, which has two GTX1080. I still likes to use external monitor while gaming, I want to experience 120hz or 144hz refresh rate and the G-Sync feature. Would this laptop be able to these using an...
  6. D

    hooked up external monitor to laptop - problem - can not see mouse and keyboard on monitor (only on laptop screen)

    Trying to get mouse and keyboard working with external monitor to my laptop - Do I need to change my settings? If I buy a wireless keyboard/mouse would that work better?
  7. H

    Laptop boots up, but no display even when plugged into external monitor. Is this a RAM problem or video card?

    My Windows 7 gateway laptop display shut off suddenly while I was browsing the Internet this morning. I tried rebooting, took out the battery and restarted it, but still no display. It makes noise like it's booting up, the backlight is obviously on, but there's no display. the fan is running and...
  8. G

    Trying to boot to safe mode but HP G60 Screen not showing up on external monitor on start up with broken screen

    I have a problem with my HP G60 Laptop where a long time ago it had its screen messed up and now I am trying to get the data off the hard drives but I cannot logon to my windows account because I forgot the pass word and so I searched a little bit and found out by running in safe mode I can...
  9. C

    my laptop is now a desk top

    I replaced a cracked screen on my Toshiba c55-b and it still only works with an external monitor tried everything except buying a new one I think I may have damaged the led cable how can I know for sure or could the new screen be a defect,im going to try to return it.i don't want a new laptop I...
  10. K

    My Dell Inspiron 1525 monitor display problem

    My Dell Inspiron 1525 monitor is not working and as such have been using an external monitor connected through VGA cable. Of late the external monitor does not come up at once. Pressing Fn+F8 shows the external monitor for a nano second and goes blank. The external monitor finally comes up...
  11. J

    Broken screen/built in graphics mode

    I am in the worst position yet. My laptop screen has been cracked so I attached an external monitor with no problem. Well now I foolishly accidently chose the built in display setting in my graphics, and now I have no way of backtracking that because I cant see on my screen nor my external...
  12. C

    External monitor does not use my DGP

    Ok guys.Here s the deal.I broke my laptop screen.Now using external monitor.It is set as the only available screen ,meaning i have disabled the original laptop screen.I m experiencing poor graphic performance ( really low fps ,poor graphics )That made me go check which GPU im using ..PhysX on...