Asus X75A-XH51 horizontal lines on screen


Sep 11, 2014
I have a Asus X75A-XH51. I power it on when it’s been off for a few hours. Horizontal lines/bars (random colors) appear across the screen. At the home screen I can see the background, but the lines are still there. After a minute or so disappear. I shut it down and plug in an external monitor and power back on. The screen is completely black, but on the external the windows logo comes right up. The laptop screen stays black until the home screen shows. Another strange thing is the external monitor shows full screen, but the laptop screen looks normal but is black 3/4” on the sides and the mouse disappears when moved into the black. The third time I power on, everything is normal. Seems to run fine if it’s warm. I’ve ran virus/malware scans and have updated the video driver. Turn on after shut down for a few hours and the issue repeats itself.